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Sukia is an Italian comic book series that has gained a cult following among horror fans. It was first published in 1978 and quickly became popular due to its provocative and explicit content. The series centers around the character of Sukia, a beautiful and seductive vampire who uses her powers to control men and exact revenge on her enemies. 


Who is Sukia

Sukia was created by the Italian artist and writer, Renzo Barbieri. Barbieri had previously worked on erotic comics, and Sukia was his attempt at combining erotica with horror. The first issue was published in 1978 by Ediperiodici, a publishing company that specialized in adult comics.

Sukia has gained a cult following among horror fans, and is considered a classic of Italian comics. It has been praised for its unique blend of horror and erotica, as well as its strong female protagonist. The character of Sukia has been compared to other iconic female horror characters such as Elvira and Vampirella. Not unexpectedly, her appearance resembles that of Ornella Muti, a well-known Italian sex symbol of the time

The success of this comic book was such that the California music group Sukia took its name from it.


Sukia’s history

Sukia, a seductive vampire, is engaged to a journalist named Alfred Bildiger. During their trip to New York, Alfred accidentally discovers her true identity. To prevent him from revealing her secret to the newspaper he works for, Sukia bites him on the neck, turning him into a vampire, and then suppresses him through decapitation, following the vampire traditions.

Bill Thomas, a friend and colleague of Alfred, witnesses the gruesome ritual and begins to investigate Sukia by tracking her every move.

In the course of the series, Sukia travels around the world with her effeminate servant Gary, encountering evil people and creatures. 

Sukia vampire

Why did Sukia become so popular?

The most successful strand of 1970s Italian comics was one that focused on violence and sensuality. The erotic component was mixed with stories of robberies, killings, and kidnappings to give the viewer strong sensations that made the product memorable.

During those years, characters similar to Sukia were created, such as Zora the Vampire and Jacula, who shared their sensual aspect, morbid attraction to violence and a good dose of supernatural horror.

Sukia is portrayed as an anti-heroine, a powerful and independent woman who uses her sexuality to control men. However, she also has a dark side, as she is willing to use violence to achieve her goals.

Her journey, filled with blood, lust, and violence, is not for the faint of heart. But for those who are brave enough to delve into her world, the rewards are well worth it.

Tickle torture in Sukia

Sukia’s stories involve a dose of violence from both creatures of the night and criminals, united by a desire to take by force what they desire.

The stories, as was the fashion in popular comics at the time, revolve around physicality and flesh, so the violence is closely linked to beauty, that is, it is either provoked by sensuality (men who want to possess Sukia against her consent) or it is carried out in an attempt not to harm such a florid body.

We have an example of this in episode No. 50 “The Tenor Killer.”

Sukia n.50

Sukia is investigating a series of murders against opera tenors. In the course of her investigation she is discovered and captured by a gangster. To save herself, she tells a cover story, but her lover does not believe her.

<<I do not torture you for gain or to discover something, but for personal pleasure. Whenever you suffer, I get pleasure!>>

Sukia tickle torture

She does not tolerate being teased, and perhaps feels envy of that beauty (Sukia is often decipted as irresistible to men).

Sukia tickle torture

After pinning her down, he removes one of her shoes, leaving her bare foot. Confronted by the bashful gangster who asks her what she intends to do, she replies:

<<The worst torture in the world … tickling! >>

Sukia tickle tortured

And indeed, he seems to have hit the nail on the head!

Sukia is completely helpless against this torment and begins to laugh loudly.

Sukia tickle torture

As she struggles and pleads for mercy, the woman is seized with doubts. Her lover lets her torture a woman without batting an eye … what could he do to her when he is no longer useful?

Tickling Sukia comics

Finally Sukia declares that she can’t take it anymore and will reveal the truth, so the torturer ceases her task.

Tickling Sukia comics

The authors probably wanted to put Sukia in a sensual and unusual dangerous situation. The tickle torture that forces a dark creature of the night to laugh is ideal for this purpose, as this weakness makes Sukia more human to the viewer (who is used to believing her invincible), and is connected to the beauty of her body (a seductive female physique that is enhanced by the torturers’ touches).

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