List of Tickle Scenes in Manga and Anime

Tickling scene Dragon Quest
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Tickling is generally seen as a light-hearted and comical activity. It can be used as a source of humor in manga and anime to create funny situations and entertain the audience. The exaggerated reactions and expressions of characters being tickled can elicit laughter and add a comedic element to the story.

Tickling scenes in manga and anime can be used to showcase the relationships and dynamics between characters. It is often portrayed as a playful or intimate act between friends, siblings, or romantic partners. These scenes can help develop the bond between characters, convey affection, or even introduce a potential love interest.

Tickling is a way to portray characters in vulnerable or embarrassing situations. It can be used to create moments of embarrassment, discomfort, or even helplessness, which can further the plot or contribute to character development.

On this page we will collect the main tickling scenes found in manga, oriental comics and anime. This is a work in progress, visit this page periodically for update.

Last update: 04/07/2024

Assassination Classroom

Yukiko Kanzaki held down and tickled by Kaede Kayano and Rio Nakamura. The want to know which boy she likes.

Tickle torture Assassionation Classroom
Tickle attack in Assassination Classroom


Tickle Bleach
An example of tickling between freiends in Bleach.

Ep. 80

Ep. 344

Chained Soldier

Chap. 87

Tickle manga Chained Soldier
TIckle manga Chained Soldier 2
TIckle manga Chained Soldier 3

Cheat Eater

Chap. 15

Tickle manga Cheat Eater cap 15

Classrooms of the elite

Horikita gets tickled.

Corrector Yu (ep.8)

Freeze undergoing Rescue’s tickling procedure on her underarms and sides.

Tickle scene Corrector Yui
Tickle scene Corrector Yui

Daitarn 3

A woman tickles a man under the arms to make a stone slab fall on him.

Demon Slayer (S3X3)

Dragon Ball

Goku tickles Master Karin to obtain the magic water he helds.

Goku tickles Karin

Ep. 45: Goku tickles Husky to make her arms twitch and the dragon balls in her hand fall.

Goku tickles Husky

Dragon Ball GT

During the Tenkaichi Tournament, Goku is tickled under the arms by Mugley to cause him to lose his grip and fall off-screen.

Dragon Ball GT tickling

Dragon Ball Heroes Super

Tickle manga Dragon Ball Heroes 1
Tickle manga Dragon Ball Heroes 2

Dragon Quest

Dai captures Zourbon to obtain some information, but the purple-hair girl doesn’t want to cooperate.

Tickling Dragon Quest: The Adventure of DAI
Tickle scene Dragon Quest

So, Dai evokes Derupa (a giant ant eater) che scares the girl.

Tickle scene Dragon Quest

The monster starts to lick her feet (?) causing her a very intense tickle. Zourbon can resist and agrees to talk.

Tickle scene Dragon Quest
Tickling scene Dragon Quest
Tickling scene Dragon Quest

Dai asks wher is his friend Gome-chan and what are her companion’s weakness. She says that the slime should be in the castle where the feast will held tonight.

Tickling scene Dragon Quest

Dr. Stone (S2X8)

Minami is tickle-attacked!

Tickle scene Dr. Stone

Fairy Tales

Lucy Heartflia is tickled under her armpits, neck and nelly by Virgo, to prevent her from holding two stone walls apart with her arms.

Lucy Heartfilia tickle

Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I’m gonna be an angel!

Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in Class 5-2)

Episode 4. Yuki Asano tickles Ryota Satou to make him go down for a height inspection.

OVA “Smile”. A shy girl is tickled to make her smile.

JoJo’s Bizzarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar friendly tickled by his daughter Josuke.

Tickle Joseph Joestar

Lupin the Third

Ep S1X17

Lupin plans to steal a large shipment of gold using a machine shaped like a volleyball. It expands by releasing mechanical arms that place all the gold bars inside.

Zenigata follows the machine out of the vault with the gold inside, and takes flight. The inspector with a leap manages to cling to it, thus planning to reach his opponent.

Tickling Zenigata

But Lupin has the solution. He pulls one arm out of the car and it begins to tickle him lightly under the armpits. As soon as the inspector starts laughing Lupie understands that he can take advantage of it. Type the instructions into the computer that skyrockets the pace of the arms. The inspector is forced by the terrible tickle to laugh and finally loses his grip, falling on the roof of a building.

Tickling Zenigata

Ep. ?

Zenigata, in order not to spring a trap inside a chamber, is forced to cling to a large balloon that he has inflated with his own breath.

Sadistically, Lupin begins tickling his armpits. The poor inspector finds himself forced to laugh and thus loses his grip on his support.

Tickle Zenigata

EP. ?

Zenigata chases Lupin over the train tracks. As one’s own track recedes, Zenigata clings with his arms to the edge of the other to keep from falling off.

Lupin then tickles him under his armpits, briefly making him lose his grip.

Tickle Zenigata


Lupin set up a big heist at a jewelry store. For a change, Fujiko betrays her partners and runs away with the truck full of jewelry.

Lupin tracks the woman down and damages her air vehicle, forcing her to parachute out. Fujiko thus ends up stranded on a branch, with her suitcases still in her hand.

Because she refuses to let them fall, Lupin intervenes with a kind of mechanical telescopic arm.

Turning a crank, the arm moves a clamp on its end. The girl, frightened, begins to fidget but can do nothing. Gripping the device, he reaches into her armpits and moving around gives her a terrible tickle.

Tickling Fujiko

Fujiko is forced to laugh and struggle and ends up dropping first one case and then the other.

Rupan Sansei – Rupan ansatsu shirei

Tickle Lupin
Tickling Lupin

Magical Pretty Sammy OVA 2

Sammy is tickled under her armpits by a villain to make her laugh.

Tickle Pretty Sammy Magical

My Hero Academia (S4X1)

Kaoruko Awata (Bubble Girl), in a comedic moment, feels victim of the tickle machine.

Tickle Bubble Girl in My Heor Academia
Tickle Bubble Girl - My Hero Academia


Oh My Goddess!

Ep. 9. Two goddesses have a tickle challenge with their angels.

Tickling Oh My Goddess
Tickle Oh My Goddess

Orange Road (OAV 4)

Hiraku is tickled under her armpits and laughs loudly.

Tickle Orange Road


Sone giants are tickled under their armpits.

Pokemon Indigo League (ep. 76)

Meowth tickles Ash’s side to make him let go of the torch! From

Ash Ketchum tickling

Sora No Otoshimono / Heaven’s Lost Property

Ikaros is tickled by a girl under her armpits, but she not smiles, and has a strange reaction.

Sora No Otoshimono tickle

Seikon no Qwaser

Teresa Beria is tickled by some men.

Tickle Teresa Beria

Spy Kyoushitsu (ep. 10)

Vampeerz, My Peer Vampires

Chapter 12 Page 4

Tickle Vampeerz, My Peer Vampires Chapter 12 Page 4

Zenbu Kimi No Sei

Tickle manga Zenbu Kimi No Sei chapter 19
Tickle manga Zenbu Kimi No Sei chapter 19 - 2

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