Tickling Giulia De Lellis
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In several Italian shows, over the years, tickling scenes have been portrayed, generally as tests to be passed by the contestants, as a form of playful interaction between hosts and guests, or as unexpected pranks to entertain the audience.

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In this article we report all or most of the tickling scenes present in Italian TV and game shows (excluding those for which there is no known visual evidence), together with a presentation of the celebrities who participated.

Last update: 9/17/2023

Ai tuoi piedi

“Ai tuoi piedi” was a television show that focused on foot-related scenarios. In some episodes the host tickled the feet of some guest girls.

All Music Show (2005)

Jimm Massew is a fictional personal trainer who sells absurd weight loss products.
During one commercial he presents the “no laughter pills” which prevent a girl from laughing while being tickled.

Jim Massew tickling

Bellezze al bagno (1992)

The program included a game in which a man from each team took turns tied to a kind of precariously balanced chair, and the girls from the other teams had to tickle him with feathers to make him laugh.

Buona Domenica 

“Buona Domenica” was an Italian television show that aired from 1985 to 2003. It was a popular variety show that typically aired on Sundays and featured a mix of entertainment, music, comedy sketches, and celebrity interviews. The show was hosted by various presenters over the years, including the well-known Italian television personality Maurizio Costanzo. “Buona Domenica” was known for its lively and engaging format, making it a favorite weekend program for many Italian viewers during its run.

  • 1994 –

The magician Silvan performs the woman cut in half trick. Silvan lifts the cube containing the girl’s abdomen and tickles her belly, making her laugh.

Silvan sawing a woman in a half
  • 1996 / 1997 – 

Ramona Badescu performs a foot reading on Amanda Sandrelli (perhaps causing her a very slight tickle). Tiberio Timperi also has a foot reading.

Ramona Badescu foot reading Amanda Sandrelli

In a broadcast similar to this one, years later, Giada De Blanck undergoes a foot reading. Tiberio Timperi starts tickling her by asking “You’re not ticklish, are you?” and she starts laughing.

Giada De Blanck - Foot reading
Giada De Blanck - Foot reading

Ciao Darwin (1999)

“Ciao Darwin” was an Italian television game show that aired from 1998 to 2019. The show was created and hosted by Paolo Bonolis. It was known for its unique and often controversial format, where contestants from different backgrounds and with contrasting opinions competed in various physical and intellectual challenges.

In the “Atheists vs Believers” episode, two women are subjected to tickle torture by the Inquisition. Each woman must recite a tongue twister while being tickled with feathers, on the sides and under the armpits. Both women continue to laugh, mispronunciating. The host states that they can’t stand being tickled.

TIckle Ciao Darwin - Inquisition

Colorado (2017)

“Colorado” is an Italian comedy and variety show. It’s similar in format to other comedy sketch shows and features a mix of stand-up comedy, sketches, parodies, and musical performances. The show often includes humorous takes on current events, pop culture, and Italian society.

During a dance rehearsal, Federica Nargi is tickled twice under the armpits by her male partner, making her laugh and twitch her arms.

Federica Nargi tickled

Cultura moderna (2007)

During a woman sawing in the half magic trick, Juliana Moreira is touched on her feet, making her smile.

Juliana Moreira - Cultura Moderna
Juliana Moreira - Cultura Moderna
Juliana Moreira - Cultura Moderna

Distraction (2001)

Distraction was the Italian edition of the famous British TV show. The show was known for its outrageous and often absurd challenges, such as having to answer questions while being subjected to physical discomfort, noise, or unusual distractions. Contestants earned points based on how well they could maintain their focus and respond correctly to the questions despite the chaos happening around them.

Full article: Distraction

Tickle Distraction
A challenge involving tickling in Distraction italian TV show
Tickle Distraction 1
Tickle Distraction 2
Tickle Distraction 3

In a video broadcast during the show, Nadia Rinaldi is tickled under the armpits by two men, who make her laugh and shake a lot.

Nadia Rinaldi tickled - Distraction
Nadia Rinaldi tickled - Distraction
Nadia Rinaldi tickled - Distraction

Grande Fratello / Grande Fratello Vip

“Grande Fratello” is the Italian version of the popular reality TV show “Big Brother.” The show follows a group of contestants, known as “housemates,” who live together in a specially designed house under constant surveillance. Their every move, conversation, and interaction are recorded and broadcast to a national audience via 24/7 live feeds and edited episodes.

