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Eva Green is a French actress and model. She is known for her versatile roles in both French and English-language films. Some of her notable works include her role as Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film “Casino Royale,” as well as her performances in movies like “The Dreamers,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” and the television series “Penny Dreadful.” Green is often praised for her talent, versatility, and unique screen presence.

Eva Green

“Nocebo” (2022) is a psychological/supernatural horror film that delves into themes of physical infirmity, bodily autonomy, and the consequences of past actions.

The film “Nocebo” centers on Christine (Eva Green), a children’s fashion designer who falls ill after a tick bite. Diana, her hired caregiver, utilizes supernatural abilities to aid her, yielding positive outcomes. Nonetheless, Christine’s husband, Felix, harbors doubts about Diana. As tensions escalate, Felix stumbles upon Diana’s concealed altar and medications, sparking conflict. Events take a sinister turn as Diana’s true motives and past in the Philippines are unveiled, leading to a chilling climax involving Christine, Felix, and their daughter, Bobs. Exploring themes of the paranormal, betrayal, and the repercussions of one’s history, “Nocebo” features Eva Green in the role of Christine, delivering a haunting psychological thriller experience.

Eva Green in Nocebo

Christine’s character is depicted as suffering from memory loss, psychosomatic ailments, and a general sense of terror and unease. She is shown to have a complex relationship with Diana, a caregiver who offers to help her and claims to have supernatural healing abilities. Christine’s husband, Felix, is skeptical of Diana, adding tension to the narrative. Throughout the film, Eva Green’s character Christine grapples with her symptoms and the unfolding events that blur the lines between reality and supernatural influences

Eva Green tickled in “Nocebo”

Christine (played by Green), afflicted by a mental illness that doctors cannot cure, agrees to undergo a pseudo-mystical ritual performed by the Filipino caregiver Diana.

Eva Green tickle 1

She positions her on the floor and begins to manipulate her body, chanting a melody. At one point, the woman starts tickling Christine’s stomach with her hands. A surprised expression appears on her face, and the woman, unable to contain herself, starts laughing and squirming, moving in every direction.

Eva Green tickle 2
Eva Green tickle 3
Eva Green tickle 4

Her husband and daughter, faced with the woman’s hysterical reaction and the unwavering healer who continues to tickle her, look at each other perplexed, unable to understand the meaning of the procedure.

Christine tries in vain to defend herself from the tickling with her hands, but Diana continues undeterred to tickle her on the stomach and hips.

Eva Green tickling 5
Eva Green tickling 6
Eva Green tickling 7

The woman continues to laugh and squirm more and more, succumbing to hysteria. In the end, she realizes that the discomfort tormenting her has (temporarily) disappeared.

Eva Green tickling 8
Eva Green tickling 9

Later, Christine, speaking with Diana who offers to help her again, expresses doubt that tickling can help her again.

Furthermore, Eva Green herself expressed appreciation in an interview for the scene in which her character undergoes tickling and laughs intensely.

I think maybe the scene when I’m laughing, when she tickled my character, that was fun, because the other scenes are quite like dark and emotional

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