Tickle Avengers Captain America
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Tickle scene in Avengers comics

Captain America #342
Diamondback is training in wrestling with Demolition Man. Suddenly she starts tickling his armpits. D-Man starts laughing and states that tickling is not a permissible move in wrestling.

Tickling Avengers

Later, Black Racer, a member of the Serpent Society, enters the ambulance that is carrying Jarvis and attempts to kidnap him. Diamondback clings to Black Racer who is moving the stretcher at super speed.

Suddenly, she tickles her underarms forcing her to let go of Jarvis. Black Racer falls to the ground, and Diamondback thinks tickling is a useful move, after all.

Tickling Avengers

Pip the Troll is sadistically tickle tortured by a female alien. He seems to really appreciate this treatmen…

Tickling Pip Troll

Starfox use “his own special way tickling” to free from Triton’s lock. He seems not to know this body reaction!

Tickling Triton

Tickle scenes in Hulk comics

She-Hulk, Bruce Banner’s cousin, is feather tickled by a Robot Hulk, and it seems to be her secret weak point!

She-Hulk tickling

Tickle scenes in Fantastic Four comics

Tickling Mr Fantastic

Ben Grim, The Thing, is seemley defeated by his only weak point: tickling!

Tickling Fantastic Four
Tickling Fantastic Four

Tickle scene in X-Men comics


Tickling Rogue
Tickling Rogue


Nighcrawler’s hobby seems make his female companions laugh! In every way!

Tickling Nightcrawler

Nigghtcrawler uses tickling to free himself by a wall – monster.

Tickling Nightcrawler

Kurt uses tickle to jokely defeat Rachel Summers (Phoenix II) who appeares unable to counter attack it!

Tickling Nightcrawler

Kitty Pryde tickles her friend Magik.

Tickle Magik

Tickle scene in Spider-Man comics

In “Sledge Hammer” comics some thief (one of them is dressed as Spider-Man) use tickle torture on a prisoner.

Tickle Spider-Man
Tickle Spider-Man

The Tickler (he really exists!) is a villain Spider-Man’s opponent who use tickle torture whit some feather to make his victim laugh and defeat them!

The Tickler Spider-Man
The Tickler Spider-Man
The Tickler Spider-Man
Tickle Black Cat
Tickle Ultimate Spider-Man 92
Ultimate Spider-Man 92

Mary Jane Watson and her husband Peter Paker sometimes lovely tickle each one.

Tickling Mary Jane Watson
Tickling Mary Jane Watson
Tickling Mary Jane Watson

Tickle scenes involving MCU Celebrities

Zendaya (MJ) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/_OoHXRskP4IScarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Chris Evans (Captain America)

Scarlet Johannson tickled

Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) & Chris Pratt (Star-Lord)

Kurt Russell (Ego) and Rosario Dawson (Night Nurse)


Mabel Cadena (Namora)

Tickle Namora

Other Marvel Comics

Daredevil (1942)

Tickling Marvel Comics

Mistery Comics #31

Tickling Marvel Comics

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