Throughout the series, the housemates compete in various challenges and tasks while being isolated from the outside world. “Grande Fratello” has been a popular and long-running reality show in Italy, with multiple seasons and spin-offs since its debut in 2000.

  • 2001 –

Mascia Ferri is briefly tickled on her foot by a stick while she’s relaxing.

  • 2004 –

Serena Garitta can’t move while Katia is painting her, when suddenly Tommaso and Patrick arrive and start tickling her. 

  • 2016 –

Antonella Mosetti is an Italian showgirl, model and television presenter. She gained fame in the early 2000s through her appearances on various Italian TV shows, including “Grande Fratello VIP”.

Antonella Mosetti tickles her daughter Asia Nuccetelli’s feet, with no seemly ticklish reaction.

Tickle Antonella Mosetti

Antonella Mosetti is foot tickled.

Antonella Mosetti tickled
Tickle Antonella Mosetti 2

Alessia Macari is tickled all over her body by her teammates during a challenge.

Alessia Macari tickled
Tickling Alessia Macari
  • 2017 –

Giulia De Lellis is an Italian television personality, social media influencer, and author. De Lellis first gained widespread recognition in Italy through her appearances on reality television shows. In addition to her television and social media career, Giulia De Lellis has authored books, including an autobiography titled “Le corna stanno bene su tutto” (“Horns Look Good on Everything”). The book delves into her personal life, experiences, and challenges.

Giulia De Lellis is tickled in various episodes of the show. She seems not to be very ticklish. She endures a prolonged foot tickle without moving her legs, but she smiles when she’s initially tickled.

Giulia De Lellis tickled
Giulia De Lellis tickled
Tickling Giulia De Lellis
Giulia de Lellis tickling

Cecilia Rodriguez is an argentinian influencer and model. She is foot tickled by her teammate.

Tickling Cecilia Rordiguez

Cecilia Rodriguez mentions tickling during a massage, but she’s not a ticklish reaction.

Elenoire Casalegno is foot tickled.

  • 2018 –

Mariana Rodriguez is foot tickled during a representation of the famous scene with Tarzan and Jane.

Tickle Mariana Rodriguez
  • 2020 –

Adriana Volpe is an Italian television presenter, actress, and model.

She is best known for hosting the programs Mezzogiorno in famiglia and I fatti vostri on Rai 1. 

Adriana Volpe is tickled by a man on her feet. He’s not a ticklish reaction. The man asks if she’s ticklish, because he’s. She affirms that she learned to control herself to endure medical exams.

Tickling Adriana Volpe
Tickling Adriana Volpe

Dayane Mello is an Italian-Brazilian model and television personality. Dayane Mello initially gained recognition as a model in the fashion industry, working for various high-profile brands and walking the runways of international fashion shows. Dayane Mello is also known for her appearances on Italian television, particularly for her participation in reality shows. She gained widespread fame in Italy through her involvement in the Italian version of “Grande Fratello VIP.

Dayane Mello is foot tickled during a pedicure, and she seems ticklish.

TIckle Dayane Mello

Orianna Marzoli is foot tickled.

Tickling Orianna Marzoli

I Fatti Vostri (2021)

“I Fatti Vostri” is an Italian television talk show that focuses on a variety of topics, including lifestyle, entertainment, current events, and human interest stories. The show’s title can be translated to “Your Affairs” or “Your Matters” in English.

Ilaria Galassi is briefly foot tickled by Giancarlo Magalli.

Tickle Ilaria Galassi
Ilaria Galassi tickled

Il grande gioco dell’oca (1993)

Alessia Marcuzzi is an Italian television presenter, actress, and model. Marcuzzi is known for her long and successful career in Italian television and entertainment.

She began her career as a model and later transitioned into acting, appearing in Italian films and television series. However, she is perhaps best known for her work as a television presenter. Alessia Marcuzzi has hosted a wide range of television shows in Italy, including talk shows, reality shows, and talent competitions. One of her most notable roles was as the host of the Italian version of the reality show “L’Isola dei Famosi” (Island of the Famous), which is similar to the concept of “Survivor.

During a competition, Alessia Marcuzzi has to cross a course by pulling herself with her arms. A series of hands emerge from the space below, tickling her all over her body and putting her in difficulty. A boy asks the host Gigi Sabani if he is ticklish, and he replies “Very much”.

