List of Tickle Scenes in TV Series

Tickle Ugly Betty
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In this page we’ll collect a list of tickling scenes in TV series.

Last update: 1/1/2024

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Andromeda (S5 episode ?)

Receiving a pedicure is symbolically an act of devotion, as it involves entrusting another person with the task of performing manual activities for one’s own well-being.

Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder) makes a pedicure during a conversation with the rest of the Andromeda’s crew. She can’t restrain to smile and laugh when her legs are touched.

Tickle pedicure Andromeda
Tickle pedicure Andromeda

Benny Hill

In an episode of Benny Hill, a girl undergoes such an intense pedicure that she starts making funny faces and grimaces. The comedic situation arises from the fact that the girl tries not to burst into laughter, amusing the viewer with her attempts, until eventually, what happens to her feet is revealed.


In the episode “The Corsican Cousins,” Samantha is emotionally connected to her cousin Serena. This one, during a dinner party, is tickled for a long time and as a result Samantha also begins to laugh long and repeatedly, leaving the people present stunned by her inappropriate behavior.

Tickle scene in Bewitched

Black Scorpion

In “Black Scorpion” ep. 9 “No sweat” Babette (Shae Marks) is tickled while being frisked by a cop.

Shae Marks tickling Black Scorpion ep.9

She starts smiling when a man starts to touch her hips, and she jumps as they feel her armpits. Then she laughs loudly. She even says “Ooooh, that tickles”.

Tickle Shae Marks episode 9

In “Black Scorpion” ep.12 “Roses are Red, You’re Dead” we see Babette sitting on the lap of Greenthumb as he tells her they can now have the Valentine’s celebration that they never had.

The man (accidentally?) tickles her ribs, also is not very well shown. However we see that Babette begins to smile and squirm in an attempt to escape the grip.

Tickle Shae Marks - Black Scorpion 12

Prankster tickles a man to make him laugh and die.

Tickle Black Scorpion

Californication (S2X2)

Pedicure is one of those few circumstances in daily life in which one exposes one’s body to physical contact with a stranger. Sensitive body parts that are sensitive and usually covered, if they are unexpectedly touched, prompt a person to laugh as a reaction of surprise.

We have an example of this In “Californication” (season 2, episode 2) 

Tickling in Californication
Tickling in Californication

Trixie claims that Hank is doing a great job with her feet. At that moment Hank tickles Trixie’s foot. She suddenly smiles and starts laughing for a few seconds. 

In this case, laughter is a sudden reaction that serves to vent the unexpected physical contact, and it is also a symptom of complicity between the two people.

Charlie’s Angels

Dawson’s Creek


S3X15. A ticklish reaction during a foot massage.


Tickle Fleabag

A woman is tickled by a doctor under her armpit.


A girl and an old man are tied to poles: each of them holds a cable holding a precious map with mouth. Some evil individuals have captured them and want to destroy the map. Sadistically, they want the prisoners themselves to destroy it by dropping it into the fire.

To force the girl to open her mouth and destroy the map, the torturers begin in team to tickle her hips and under her armpits. The woman begins to laugh madly but tries desperately to keep her lips together.

Tickling Floris

Fortunes at war

Simon Bouldestone (Rupert Graves) asks his friend to tickle him, to verify if he’s paralized. The man starts to tickle his feet and Simon laughs so loudly that the doctor rushes. All the presents laugh a lot.

Fortunes at war - Tickling scene
Fortunes at war - Tickling scene




A girl is tickled under her armpits to make her lower her arms.


Liberty Bell (Elizabeth Folan Gilpin) is tickled under her armpit to fall out of the ring.

Glow tickling

Heroes (ep. ?)

Hayden Panettiere is tickled by a boy.

Honey, I shrunk the kids

A boy tickles his mother’s armpits to force her to put her hands down and grasp an object she is holding.

Hope & Faith

Faith is tickled on her armpits as she grabs at the doorway in an attempt not to be taken away.

Tickle Hope & Faith armpits

Kelly Ripa is tickled on her foot by a boy while she’s dressed as Santa Klaus.

Tickle Kelly Ripa - Hope & Faith
Tickle Kelly Ripa - Hope & Faith

I Cesaroni


I dream of Jeannie

Les Garçons de la plage

Tickle torture Les garcons de la plage


S1X12. A woman is briefly tickled.


