The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood
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  • Title: The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (a.k.a. The Affairs of Robin Hood; The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood; Robin Hood und seine lüsternen Mädchen; Les aventures galantes de Robin des bois)
  • Year: 1969
  • Starring: Ralph Jenkins, Dee Lockwood, Steve Vincent
  • F/F feather tickle

The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood is a 1969 erotic/adventure film that is remembered for a few curiosities.

First, the participation of Uschi Digart (as Ingrid Young), a buxom actress who would go on to make waves in adult cinema in the years to follow.

Also, there is a sadistic tickling scene that, strangely enough, I hardly ever find mentioned in online communities. But we are here precisely to rediscover these gems.

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The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

The perverse Lady Sallyforth (Lynn Cartwright) intends to romance Lady Marian (Dee Lockwood), naked and chained, against her will. As might be expected, the girl does not appreciate this kind of advance; just as predictably, Sallyforth is not used to being turned down.

Lady Marian

After tickling her thighs, he chains her legs to metal chains: then he lifts her up and keeps her suspended above a bed of thorns. Only a few inches separate her from the possibility of being pierced.

Mercilessly, he shows her a feather he has on hand and begins tickling her along her bare back. The terrified girl cries out in terror and begs to stop as the tickling forces her to move, but in doing so she risks being injured by the spikes.

A guard outside, meanwhile, enjoys the screams of terror.

The torture goes on a few minutes.

Lady Sallyforth Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

The villainous Sallyforth runs the feather all along the girl’s naked body, who screams in fear and tries to remain still (but, to the viewers’ delight, there is no shaking of dangling breasts). Marian, stoically, tries to resist and remain still, but the cruel noblewoman continues to tickle her smooth skin causing her agony of terror.

Lynn Cartwright plays a particularly sadistic Lady Sallyforth whose tortures, in keeping with the film’s setting, have an erotic connotation. Dee Lockwood conveys the sense of terror from the tickling torture that combines ruthlessness but also sensuality

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