Tickling Alessia Marcuzzi
Alessia Marcuzzi tickled

Il treno dei desideri (3/11/2007)

Antonella Clerici is placed on a bed, blindfolded, and a goat is led to lick her bare skewers, causing her great amazement.

Tickle Antonella Clerici
Tickling Antonella Clerici

La pupa e il secchione (2006 ?)

During a challenge, a man has to fake his death remaining still. A seducing woman starts to dance around him and then tickles him before on his bare feet and than on his stomach, making him haking.

La sai l’ultima / La Sai l’ultima vip

“La sai l’ultima?” was an Italian television show that aired from 1992 to 1997. The title translates to “Do You Know the Latest One?” in English. It was a comedy game show hosted by the Italian comedian and actor Gigi Sabani.

The format of the show typically involved a panel of comedians and celebrity guests telling jokes and humorous stories. Contestants would then try to guess the punchlines to these jokes and earn points. The show was known for its light-hearted and comedic atmosphere and was a popular entertainment program in Italy during its run.

  • 2002 –

Tati Albero is briefly tickled by showgirl Natalia Estrada. She says “Let’s make a bit of a tickle!” and the showman says “And so, we laugh!”

  • 2004 –

Enrica Bonaccorti has to read a text while a little goat is tricked into licking her bare feet, tickling her.

Tickle goat Enrica Bonaccorti

Le Iene

“Le Iene,” is an Italian television program known for its investigative journalism, satirical content, and hidden camera segments. The show originally started in 1997 and has continued to air over the years. It is often compared to programs like “60 Minutes” and “Saturday Night Live” in the United States.

“Le Iene” covers a wide range of topics, including current events, social issues, politics, and celebrity interviews.

The show has a loyal following in Italy and has gained a reputation for its irreverent and bold style of journalism. It’s often seen as a source of both entertainment and information, addressing important issues while also entertaining viewers with its unique blend of investigative reporting and humor.

  • 2001 – 

Lillo and Greg disguised as the Droogs create a parody of the scene from A Clockwork Orange.

Milena Miconi tickled

In one episode they capture Milena Miconi to punish her (jokingly) for the fact that she didn’t perform topless in a previous show in which her colleagues showed their breasts.

They grab her feet saying “Now we’ll make you laugh!” and start tickling her feet to jokingly torture her, making her laugh loudly.

Milena Miconi tickled
Milena Miconi tickled
  • 2007 –

Ilary Blasi is tickled in some episodes by her fellow hosts Luca & Paolo.
In a episode, Luca and Paolo tickle her on her hips while she does a handstand.

Le Iene - Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi tickled
Le Iene - Ilary Blasi
Le Iene - Ilary Blasi
Tickling Ilary Blasi
  • 2012 –

Le Iene broadcast a report on tickling, in which examples of homemade tickling videos were shown and two ticklers, male and female, were interviewed. Unfortunately, the broadcast is no longer available.

Tickling on Le Iene

Lucignolo (2006)

During a report on bondage culture, a girl is tied up by a man with her arms behind her head. The man tickles her armpits, making her laugh.

Mai dire Gol

“Mai Dire Gol” was an Italian comedy television program that aired from 1992 to 2008. The show was created and produced by the Gialappa’s Band, a group of Italian comedians known for their humorous commentary on football (soccer) matches.

The format of “Mai Dire Gol” featured a combination of satirical sketches, parodies of popular TV shows, and comedic commentary on sports events, particularly football matches. The Gialappa’s Band members would provide humorous and often irreverent commentary while reinterpreting famous moments from football games. They became well-known for their witty and offbeat sense of humor.

Elisabetta Canalis is briefly jokingly tickled by Mago Forest.

Tickle Elisabetta Canalis - Mai dire Gol
Tickle Elisabetta Canalis - Mai dire Gol

A girl of the show (“Letteronza”) is tickled by the showman. She has a shoe with a hole and he says it’s a “shoe that breathes”. When she laughs, he says her to remain serious.

Tickle Letteronze

Maurizio Costanzo show (2000 ?)

Mago Otelma performs a foot reading on Enrica Bonaccorti with a objects, that makes her laugh.

Non dimenticate lo spazzolino da denti (1995)

A man must read a poem about goats while a little goat is tricked into licking his bare feet, causing it to be ticklish. In the end, the man accompanying the goat directly tickles its feet with his fingers.

