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A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment that focuses on the care and grooming of the feet and toenails. It typically involves soaking the feet in warm water to soften the skin, followed by exfoliation, nail trimming, shaping, and buffing. The process also includes cuticle care, moisturizing, and sometimes the application of nail polish.

A pedicure is a time for relaxation and well-being, but it can prove to be decidedly unbearable for those whose feet are very sensitive to tickling. Scrubbing activities involve rubbing areas of the soles of the feet that are rich in nerve receptors.
The client then feels a strong urge to laugh and wriggle out of the touch, making the treatment difficult.
In addition, this can lead to embarrassment on the part of clients, both by making the beautician’s work difficult and by attracting the attention of other people present.

Ticklishness during a pedicure can vary from person to person. The tickling sensation often occurs when the feet, which are sensitive due to the many nerve endings present, are touched or manipulated. Some people may be more ticklish than others, and certain areas of the feet, such as the soles or the space between the toes, tend to be more ticklish.

Tickle pedicure meme

Foot scrubbing can produce tickling sensations due to the high concentration of nerve endings in the soles of the feet. The skin on our feet is particularly sensitive, and when it comes into contact with certain textures or pressure, it can trigger a ticklish response.

It’s important to note that the ticklish sensation varies from person to person. Some individuals may find foot scrubbing extremely ticklish, while others may not experience it at all. The intensity of tickling can also depend on factors such as the specific scrubbing tool used, the pressure applied, and individual sensitivity.

Woman tickled pedicure
A woman tickled during a pedicure

The tickling sensation arises from a combination of factors. Firstly, the feet are an inherently sensitive part of the body due to their nerve endings. Additionally, the gentle touch and strokes during a pedicure can stimulate the nerve endings, causing a ticklish response. The use of tools like brushes, pumice stones, or even the sensation of the water can also contribute to the ticklish feeling.

Tickle pedicure scenes in movies

Robocop 2 (1990)

In this film, Robocop (Alex Murphy) relives memories of his former life when he was married. Watching his wife from a distance, he remembers the sweet times they spent together.
On one occasion he had enjoyed tickling her feet in the course of a pedicure. The woman reported that she was ticklish and laughed.
This scene depicts a relaxed atmosphere of intimacy between the two of them, quite the opposite of his current frigid life in a metal shell.

Kleine Schiffe (2013)

A woman (Katja Riemann) has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure and laughs loudly.

Tickle pedicure in Kleine Schiffe
Tickle pedicure in Kleine Schiffe

? (old movie)

In this movie, a woman (JoBeth Williams) feels a intense sensation of tickle when she’s energically foot scrubbed, making her loaghing loudly.

A tickle pedicure scene in a movie
Tickle pedicure

The Swap (2016)

Jack (in Ellie’s body) has to endure tickling this while getting her foot scrubbed with the pumice stone at the salon with her mother.

Peyton List - The Swap
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Tickle pedicure scenes in TV series

Within movies, pedicure scenes depict a situation of comfort and bonding, where one person allows another to touch their typically covered feet.

Furthermore, pedicure scenes often carry comedic value. They are frequently filmed to show the character receiving the scrubbing laughing and squirming uncontrollably. This generates amusement for the viewers observing the scene.

Californication (S2X2)

Pedicure is one of those few circumstances in daily life in which one exposes one’s body to physical contact with a stranger. Sensitive body parts that are sensitive and usually covered, if they are unexpectedly touched, prompt a person to laugh as a reaction of surprise.

We have an example of this In “Californication” (season 2, episode 2) 

Tickling in Californication
Tickling in Californication

Hank is giving Trixie a pedicure.

Trixie claims that Hank is doing a great job with her feet. At that moment Hank tickles Trixie’s foot. She suddenly smiles and starts laughing for a few seconds. 

In this case, laughter is a sudden reaction that serves to vent the unexpected physical contact, and it is also a symptom of complicity between the two people.

Andromeda (S5 episode ?)

Receiving a pedicure is symbolically an act of devotion, as it involves entrusting another person with the task of performing manual activities for one’s own well-being.

Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder) makes a pedicure during a conversation with the rest of the Andromeda’s crew. She can’t restrain to smile and laugh when her legs are touched.

Tickle pedicure Andromeda
Tickle pedicure Andromeda

Ugly Betty

Betty is subjected to a vigorous foot scrub tha makes her laugh loudly.

Tickle Ugly Betty

Benny Hill

In an episode of Benny Hill, a girl undergoes such an intense pedicure that she starts making funny faces and grimaces. The comedic situation arises from the fact that the girl tries not to burst into laughter, amusing the viewer with her attempts, until eventually, what happens to her feet is revealed.

Tickle Pedicure Benny Hill

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S4X2)

Kimmy Schmdith (Ellie Kemper) is tickled during a pedicure.

Tickle pedicure Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

His exaggerated laughter in front of an impassive audience creates an amusing context.

