Prison Girls
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“Prison Girls” (1974) is an action and drama movie directed by Tom DeSimone starred Jacqueline Giroux as Kay Rivers, Annik Borel as Gertie, Tracy Handfuss, Maria Arnold, Linda York, Peggy Church, Marsha Jordan, Uschi Digard, Neola Graef, and Candy Samples.

Throughout their brief reprieve from the confines of prison, “Prison Girls” delves into the ways these women navigate their temporary freedom and partake in a range of sexual encounters. This depiction offers insights into aspects of the prison system concerning rehabilitation, societal reintegration, and the hurdles confronted by incarcerated individuals upon returning to the outside world. The film offers a glimpse into the experiences of these female inmates during their fleeting escape from incarceration, providing a window into their interactions, relationships, and challenges within the framework of the prison system.

Prison Girls

In the 1974 film “Prison Girls,” a prison psychiatrist takes an unconventional approach to preparing six female inmates for parole: he grants them a weekend furlough, leading to a series of sexual encounters for each of them. The movie is characterized as a provocative exploitation film, featuring numerous explicit scenes involving the female characters. It incorporates typical elements of sexploitation cinema, such as nudity, a memorable shower scene, and a sequence involving a biker gang and rape. Despite its narrative and acting flaws, “Prison Girls” stands out for its daring content and is considered essential viewing for aficionados of the genre.

Candy Samples, an American dancer, model, and adult film actress, rose to prominence in the adult entertainment industry due to her voluptuous figure and captivating performances. Initially recognized for her softcore work, Samples transitioned to hardcore films in the early 1970s, captivating audiences with her presence in numerous adult videos throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. Renowned for her roles in films such as “Flesh Gordon” (1974) and “John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens” (1980), she solidified her status as a fan favorite. While she occasionally appeared in archival footage, Samples later shifted her focus to dancing and making personal appearances.

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Candy Samples appeared in the movie “Prison Girls” (1972) as one of the characters named Susie. Her role in the film contributed to the portrayal of the female inmates and their experiences during a weekend furlough granted to them by a prison psychiatrist.

Candy Samples and other female prisoners find themselves at the disposal of a painter, who must paint flower arrangements on their naked bodies.

The painter paints flowers on Candy Samples’ belly. As he works on her navel she begins to laugh, from the tickling caused by the brush.

A rather brief and unemphasized scene, but witnessing Candy Samples shaking her massive assets and laughing at ticklish stimulation is noteworthy!

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