List of Tickle Scenes in Comics

Tickle scene in Valentina
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Tickle scenes in comics are often used as a lighthearted and humorous element. They can serve various purposes, from adding comedic relief to showcasing the playful side of characters. These scenes can range from playful moments between friends or romantic partners to more extravagant and imaginative situations.

In many comics, tickle scenes contribute to creating a light and carefree atmosphere. For example, friendly characters might engage in playful banter, attempting to tickle each other as part of a good-natured joke. These moments help develop the dynamics between characters and reveal the more playful aspects of their relationships.

Tickle scenes in comics serve as a means to inject levity and humor into the stories, providing readers with entertaining and amusing moments that can bring a smile to their faces.

Tickling scenes in various comics (last upd.: 1/1/2024)


Tickling Animaniacs



Tickling Barbarella

Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell

Zatanna is ticklish

Cartoon Network Block Party

Tickle Cartoon Network Block Party issue 14

Doctor Who


Tickle Ducktales

EC Comics

EC Comics

Five Weapons

Tickling Five Weapons
Tickling Five Weapons

Goofy comics n.38

Tickle comics Goofy comics 38


Ticklign Garfield
Tickling Garfield 2

Go get a roomie

Ha Ha comics n.3

Tickling comics Ha Ha Comics #3, Hefty Learns the Ropes
Tickling comics wrestling Ha Ha Comics #3, Hefty Learns the Ropes

Howdy Doody

Howdy Doody

Jonathan Steele n.13


Tickle comic Jucika 1
Tickle comic Jucika 2


La Schiava n.44

Tickling La Schiava

League of Superpets

Tickle Green Lantern League of Superpets, chapter 1 The Great Mix-Up comi

Legs Weaver

Looney Toones

Mickey Finn n.7


Tickle pedicure in Nabuchodinosaure
Tickle comic Nabuchodinosaure

Nerf Now!

Sesame Street Library Volume 3



Sonic the Hedgehog

Tickling Sonic


Tickle Sukia

Tom & Jerry

Tickle Tom and Jerry


Woody Woodpecker


Goat tickle torture in Zagor