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1) Hi! For those who don’t know you, can you tell us something about yourself?  

Hi my name is Jenna! Im a 35 year old tickle lifestyle tickle switch! 

2) How did your career as a model start? And how did you come into contact with the world of tickling? 

I am a life-long tickle fetishist! I had the same awkward growing up obsession turned fetish that most tickle fetishists understand. I used to lurk on tickle sites until I was about 30. Then I decided I wanted to stop being ashamed of my fetish and start meeting people, so I started going to local tickle and kink events and made tons of connections! I’ve always wanted to make tickle content, but was too nervous. A friend connected me with a local producer he knew who did amateur tickle shoots, so I felt a bit more comfortable starting there. I quickly fell in love with people watching me get tickled (it’s so hot), and other local producers started reaching out and “the rest is history”. 

3) What are your professional goals that you are proud to have achieved?  

Just being brave enough to start doing it! I’m a very nervous human so posting clout and sexy pics is a very new thing for me so I’m just very proud that I push my weird imposter syndrome / negative body issues aside and do it and the fact that I haven’t really had any negative feedback, about content or just me in general. When you put yourself out there like this on the internet there’s a lot of room for trolling! I’m very sensitive to criticism and a people pleaser so I know that if people were trolling or being mean, it would, unfortunately, affect me.  

I’m also very very involved in the tickle community outside of content, and that’s not something I want to lose. I don’t want “being a tickle model” to ever negatively affect how I treat/ am treated in the general community or my relationships. So far I’ve done a really good job keeping the two separate. I don’t hide that I’m starting to do content, obviously, but I don’t really promote it outside of content platforms because I don’t want to go from “Jenna” to “Jenna the tickle model”. 

Tickle model Jenna

4) As a model, what are the scenarios you like to create the most, the situations in which you love to show yourself? 

I want to start doing more f/f and more creative / unique scenes. I also would like to start dabbling in mild nsfw and custom content. 

5) Are there any companies and/or models in particular with whom you are happy to have worked? 

Without calling people out (good or bad) anyone who I’ve known outside of just video producing has had a little extra excitement.  

6) What is your relationship with tickling? Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about this phenomenon?  

Life-long tickle fetishist here. Tickling is a huge part of my life. It’s how I met my long-term partner and a lot of my best friends! I’m going to be involved in this lifestyle for the rest of my life. 

7) What’s your favorite tickle scenario? 

I reallyyyy like cnc / stuck scenarios. Or just simple forced ticklegasms. 

Jenna tickle model

8) What’s your opinion about the world of tickling videos online!  

I think it’s awesome that so many people are able to indulge in making their own amateur videos so easily now – of course that has its pros and cons. People think that all it takes is an iPhone and willing participants to be a producer and expecting a huge ROI, not realizing it is *actual* work and not just making money to tickle people (what a dream, right?).

it takes production skill, patience, creativity, business mindset, etc and some people shouldn’t be mixing business and pleasure. If your end goal isn’t a quality product and you just want to tickle people on camera, just do it for fun and don’t exhaust yourself with the business side of it 

9) Do you have any special goals you want to achieve in the future? 

The obvious: I do hope to make a little more $. It’s time confusing and not easy and I’m barely breaking even. Luckily, I love doing this so I don’t hyper focus on the ROI, but, ya know. Times are tough and this still is work and time is valuable. I do hope to start selling my own content soon and get to a point where I have regular local session “clients” and enough interest so I can “tour.”

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