S1X12. Evangeline Lily is tickled on her hips while she’s swimming underwater.

Tickling Lost - Evangeline Lily
Tickling Lost - Evangeline Lily
Tickling Lost - Evangeline Lily


Lauren German is tickled.

Lauren German tickled

Pippi Longstocking

S1X1. Pippi is tickled on her foot with a feather by her friends, while she’s sleeping.

Tickle Pippi Långstrump

Captain Longstocking is tickle tortured.

Professione Vacanze

Sabrina Salerno is briefly tickled in Professione Vacanze, offscreen.

Sabrina Salerno Professione Vacanze

Relic Hunter

S1X9. The libertine Giacomo Casanova flirts with many women while seeking inspiration to write his “Book of Love,” and tickles one of them with a feather.


Ep. 216. Rud tickles a woman during a magic sawing trick.

MAgic sawing Siebenstein

Small Wonder

S3X24. A ticklish pedicure scene.

The Boys (S1X03)

Brittany Allen licks a man’s foot, tickling him.

Tickling The Boys
Tickling The Boys

The Client List (S2X6)

Jennifer Love Hewitt tickles a man with a feather.

Tickle Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Legend of Dick and Dom

Two princes Dick and Dom must learn by a wizard the “telepathy tickle spell” that able them to tickle people from far. They master a so powerful technique and try it on their female companion. She starts to laugh loud and wiggle while the use this spell.

The Legend of DIck and Dom tickling
The Legend of DIck and Dom tickling
The Legend of DIck and Dom tickling

The Watcher

Naomi Watts is briefly tickled on her hips.

Tickle Naomi Watts - The Watcher

“The Avengers” (UK series)

The British TV series “The Avengers” features the protagonists grappling with challenges that they solve with their usual class and elegance. On several occasions they use tickling to make unwilling opponents more cooperative, without hurting them.

S4X25: How to succeed… a murder

When several top executives die, their secretaries take over their firms. Is it mere chance, or are women trying to take over the world? Steed employs a deadly secretary, and Emma finds sorority down at the gym.

Sara (Angela Browne) tries to defeat John Steed but he blocks her and starts to tickle her underarms.

Sara laughs loudly while Steed invites her to talk

Angela Browne was a friend of Patrick Macnee (Steed): Macnee really tickled her and that’s why her laughter came out so natural.

Angela Browne tickled - The Avengers

Episode: 6X9: Legacy of Death

Tara King (Linda Thorson) tickles a barefooted man with a brush to obtain some information. The victim is ticklish and starts to talk.

Tickling The Avengers

Episode 5X2: The Fear Merchants

Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) is briefly tickled by Steed with a feather. She seems ticklish and instantly retracts her foot.

Tickling The Avengers

The Lost World

S2X2. Two Amazons are supposed to treat a prisoner roughly…but he actually enjoys it, tickling them under the covers!

The Nanny

S3X14. Fran gives Maxwell a foot massage.

Russian Edition. A woman is tickled under her feet by a boy during a sawing in a half magic trick.

The Nanny - Magic sawing

Ugly Betty

Betty is subjected to a vigorous foot scrub tha makes her laugh loudly.

Tickle Ugly Betty

The Thundermans


The X-Files

S6X20. A drugger Scully performs a silly tickle.

Blooper season 7.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S4X2)

Kimmy Schmdith (Ellie Kemper) is tickled during a pedicure.

Tickle pedicure Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

His exaggerated laughter in front of an impassive audience creates an amusing context.

TIckle pedicure Kimmy Schmdit

Wednesday (S1X12)

“The last person who tickled me lost his finger”.


Helen Chappel-Hackett played by Crystal Bernard gets briefly ticked under her armpits as she grabs at the doorway in an attempt not to be taken away.

Wings tickle scene

Xena: Warrior Princess

Tickling scenes Xena
Tickling scenes Xena
Tickling scenes Xena


In one episode, a woman is on the ground injured, crushed by a chandelier that fell to the ground. A paramedic tests her Babinski reflex, passing the instrument under a bare foot.

9-1-1 tickling scene

The woman laughs and claims he is tickling her.

9-1-1 tickling scene

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