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1) Thank you for this interview! Would you like to tell us about yourself and your activities?

Hi and thanks for having me again.

Love what you’re doing for the folks out there.

So, what about me…

I’m Kalamos. I’ve been around for a while, first as a drawing artist, then as a fetish performer and then producer.

I started this video-making thing so I could better gauge how to help out other Italian fetish producers; then I kept doing it on my own, at my own pace.

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2) In the context of producing tickling videos, what genres of videos do you perceive to be the most popular and requested?

I can’t speak for larger productions.

I noticed candid scenarios tend to sell better; especially those featuring next door/mature characters.

3) What are the difficulties of making tickling videos?

One word for me?


Gathering people, carrying props; I usually try to avoid all of that by remote filming.

Just like remote work: the models stay at their own place and get a friend or SO to tickle them.

They set up cameras or cell phones and send me the raw footage – not unlike setting up a show for Onlyfans.

Differently from Onlyfans, I deal with final details like editing and releasing to the public.

4) What is your impression of erotic tickling online? A small niche or a very large interest?

It used to be more niche.

Now models seldom bat an eye; they are used to more unusual stuff.

Kalamos tickling video 2

5) How do you choose your models? Are there any particular criteria to be respected?

Alive, consenting, marginally sane…?

I usually work with amateur models who stay anonymous.

Physical quirks usually end up being fetishised by people, anyway.

So, no, no special criteria; customers have favorites, though.

6) What makes Kalamos different from other tickling video makers?

I don’t know about other producers; I’ve only worked with a couple of old ones.

I try to work at my own pace and avoid stressing out – myself and the models.

I’ve seen the soft underbelly of actual underground clubs and adult events.

Maybe I’m more jaded than others, maybe more laid-back.

7) What professional goals are you proud to have achieved in this area and do you have any goals for the future?

This is a side job I chose to stay active and relatively sane during Covid lockdowns.

As long as I am not wasting money, it’s ok; helping out friends who model for me doesn’t hurt either.

8) What are your favorite tickling scenarios to do or get asked about in your videos?

Producers coming from vanilla porn try to make a video into something elaborate with actual plot and intrinsic artistic value.

Most watchers just want the same model being tickled on her soles, maybe for a couple of different POVs.

Of course we also get requests for more complex/exotic stuff, but they seldom pay, so we keep to the tried and true however boring it might be.

Kalamos tickling video 1

9) Do you have a particular video that you are proud to have made?

I am proud we managed to film The Videocall, our first remotely shot video.

It was a sound proof of concept that actually worked; easy peasy.

10) To do video tickling sessions, do you work with ticklish models or not? What are the pros and cons of each choice?

As Fettish mentioned before me, an actual ticklish session, and a commercial video, are very different things.

I’ve done both kinds.

A tickling session might be confusing for watchers, as the tickler might block out the camera and reactions might be mild/subtle.

A commercial video is shot with the ideal lights, POV, angle, and even clothes.

You usually do tickling sessions with ticklish but willing subjects; you don’t just kidnap hapless people from the street for the sake of genuine reactions.

For commercial videos you pay models and there is a modicum of acting involved, because watchers/customers have expectations and you can’t just show them an immobile ticklee, unless that’s the customer’s special fetish.

Middle of the road is usually ideal: ticklish enough she won’t have to fake the whole time.

Not too much, so it’s not actual torture for her and she’ll come back for more.

Did I mention we have cookies too, just like the Dark Side…?

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