Sexually Bewitched
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Over the decades, many films have been released with more or less attractive tickling scenes in them. However, not all of them have achieved the immortal fame of North to Alaska and the Karamazov Brothers, so there is a need for someone to bring to light those scenes that underline the sadistic and sensual pleasure of tickling.

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The Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched (2000)

  • Director: Melissa Monet
  • Starring: Amber Newman, Michelle Von Flotow, Johnny Quaid
  • Feather tickling F/F

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Sexually Bewitched tickle scene

Sarah (Amber Newman), a bored young woman, takes a position as an apprentice to a “sexual sorceress,” and magical sexual hijinks ensue. However, Sarah and her teacher Michelle Hall soon begin to compete with each other, and inflict pleasant/unpleasant damage on each other.

The film delights us abundantly with the graces of Amber Newman grappling with the joys of love. While testing the mattress’s resistance with her lover, her teacher decides to play a dirty trick on her.

While in the kitchen, the witch begins to pass a long feather over a piece of gingerbread, over and over again. What might seem like a harmless game is actually voodoo magic that affects Sarah.

In fact, the girl, while she’s going at it, starts laughing, and believes that her lover is tickling her. The man is perplexed when the girl begins to distract herself from physical pleasure and indulge in laughter, seemingly for no reason.

Meanwhile she rolls around on the bed as if she were being tickled. The girl starts laughing more and more loudly without the man understanding the cause, ending up leaving. In the end, when Sarah tries to react, she is hit by a wave of tickling and begins to laugh uncontrollably and fidget, as the witch, mercilessly, continues to tickle the voodoo biscuit with the feather. Next, Sarah bursts into the kitchen.

“Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched” is a not too bad late-night softporn film. It’s basically a softporn version of the TV series “Charmed”.

The film combines witchcraft and carnal pleasures, an always winning mix. Amber Newman is very good at simulating sex scenes and does well in playing the part of a woman who receives intense tickling without being able to defend herself, laughing like crazy.

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