List of Tickle Scenes in Western Cartoons

Tickle Wacky Races
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Cartoons are known for their comedic elements, and tickling can be a source of humor. The exaggerated reactions and physical comedy associated with tickling can create funny situations and entertain the audience, especially younger viewers. The playful and lighthearted nature of tickling lends itself well to the comedic tone of cartoons. Tickling scenes provide an opportunity for animators to showcase exaggerated movements, facial expressions, and reactions. The squirming, flailing, and laughter resulting from tickling can be visually amusing and add to the comedic effect of the cartoon.

On this page we are going to summarize the main tickling scenes found in western cartoons (not anime). We will link to the respective articles, if any, to elaborate on their content. It’s a work in progress, visit this page periodically for new update.

Last update: 12/31/2023

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (TV Serie)

A big villain is tickled by Spike (Ace Ventura’s friend) and an armadillo when he tries to catch them.

Tickle Ace Ventura

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin tickles Bettany under her armpit to make her lower her arms.

Alvin and the Chipmunks tickle

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

Toph tickled during a foot rub.

Tickle pedicure Toph Avatar

Toph tickled by Suki.

Toph tickled

In “The Legend of Korra” ep. 17, Korra is briefly tickled under her armpit by Varick to make her smile during a photoshoot.

Korra tickling 1

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck is tickled by his daughter who wants him to free her.

Darkwing Duck tickling


Launchpad McQuack tickles Glugzilla to make him to lose his grip.

Ducktales tickling

Extreme Ghostbusters (S1X9)

Kylie Griffin is tickled by the evil monster Killjoy.

Farhat – Il principe del deserto

Farhat is tickled under his arms by his own shadow as he hangs on a rope. He starts laughing and squirming and eventually falls.


Gummy Bears

Duke Sigmund tickles Brammi Gummi with a feather, to make her confess the secret to create Gummie Berry Juice. She’s very ticklish and laughs loudly.

Harley Quinn (S4X03)

Harley Quinn tickles Poison Ivy


Lilo & Stitch

TIckle Hamsterviel

Looney Tunes


Marinette is tickled by some girls.

Miracolous - Marinette tickled

Nick & Perry

Sidekick (S2X6)

Two boy and a girl are tickled by their female friend  who wants them to lose their grip.

Sidekick tickling

Wacky Races (2017) (S2 X 37)

After discovering that Muttley lives a double life as a Secret Agent, Dick Dastardly tags along with him and Agent Z to stop the evil Dr. Doomsdoctor as he devises a plan to make the moon come to earth.

Dr. Doomsdoctor engages in a parody of James Bond’s classic torture scene in “Goldfinger,” where, however, the victims are tickled rather than threatened with lasers. The same fate later happen to the villain.

Tickle Wacky Races

<<Do you expect I’ll talk?>>
<<No, Agent Z. I expect you’ll giggle!>>

Tickle Wacky Races 2017

Gadget Boy and Heather (S2X2)

In “The Long and Winding Wall” Agent Heather is is subjected to the “torture of a thousand tickles,” which is nothing more than a feather passed under the feet repeatedly. But apparently, it succeeds in making her laugh out loud!

Tickle Gadget Boy & Heather
Tickle Gadget Boy & Heather

George of the Jungle

Some crocodiles performs tickle torture on George and his friends, incapacitating them.

Tickle George of the Jungle cartoon

Inspector Gadget (ep. 139)

King Wrong is supposed to be an unhappy king. When he’s unhappy, his subjects are happy are happy and know that everything’s alright.
Unfortunately, a M.A.D. agent is sent to seduce him, and in one scene, tickle him with a feather to make him laugh and be happy.

Tickling Inspector Gadget
Tickling Inspector Gadget

In another episode, Gadget is tickled by a pickpocket who stelas his wallet.

Tickle Inspector Gadget
Tickle Inspector Gadget

Little Lulu

Tickle Magic Sawing Little Lulu

Lucky Luke

A blonde woman is tickle tortured.

Tickle torture Lucky Luke

Mysticons (S2X10)

Laughing excessively can overstimulate the tear ducts, causing tears to flow. The physical act of laughing, particularly when it involves intense or prolonged bouts of laughter, can stimulate the lacrimal glands, which produce tears. This can result in tears streaming down our faces, even though we may not be feeling sad or upset.

In “Mysticons”, Emerals is tickle to tear (literally).

Tickle Mysticons

Norman Normal

Pif et Hercule

Tickle goat torture - Piff and Hercule


Olive Oyl is tickle tortured by a ghost with some cats.

Tickle Olive Oyle Popeye
Tickle Torture Olive Oyl

Olive Oyls is tickled by Bluto.

Bluto is tickled by Popeye, who forces him to laugh like a hyena.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“The Hot Case Kimono”. April O’Neil and Vernon are foot tickled by villain Don Turtelli with a feather.

Tickling April O'Neil

“The Great Boldini”. Zach and Caitlin are foot tickle tortured by Don Turtelli. Caitlin resists but Zack gives up.

Caitlyn tickle

The Addams Family (ep. “Dead or breakfast”)

Tickle The Addams Family

The Flinstones

Fred is tickled by his neighbour.

Fred Flinstones tickling

Barney is tickled by Betty.

Tickle Barney The Flinstones

Barney is tickled by Fred.

Tickle Barney The Flinstones

Fred and Barney tickles a whale.

Wilma tickles Fred’s feet while he’s under the sand.

Tickle Wilma Fred Flinstones


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