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For those who don’t know you, would you like to tell something about yourself and your channel?

My name is Abner Jorge, but everyone knows me as ABIUD. I’m 23 years old, I live in Brazil, and today I calmly and with all conviction consider myself the best creator of all the content I record. Without a shadow of a doubt.

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2) How did the idea of opening a tickle challenge channel come about?

In fact, it happened accidentally. For MANY years I was recording videos, and getting less than 100 views per video, years of frustration!! Until one day, I recorded a tickling video (without any hope) and discovered this entire universe in which I am inserted today!! In other words, everything happened accidentally, but it was an accident that I loved, obviously.

3) What do you like about tickling in particular? Do you prefer tickling under the feet, under the armpits, or other parts of the body? 

Honestly, I’m sensitive all over the place, so I don’t have any particular preference. But, I prefer to tickle girls’ feet, because I can have more control, it’s easier to control the person’s movement, because when tickling the person ends up moving their body a lot.

4) Do you have a list of tickling situations you want to accomplish as you go along, or do you follow the inspiration of the moment?

Yes! Of course! I even launched my website recently ( www.abiud.tv), and one of the main reasons is to be able to move forward with the content!! In fact, I recently recorded videos where I kiss feet! VERY COOL! And as things grow, I will obviously be better able to continue innovating.

5) How do you implement your tickling challenges? Are there scripts to follow, do you need special equipment, etc.?

I’ve never used a script, ever. The equipment used is shown in the videos, as objects or something similar.

I simply know the content I’m working with and then… I let my mind and soul go into the video. No script, no team, no nothing. I let the magic of ABIUD happen!

Of course, if in the future I use a script, or a large team helps me, that’s no problem. But at the moment this is how I do things.

6) What tools do you prefer to use for tickle challenges?

Sincerely? My hands. But, plastic brushes are great! They are pointy, firm and resistant!

7) What are the practical difficulties you have to overcome to make beautiful tickle videos?

My mind. The biggest difficulty is our mind, having to wake up every day and believe that we are being the best at what we do and continue, continue, continue. I’m a long way from where I want to be, so the biggest difficulty isn’t with the videos or content or anything like that, but with my mind. But, obviously, I have a very good mind and I am extremely disciplined, and the proof of this is that I am growing a lot.

8)Are you inspired by other channels or formats to make interesting tickle challenges?

 No. Definitely not.

9)What are the most interesting or strange requests you receive from your audience?

It’s difficult to answer this, since because I consider myself a quantum person, I don’t think anything is normal or strange, everything is part of this immense universe. I know there may have been some strange requests, I get a lot, but I’ve never looked at something and thought “Wow, that’s weird!!” because my mind is programmed to see everything as a cosmic component present in the universe.

10) What goals are you proud to have achieved, and what goals do you want to achieve?

My website www.abiud.tv is a great achievement. Years of dedication to get to the point where I looked and thought “Okay, now I need to launch a website”

Having the biggest channel on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok (at least here in Brazil) that makes this type of content. And obviously, feeling embraced by my community, they love me, trust me and give me a lot of support, this is an achievement of mine that I feel strongly in my heart
And my biggest goal is to have the biggest name as a content creator involving fetishes in the world. I believe I have a lot of potential for this, due to my age (I’m very young), my creativity, the girls I welcome, and obviously: Due to my persistence and discipline within my work and outside of it.

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