TIckle pedicure Kimmy Schmdit

Tickle pedicures in anime and cartoons

“Uzaki chan wa Asobitai” (S2X9)

Some girls are tickled in a thermal while doing fish pedicure. They says that feel a very strong tickle sensation.

Tickle Uzaki-Chan
Tickle Uzaki-Chan


Toph Beiong can’t stand a foot scrub. She’s too sensitive on her foot.

Tickle pedicure Toph Avatar

? (unknown anime)

A girl and his collegue make a fish pedicure during a investigation. But fishes provoke them a so intense tickle that they start to laugh loudly.

Tickle fish anime pedicure
Tickle fish anime pedicure

Amagami SS

A fish pedicure is a beauty treatment where people immerse their feet in a tank of water containing small fish, usually a species called Garra rufa or “doctor fish.” These fish are known for nibbling on dead skin cells, providing a gentle exfoliating effect. As the fish nibble away the dead skin, it leaves the feet feeling smoother.

The reason why fish pedicures can make people laugh is primarily due to the ticklish sensation caused by the fish nibbling on the feet. The sensation can be quite unusual and unexpected for those who haven’t experienced it before, leading to spontaneous laughter or giggling. The idea of having fish as “pedicurists” is also seen as a quirky and amusing concept, which adds to the entertainment value and the potential for laughter.

In “Amagami SS”, two girl make a fish pedicure feeling a strong tickle.

Tickling pedicures in comics

Within comic book stories, the pedicure is a time when characters indulge in relaxation and self-care. Again, sensitive characters may feel ticklish during scrubbing, leading them to laugh and fidget convulsively, attracting the attention of the audience.

Yenny by Dave Alvarez

In “Yenny” comic strip, Yenny is a very ticklish girl frequently subjected to situations that involves touching her and making her felt tickled. Like pedicure, of course.

Yenny tickling pedicure
Art by Dave Alvarez
Yenny tickling pedicure
Art by Dave Alvarez
Yenny tickling pedicure
Art by Dave Alvarez
Yenny tickling pedicure
Art by Dave Alvarez
Yenny tickle pedicure
Tickle Jenny pedicure
Art by Dave Alvarez

Make the goth girl laugh

In “Make the goth girl laugh #2” by Pawfeather, the protagonist must keep her demonic side in check by avoiding laughing. Unfortunately, a girl forcibly forces her into a pedicure session. Cleaning her feet causes a very strong tickle that forces her to try to hold back her laughter with all her might.

Tickle pedicure - Make the goth girl laugh

The beautician does not understand the situation and urges her to laugh freely, without embarrassment. There is nothing wrong with being tickled during a pedicure and having the need to laugh. The girl urges her to stop but the beautician continues with the foot cleaning, causing her to become very agitated and smile more and more. Until she gives in and turns.

Tickle pedicure - Make the goth girl laugh 2
Tickling pedicure - Make the goth girl laugh

Mtjpub comics

Laughters of Sirens
Laughters of Sirens


Tickle pedicure in Nabuchodinosaure

VIP’s ticklish pedicures

Samantha Brown admits to be ticklish during a pedicure.

Wrestler Paige is tickled during a fish pedicure session in Tokyo.

TIckle Pedicure Paige

MalJan is forced to face his Petaphelaphobia (the fear of people touching your feet) and gets a pedicure live on the show. However, how would he react to this treat while strapped to a bed?

Olivia Velosa has a ticklish pedicure.

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Actress Lisa Rinna has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure in “Soap Talk” show.

Tickle pedicure Lisa Rinna
Tickle pedicure Lisa Rinna
Tickle pedicure Lisa Rinna

Victoria Justice has a ticklish reaction during a fish pedicure.

Brooke Shields has a ticklish reaction during a fish pedicure in Bangkok.

Dayane Mello has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure in “Grande Fratello” TV show.

Dayane Mello ticklish pedicure

Lucy Hale has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure.

Charlie Puth has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure.

Jamie Lynn Sigler has a ticklish fish pedicure.

Jamie Lynn Sigler ticklish pedicure
Jamie Lynn Sigler ticklish pedicure

Lilly Singh has a ticklish reaction during a fish pedicure.

Tickle pedicure Lilly Singh
Lilly Sighn
byu/Traditional-Win-9341 inticklishcelebrities

Olivia Munn has a ticklish reaction during a fish pedicure in Japan.

Tickle pedicure Olivia Munn
Tickle pedicure Olivia Munn
Tickle pedicure Olivia Munn

Maddalena Corvaglia has a fish pedicure.

Tickle Maddalena Corvaglia fish pedicure

Kim Kardashian has a fish pedicure.

Kim Kardashian fish pedicure

Kendall Jenner has a fish pedicure.

Kendall Jenner fish pedicure

Karla Martinez has a ticklish reaction and laughs during a pedicure.

Tickle massage Karla Martinez

Lily Allen has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure.

Lily Allen foot pedicure

Real life tickle pedicures

Two girls talk about tricks to avoid ticklish reaction from pedicures.

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