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1) Thank you for this interview! Would you like to tell us about yourself and your activities?

You’re very welcome.  Thank you for contacting me.  I’m FTKL, I’m a fetish video producer, martial artist and pop culture fan.  When I’m not making videos, I’m probably practicing kung fu.

2) In the context of producing tickling videos, what genres of videos do you perceive to be the most popular and requested?

Tickling itself is its own genre with many sub-genres.  For my site, foot-tickling videos involving cosplay (superheroines and villainesses, video game characters, other pop culture icons) are the most popular. 

3) What are the difficulties of making tickling videos?

A. The behind the scenes mundane stuff, mostly.  Scheduling shoots, marketing, scouting new talent, developing new talent, site management, and managing people in general.  Being able to manage people is the most important and most challenging.  

Also, since my videos are so involved and more cinematic than most, I do a lot of special effects and sound editing.  Doing this is a great deal of work that requires many different skills. 

4) What is your impression of erotic tickling online? A small niche or a very large interest?

I think it started somewhat small.  It kinda started as a sub-genre of foot fetish and ballooned into its own thing with sub categories all its own.  It’s a pretty big deal now.

5) How do you choose your models? Are there any particular criteria to be respected?

Many people probably think the answer would be to find the most ticklish and most attractive models possible.  While those things are important, my two most important criteria are to find ladies who are professional and can do what’s asked of them on camera. 

I need more than just a beautiful woman with pretty feet, who’s ticklish.  My models need to be punctual, able to take direction and work well with others and they need to be entertaining.  Whether they’re being tickled, performing a fight scene or simply delivering lines, they need to be fun to watch and have a measure of personality.  They have to be able to “sell” whatever is happening on camera in such a way that the viewer has an enjoyable experience.

Tickling videos - FTKL

I’ve worked with ladies who are almost too ticklish to touch, but look horrible on camera because they lock up and don’t move or just groan and describe how ticklish they are.  BORING.  On the flip side, I’ve worked with models who are barely ticklish at all, but can sell it convincingly on camera and look great doing it.  These ladies are also very professional and helpful on the set. These types of models will always have a place on my roster.  

FTKLTickling.com produces ENTERTAINMENT, not tickle documentary videos, so that means the models not only need to be ticklish, they need to be able to look good and be entertaining while being tickled. Selling it on camera is top priority, just like selling being hit during a fight scene in an action movie. I’m not interested in any model who can’t do that.

6) What makes “FTKL’s Foot Tickling Fantasies” different from other tickling video makers?

We do everything from candid scenes to full-blown productions, featuring storylines with choreographed action sequences. Also, where most other studios feature a bad guy or dominant bad girl tickling an innocent damsel, we focus more on the dominant, evil girl getting tickled.  At the very least, the bad girl never gets away with tickling the heroine.

7) What professional goals are you proud to have achieved in this area and do you have any goals for the future?

From a professional standpoint, I’ve outsold and outlasted all my peers, including a few of the more petty ones who (while they still existed) tried to sabotage me. I’ve flourished and grown, year after year.  This is all I do for a living and it’s put me in better financial shape than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

Creatively, I’ve brought more and wilder visions to life via tickling videos than I ever imagined.  Hell, we even did a full-on lightsaber duel in the desert for an episode of my Star Wars parody.

Tickling videos - FTKL

From an industry standpoint, I’ve become one of the most reputable producers in the business and probably the most trusted in the tickling genre, among the models. There are several ladies who work with me who have publicly stated that they’re exclusive to me in regard to shooting tickling content. This is by their own choice, not through any coaxing from me.

8) What are your favorite tickling scenarios to do or get asked about in your videos?

Anything involving a cosplay storyline, spies, superheroines or something where I can really flex my creative muscle.  My least favorite are the ones that only require a model being strapped into some device and being tickled just for the sake of being tickled.  o me, those are really only good for introducing new models to the viewers and serving as filler. 

9) Do you have a particular video that you are proud to have made?

Right now, “Superheroine Tickle Takedown: Giantess-Sized Laughter!” is a favorite of mine.  It allowed me to do a giantess tickling scenario with Giganta, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, which is something I’ve wanted to do for years.  Plus, I got Tall Tasha to play Giganta!

10) To do video tickling sessions, do you work with ticklish models or not? What are the pros and cons of each choice?

I answered this in Question #5, actually, but let me reiterate and expound.  I will work with any model who can sell ticklishness and make it look good on camera.  Some are ticklish, a few are not (but look great acting the part) and some are extremely ticklish.

Also, something too many people don’t seem to realize: Even the models who are ticklish may be more ticklish or less ticklish on certain days, depending on mood, and overall physical and mental health.  Some even become less (or sometimes more) ticklish as they do more and more tickling videos, over the years. It also depends on the skill level of the tickler and their rapport with the ticklee.  Usually, when they know I’m the one doing the tickling they know they’re in trouble.  As for the “reality” in fetish and porn videos, I don’t care and most viewers just want to get off and have a good time with it. 

Here’s an interesting “real” story.  One of my regular models has a following among foot-sniffing fans, because she seems to be so into it and aroused by it, which allows them to identify and connect with her.  The truth is this model (whom I shall not name) admitted to me that she has no sense of smell whatsoever, so it allows her to really “get in there” and make a show of it.

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