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The adventures of comic book heroes sometimes contemplate tickling scenes, usually as intimate moments from the characters, either to create a sense of estrangement in the reader or as actual means of victim coercion.

All tickle scenes in Batman comics

Harley Quinn’s tickle scenes

Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Quinzell) has long been the Joker’s most loyal accomplice in his criminal schemes. Harleen was an Arkham Asyluum psychologist who within minutes was enslaved by the Joker and made a devoted follower of his. Created for the Batman The Animated Series and later introduced in the comics, Harleen was originally presented as a criminal plagiarized by the Joker and seeking his continued approval. Instead, the criminal clown treats her as an object, some times pushing her away while others forcibly restraining her.

Although the Joker is generally portrayed not as being in love with her but as an abusive partner, usually Harley is the partner in crime who is most familiar with him-sometimes being his mistress.

Over the past few years, Harley has been portrayed as an independent character, often unrelated to the Joker if not actually at war with him. Her great success has led to her appearance in all Batman and Suicide Squad universe products including animated series dedicated to her.

Recently there is a tendency to portray Harley Quinn as an anti-heroine, if not a heroine, although she remains largely linked to the Joker’s criminal activities.

Because of this, her characterization oscillates between that of a genuine psychopath filled with repressed violence, to that of a fairly positive character willing to fight for more or less noble causes.

Having a rather eccentric personality, Harley also appears in often surreal or exaggerated tickling scenes,

Tickle Harley Quinn
Tickling Harley Quinn

In “Harley Quinn” season 4 episode 3, Harley briefly tickles Poison Ivy under her amrpit, and she says it tickles.

Harley Quinn tickles Poison Ivy

Joker’s tickle scenes

The Joker is a supervillain enemy of Batman with a particularly deviant mind and grotesque sense of humor. The clown prince of crime likes to force his victims to laugh, particularly through his Smilex poison that causes death by asphyxiation from unrestrained laughter. On some occasions, the Joker appears to be linked to tickling scenes, generally surreal compared to the context in question.

Batman Beyond

Terry McGinnis’ girlfriend is tickled by Jokers’ fan.

Nightwing’s tickle scenes

Nightwing (Dick Grayson), the first Robin, is one of Batman and Gotham City’s most famous vigilante sidekicks.

Dick is a superb athlete and hand-to-hand fighter famous for his charm and determination (he often appears leading Teen Titans formations).

Compared to Batman (see also his version in Young Justice) he is a character who shares his mission but does not espouse his need for darkness. Therefore, he often appears in lighter situations and has love affairs with many women.

He appears in two famous tickle scenes. In one comic book episode he attacks his lover/teammate Starfire in the hips, making her laugh out loud.

In the movie “Batman and Harley Quinn,” Batman intervenes to save him from being kidnapped by Harley, only to discover that the two play tickle games.

Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go is a teen show with demented humor that focuses on the everyday life aspects of the group of young heroes. Several scenes involve the humorous style use of tickling as a means of submission or funny battles between their characters. 

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