Tickling Sirens
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“Sirens”, a 1994 film set in Australia during the interwar period, includes various tickling scenes in a context of liberation from repression in the matter of what morality deemed appropriate or not.

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Tony (Hugh Grant), an Anglican pastor, and his wife Estrella (Tara Fitzgerald), come to Australia from the United Kingdom to visit the famous artist Norman Lindsay, whose works cause a stir because of their sexual subtexts. In fact, several women pose nude for the painter: his wife Rose (Pamerla Rabe) and his models Pru (Kate Fischer) and Sheela (Elle Macpherson).
Tony and Estrella are initially scandalized by their freedom of dress, but secretly fascinated by the free way they live their lives.
Estella, in particular, is captivated by Pru and Sheela’s lack of inhibitions and how they flirt with their half-blind sidekick, Devlin.


Tickle scenes in “Sirens”

In this film, tickling is often used as a means, or metaphor, to overcome the inhibitory brakes dictated by the repressive morality of the time. Pru and Sheela in particular repeatedly make use of tickling to loosen the inhibitions of both the maid Giddy (Portia de Rossi) and Estrella, prompting them to embrace their inner desires and freely savor sensuality.

In the first scene, Pru and Sheela play sensually with Giddy for the purpose of breaking down her inhibitions. They tell her that they know a place where she is ticklish the most and begin to caress her: they are joined shortly afterwards by Estrella, who begins to lightly tickle her. Tony watches the scene disturbed.

In the second scene, Pru and Sheela are bathing naked with Giddy and Estrella (clothed) and flirting with Devlin, knowing that he cannot see them.
Giddy scolds them, calling them savages, whereupon the two women confirm this and begin tickling her hips to remove her swimsuit.

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In the third scene, Sheela and Giddy find themselves lying on the lawn.
Sheela notices that Giddy has very smooth skin and states that one day she will tickle her all over. Then she adds that Devlin will also tickle her.
The girl is embarrassed but also sexually intrigued by his claims; even Tony and Estrella cannot help but listen to them, stimulated in their own imaginations.

Tickle mention Sirens

In the fourth scene, the girls tie Estrella to a pole to hold her down, waiting for Devlin to reach her alarmed by the noise.
Estrella tries to free herself, but Sheela asks, “Are you ticklish?” and tickles her belly. The woman snaps back ceasing resistance, and the others move away.

Tickling Sirens

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