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The world of content creators around tickling is always in turmoil. In this blog, we often introduce you to new designers whose art continually enriches the world of tickling with new, tantalising creations.

Leggi tutto: Fantastickler, a new free tickle ezine!

Today I am introducing you to a new product by an artist we have already interviewed: WillGeorges / GhostOS / Scavenger. You may be familiar with some of his tickle comics from the early 2000s, especially focused on tickle machines. His style evolved with technology and this led him to create new content, such as the one we can admire today.

Scavenger MTJPub

Fantastickler is an anthology of 6 ticklish tales, each one accompanied by a full-page, full-colour illustration. 

70 pages and over 30,000 words of hot sexy tickling action!

The e-zine brings together artistic content by: GhostOS, Lord Insany, Jean de Montparnasse, Khali Robot Burns, Katie_the_Tickler, Obsessivesole.


This webzine brings together six stories focusing on the torture of tickling in different historical contexts and the despair of being at the mercy of ruthless feathers and devices that can attack the defenceless body of victims.

Fantastickler 2

“Preparation for the Tomb” by Khali, with the mummified woman whose extremities can do nothing but suffer the merciless tickling, is one of my favorites. There is a relish not only in depicting the victims being forced to laugh, writhe and plead, but also in creating a context of growing fear in which the protagonist is unaware of what is about to happen to her.


“The Slime Below” by Jean the Montparnasse is sure to please lovers of tentacle tickling. “Dr. Mallachy’s Machine” by Obsessivesole a mad scientist experiments on poor Janice with ticklish mechanical torment that will make her laugh to the point of despair.


You can download it here:

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