Tickle Xena Gabrielle
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Tickling is a gimmick often used in movies and TV series set in the past to create gags, to represent a joking way of interaction between individuals even in dark historical eras, or as an actual form of torture.
In the TV series “Xena: Warrior Princess” there are some tickling scenes, in episodes, bloopers and backstage.

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In a photo, Renée O’ Connor is seemly tickled on her feet by Lucy Lawless while they’re having a bath.

Tickle Xena Gabrielle

In a blooper, Lucy Lawless sucks Renée O’Connor’s big toe making a funny face, and the actress’ laughter can be heard offscreen.

Tickle Xena Gabrielle 2
Tickle Xena foot sucking

In one episode, Gabrielle and Xena are sleeping outside. At one point Gabrielle starts laughing and thinks Xena is tickling her.

“Xena…y-y-your tihihckling mehehe! That tihihihihckles! stahahap thahaht!”

The woman replies to her that she is not doing anything.

“Gabrielle, I’m not touching you.. if you dont be quiet and go to sleep, I will have to.”

Gabrielle checks and discovers with fright that snakes are crawling on her.

Tickle Xena Renée O' Connor

Episode “Chariots of war”. Xena mentions tickle. She says:

“Trolls have giant feet, I had to tickle him with a whole goose. […] I grabbed his big toe and i discovered that giants have a lot of weak points, so i defeated him by tickling.”

Tickling scenes with Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless is a New Zealand actress and singer, born on March 29, 1968, in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. She gained international fame for her role as Xena in the television series “Xena: Warrior Princess,” which aired from 1995 to 2001. The character Xena, a powerful and skilled warrior, became an iconic figure in popular culture.

Before her breakthrough as Xena, Lucy Lawless appeared in guest roles on various television shows, including a few episodes of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” where the character Xena was first introduced. After “Xena: Warrior Princess,” Lawless continued her acting career with roles in television series such as “Battlestar Galactica” and “Spartacus.”

Lucy Lawless affirms on X that she’s ticklish 6 on a scale of 1-10.

Tickle Lucy Lawless Twitter

Lcu Lawless begins laughing during a makeup session as her feet are decorated.

Tickling Lucy Lawless 1
Tickling Lucy Lawless 2
Tickling Lucy Lawless 3

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