Prima dell’alba (2019)

Tickling - Prima dell'alba

Salvo Sottile interviews some ticklers who describe the practice of tickling as an erotic ritual and fun game. The report shows some masked men tickling a masked woman.

Quelli che il calcio (1993 ?)

Adriana Volpe is tickled on her hips by Enrico Papi.

Scherzi a parte 

“Scherzi a Parte” is an Italian television show that translates to “Jokes Apart” in English. It is a popular Italian comedy program known for its hidden camera pranks and practical jokes played on celebrities and unsuspecting people. The show typically features a variety of humorous and light-hearted pranks, often involving famous Italian actors, comedians, and public figures.

  • 1997 –

During a prank, Natalia Estrada is blindfolded and tied to a bed. An accomplice to the prank begins to tickle her armpits a couple of times with a feather, causing her to react in fear.

Natalia Estrada tickled
  • 2007 – 

Manuela Arcuri is an Italian actress and model who gained fame for her work in Italian television and film. She began her career as a model and later transitioned to acting. Manuela Arcuri’s breakthrough came in the late 1990s and early 2000s when she appeared in several Italian television series, such as “Carabinieri”. Her roles in these series made her a popular actress in Italy, and she gained a large fan following.

Manuela Arcuri has to repeat a tongue twister while a masseur rubs her vigorously all over her body, tickling her.

Tickling Manuela Arcuri
Tickling Manuela Arcuri
Manuela Arcuri tickled

Sette per uno (2001)

During a test, a female contendant has to remain impassive while a guinea pig licks her feet: the girl, however, is unable to hold back a broad smile. Unfortunately there are currently no versions of this scene online.

Tickle goat torture in Sette per uno

A male competitor is sprinkled with birdseed and subjected to pecking by the hens with his shirt off: before the test he claims not to be ticklish.

During a mud fight, the competitor is hindered by some female bodybuilders (“Giacomine”). The host states that the contestant resorts to tickling to make her laugh and release herself, but no tickling scene is shown.

Ela Weber (born Manuela Hannelore Weber on March 13, 1966) is a German-Italian model, showgirl, and actress. She is best known for her work in Italian television, where she has hosted several popular shows. She has also appeared in several films, including Paparazzi (1998) and Tifosi (1999).

Wendy Windham is an American actress who has worked primarily in Italy. In the 1990s, Windham became a popular figure on Italian television. She appeared in several shows. She was known for her distinctive Italian-American accent and her comedic personality.

A series of women are placed on beds. Initially they are tickled with feathers on their bare feet so that the contestant can hear them laugh. Raffaella Bergè and Cristina RInaldi are particularly tickled, Windham explodes in sudden laughter.

Tickle Wendy-Windham

They are then covered and switched places, with only their feet visible.

TIckle Sette per uno - Italian TV show

The contestant must tickle them again with feathers to recognize them by their laughter.

TIckle Sette per uno - Italian TV show

Ela Weber intervenes and further tickles various girls including Wendy making them laugh even more.

TIckling Ela Weber
Tickle Wendy-Windham

Stasera tutto è possibile (20/9/2016)

During a yoga practice, Claudia Gerini tickles a man under his armpits.

Striscia la Notizia

“Striscia la Notizia” is an Italian television program that can be translated to “The News Crawls” or “The News Slithers” in English. It is a satirical news and entertainment show that has been on the air in Italy for many years. The show is known for its humorous take on current events, politics, and celebrity news. “Striscia la Notizia” typically features a team of presenters who use humor and satire to comment on news stories, often with a focus on exposing political scandals, social issues, and absurdities in the media.

  • 2005 –

Melissa Satta, in the closing theme song, is insistently tickled on the sides by one of the hosts, which leads her to writhe and laugh without being able to dance properly.

Tickling Striscia la Notizia - Melissa Satta
Tickling Striscia la Notizia - Melissa Satta

QVC (2015)

A man tickles a model on her foot to verify if she’s really sleeping.

Tickle Scene QVC 2015

Vero TV (2012/2015)

Solange does a foot reading on Barbara de Rossi. She states that “just touching them makes me laugh”.

Solange foot reading Barbara de Rossi 1
Solange foot reading Barbara de Rossi 2

??? (Acquapark tickle interview)

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