List of Tickle Scenes in Movies

Tickling Sofia Loren
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Last update: 12/29/2023


A Breath of Scandal (1960)

Sofia Loren is briefly tickled under her armpits.

Tickling Sofia Loren

A change of seasons (1980)

Adaption (2002)

American History X (1998)

Jennifer Lien is briefly foot tickled by Edward Norton.

Tickling American History X
Tickle American History X

A naked gun (1988)

Leslie Nielsen tickle a woman during a search.

Anastasia (1997)

Anastasia giggles when her foot is licked by her dog.

Tickle Anastasia

Angel’s Project (1993)

A woman performs tickle torture on a man to make him talk.

Tickle torture Angel's Project

Annhilation (2018)

Lena and Kane are in bed the night before he leaves.

Natalie Portman tickled in Annhilitation

The girl begins to make fun of her husband, mocking him for thinking that she would wait anxiously for him. At this point he tickles her sides, while she defends herself with her hands.
As the teasing continues, the man begins to tickle her hips. Lena laughs out loudly, writhes and turns in bed in an attempt to escape the torment.

Continuing to play, he continues to tickle her stomach: Lena tries to resist but then she is forced to defend herself.

Natalie Portman tickled in Annhilitation

Baby, Baby, Baby (2015)

Adrianne Palicki is foot tickled and smiles.

Adrianne Palicki tickle

Batman and Harley Quinn (2017)

Tickle Harley Quinn

Brothers Karamazov (1958)

The old Karamazov (Lee J. Cobb) kisses a woman’s legs and then starts to tickle her bare feet with a feather. Pall’s character is clearly enjoying the tickling and she laughs loudly. The blonde woman continues to squirm and laugh uncontrollably while the old man watches her in ecstasy, continuing to tickle her to make her squirm, until a servant interrupts him.

Gloria Pall tickling Brothers Karamazov 4
Gloria Pall tickling Brothers Karamazov 3

Blood (2004)

Emily Hampshire is tickled on her hips by she’s restrained on bed.

Tickle Emily Hampshire - Blood

Closer (2004)

Alice jumps on Dan, who is reading in bed. The girl starts hugging and kissing him and offers him a trip. Dan asks her where the trip is but he refuses to tell her. The man begins to tickle her armpits lightly without reaction. He tickles her a second time, more intensely, causing her to contract.

Natalie Portman tickled in Closer

At her umpteenth refusal to reveal her destination, he starts tickling her underarms and sides vigorously.

Natalie Portman tickled in Closer

Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Luci Liu is tickled in a blooper in movies’ending.

Cose da pazzi (1960)

Carla Del Poggio is tickled by a fake doctor (Aldo Fabrizi).

P.S. She starts smiling before the tickle starts XD

Cose da pazzi tickling 1
Cose da pazzi tickling 2

Crossplot (1969)

Roger Moore tickles a woman’s armpit.

Tickle Roger Moore - Crossplot

Dark Star (1974)

A mas is tickled by a evil, ball shaped alien to make him lose his grip and fall.

Tickling Dark Star

Dark Victory (1976)

Elizabeth Montgomery has a ticklish reaction during a Babinski reflex test.

Tickling Babinsk Elizabeth Montgomery Dark Victory
Tickle Babinsk Elizabeth Montgomery Dark Victory

Days of Thunder (1990)

Tom Cruise is tickled during a Babinski sign test.

Tom Cruise tickle

Dear Dictator (2018)

Katie Holmes has a ticklish reaction during a foot massage/licking.

Katie Holmes tickling
Katie Holmes tickling

Der Berstatter (short movie 2012)

A dead woman is foot tickled, and smiles.

Tickle Der Berstatter

Desiring Julia (1986)

Serena Grandi is foot licked and smiles.

Tickle Serena Grandi

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Freddy Benson (Steve Martin) pretends to be paralyzed in his legs while Lawrence Jamieson (Michael Caine) intends to test whether indeed his nerve endings no longer transmit sensation.
And what better way to test the nervous system than by tickling it?

Lawrence removes Freddy’s shoes and begins tickling him with a finger under his foot, Moving the finger slowly up and down, asking him if he feels anything and observing his reaction.
Freddy, with great coolness, suppresses the urge to laugh and simulates a numb face.

