Tickle scene in Valentina
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Despite the fact that in everyday life it is used as a joke or game between children, tickling can be a genuine instrument of torture. The comic series “Valentina” focuses on the adventures of the young and attractive photographer Valentina, who is always grappling with events revolving around her sensuality. In one episode the protagonist discovers to her cost that she will not be able to laugh as usual at the dangers she faces… but will be forced to laugh against her will.


A countess and her enforcers have captured Valentina, and she refuses to provide them with information they might use for subversive political actions.

The countess, from the height of her aristocratic position, is accustomed to treating other lower-class people as objects from which to take away any glimmer of dignity. Now she needs information from Valentina, and she intends to get it by force, but she does not want to stoop to practices that will hurt her body. Indeed, she wants to preserve her regal aura of superiority without reducing herself to violence that leaves scars.

Valentina spontaneously removes her panties, sarcastic about the indecency of the torturers. In contrast, the old woman argues that she and her comrades defend purity of spirit and values. Those, in her opinion, are the only values that are important.

<<We are not maniacs, what do you think? On the contrary, we precisely uphold the virtues of decency, modesty … the holiness of body and spirit.>>

The countess thus wants on the one hand to bend the victim’s will, and at the same time to make her appear as a person unable to defend her secrets, unable to resist a “child’s game.”

Here all the aristocratic conceit of the character shines through. Her belief is that nobles like her are pure and do not fornicate, do not perform impure acts. They basically decide the standards of decency. Their conduct is immaculate, while others are sinners who deserve to be punished.

<<No Holy Inquisition methods, my poor husband had a very funny system for making girls talk….>>

Under the guise of resorting to a “humanitarian treatment” the countess exposes her sharp, manicured fingernails, which in a moment will turn into an instrument of torture.

A brute holds Valentina down by her ankles so that she cannot remove her feet from the merciless confrontation.

The countess begins with her nails to tickle those soft, bare feet.

Valentina initially takes the situation in stride. She mocks the countess for her ineffective interrogation methods, but as she does so she cannot avoid starting to laugh.

As the giggles ensue, the old woman picks up the pace. Valentina’s feet twitch trying to evade, to no avail. With expert gestures, the noblewoman rubs her nails lightly and repeatedly so that the soles are put to the test.

Valentina finally realizes the situation and is caught in a panic. She starts laughing wildly and tries to escape. Her body is convulsing and she cannot speak normally because of the laughter. The Countess’s allied colonel observes the scene impatiently. He would like to use more aggressive violence, but the woman wants Valentina to give in laughing.

<<Don’t be so impatient, commander. The lady can’t hold out much longer!>> says the noblewoman to the colonel.>>

<<So, ma’am, should I start again?>> the contess asks, confident in her position of dominance << You only need to make a phone call to your firm….>>

With tears in her eyes from laughing too hard, Valentina still refuses to comply with her tormentors’ will. 

<<You pigs! Igh igh… I don’t know what you want… igh igh…. But even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you!>>

The cruel noblewoman did not bend her will!

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