Tickle Zouzou SPYS 2
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SPYS* is a 1974 American spy comedy film directed by Irvin Kershner and starring Elliott Gould, Donald Sutherland, and Zouzou. The plot is set in the world of espionage, with the two agents causing chaos and mayhem as they are pursued by various factions.

The film is a spoof on classic spy films, with the two agents portrayed as inept and bumbling, leading to comedic situations.

Tickle Zouzou SPYS

The movie follows two inept secret agents who become the targets of the KGB and CIA after a failed mission. Filming took place in Paris and England, and the film was originally titled “Wet Stuff” before being changed. The movie was screened at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival but was not entered into the main competition. Gould and Sutherland’s chemistry in the film has been praised, with reviewers highlighting the banter and humor between the two actors. Despite mixed reviews, the movie has gained a cult following for its comedic elements and the dynamic between the lead characters

Elliott Gould plays the role of Griff, Donald Sutherland plays Bruland, and Zouzou plays Sybil (as Zou Zou) in the film.

Tickle scene in S*P*Y*S*


Tickle SPYS 1

Bruland comes home and enters the bedroom: it is nighttime, and his girlfriend, Sybil, is sleeping. She asks him to let her rest but he slips his hand under the covers and tickles her feet. Sybil snaps back as Bruland, starting to undress, tickles her feet with his own feet.

Zouzou laughs thunderously without restraint.

Tickle SPYS 2

Eventually Sutherland lifts the blanket and to her dismay discovers that there are two pairs of feet under the bed: Sybil’s and her lover’s.

Tickle SPYS 3

A fairly long tickle scene that has the merit of showing the beautiful Zouzou laughing out loud.

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