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A short while ago we talked about an interesting initiative, Fantastickler, a free e-zine containing illustrated tickle stories. It seems that the time is fruitful for this kind of initiative.

Today I am pleased to introduce a new project: Arch Villainy Issue #1, the first sadistic retro tickle zine, by Toermentor. Toermentor is one of my favorite tickle artists. I love his production of goblin and inquisition-themed tickle scenes.

Woman tickle tortured in stocks by Toermentor
Art by Raz Toermentor


  • Over 50 pages
  • 5 stories written and illustrated full color
  • – movie review of the fantastic tale of ticklish torture that failed to hit the big screen, “The feather of truth” (with never before seen screenshots)!
  • Interview with the legendary artist FTKL

Price: 10 dollars

Buy it here (available via Patreon) : Arch Villainy Issue #1

Arch Villainy Issue #1 – Review

This e-zine is a collection of retro-style stories and illustrations with a sadistic tickling theme. Tickling is used as a means to punish impudent thieves, to terrorize the heroines of a fantasy world. Of course, there will be no shortage of beautiful women whose soles will be exposed to the merciless tickling. Lots of laughter and begs for mercy.

The Feather of Truth” is the story of a film set in a fantasy world in which the tyrant is wont to resort to tickling as a form of torture and public humiliation.

I Sold My Sole to the Devil” is the story of an actress who ends up in the pillory at the mercy of wicked torturers who subject her little feet to ticklish ecstasy.

Arch Villainy 4

In “Sequestred Soles of Helpless Hippies and Panicked Punkers in TICKLE PRISON,” as the title implies, he plunges us into a dungeon where the prisoner will undergo the ever-present merciless tickle torture.

Arch Villainy 3

The author’s ability is definitely to imagine and visually render the desperate situations associated with being tickled with no way out. Whether human women or female goblins, the victims are firmly imprisoned and forced to endure the light touch of the feather or the rough tongue of the goat on helpless feet. The illustrations excellently render the victims’ need to laugh and scream, the desperate laughter and perfidy of the torturers.

This is followed by an interview with FTKL, a fetish video producer, martial arts practitioner and renowned tickle artist who has given us some of the most memorable illustrations of the noble tickle art.

Art by FTKL

Finallyf, a gallery of compelling images of beautiful girls forced to laugh and cry by ruthless feathers and salt-hungry goats.

Arch Villainy Issue #1 is a definitely interesting e-zine experiment for tickle lovers. A collection of stories, illustrations and interviews with famous artists that true tickling fans should not miss.

If you already follow Toermentor, I recommend buying from Patreon this web-zine to enrich your collection with a new tickling art product motivated by a real passion for the subject.

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