Tickling in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Tickling in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde (1995)

Tickling Dr Jekyll Mrs Hyde

Drunken Master (1978)

The protagonist is tickled by a friend who wants to disturb his exercises.

Atsuko try to resist but starts to laugh. Makoto asks her if she’s ticklish, then grabs her and starts to tickle vigorously her armpits. Atsuko laughs loudly until the end of the match.

Ein Sommer im Allgäu (2017)

In swiss movie “Ein Sommer im Allgäu”, a man practices goat torture on his friend, believed to be paralyzed, to show her that she actually still possesses leg sensitivity.

Tickling in Ein Sommer im Allgäu

The girl in fact begins to laugh at the tickling the animal causes her by licking her, and realizes that she can feel her extremities again.

Ein Sommer im Allgäu

Ellie Parker (2005)

Ellie Parker (Naomi Watts) tickles his friend.

Tickling Naomi Watts Ellie Parker

Eugenie (1970)

A man and a woman perform tickle torture on Marie Liljedahl, until she laughs and lost the challenge.

Tickling Eugenie

Evil Bong: High 5 (2016)

Some naked women are tickle tortured with feathers.

Evil Bong 666 (2006)

Robin Sidney is tickled on her hips.

Eyecatch Junction (1991)

In “Eyecatch Junction”, two policewomen, Makoto and Atsuko, are having a like-wrestling much. Makoto almost loses but discovers that Atsuko is ticklish and starts to tickle her armpits.

Tickling Eyecatch Junction

Fast Money (1996)

Yancy Butler is tickled.

Tickling Yancy Butler Fast Money

Fever (1999)

Teri Hatcher is briefly tickled.

Tickle Teri Hatcher Fever

Flesh Gordon (1974)

A woman is tickled by some feathers.

Tickling Flesh Gordon

Follow Her (2022)

Dani Barkers is tickled during a foot fetihism session.

Dani Barker tickle

Frances Ha (2012)

Greta Herwis is tickled under her armpits.

Tickle Greta Herwig Frances Ha

François Ier (1937)

Fernandel is goat tickle tortured.

Get Smart (2008)

George of the Jungle (1997)

George is tickled during a full nelson.

Hot Shots! (1991)

Tickling during a kickboking match.

Houdini (1953)

Tony Curtis tickles Janet Leigh during a woman sawing in half trick.

Tickle magic sawing Houdini

Hue and Cry (1947)

A boy performs a silly tickle torture on a woman, with no effects.

Tickling Hue and Cry

Il Caimano (2006)

Margherita Buy is tickled by her family.

Tickling Il Caimano

Il Figlio di Zorro (1973)

Tickling in Il figlio di Zorro

I’ll be suing you (1934)

Patsy Kelly is tickled on her feet by a dog while faking a wound.

Kiss me studid (1964)

Kim Novak is foot tickled.

Tickling Kiss me stupid

Kleine Schiffe (2013)

A woman (Katja Riemann) has a ticklish reaction during a pedicure and laughs loudly.

Tickle pedicure in Kleine Schiffe
Tickle pedicure in Kleine Schiffe

Knight of cups (2015)

Elizabeth puts a bare foot in Rick’s mouth, urging him to lick it. He follows her command and as she brushes her tongue over it we hear her giggle softly.

Natalie Portman tickled in "Knighs of Cups"

Finally Rick tickles him lightly with her toes, making her retract her foot.

Natalie Portman tickled in "Knighs of Cups"

La Belle (2000)

A woman makes a tickle challenge but fails and starts to laugh.

Tickle La Belle

La Calandria (1974)

Lando Buzzanca is tickled on his body and under his feet by Carol Bouquet.

Tickling La Calandria

La Nipote (1974) / The Niece

Orchidea De Santis is tickled by a man under her clothes, and laughs.

Tickle Orchidea De Santis - La Nipote

La verité (1960) / The Truth

Brigitte Bardot is foot tickled by a male comrade.

Tickling Brigitte Bardot

Les Caresses Perverses (1975)

Two women perform tickle torture with tongue on two male prisoners.

Me and Marlborough

A woman in stock is foot licked by a dog, and starts laughing.

Tickle stock Me and Marlborough

Misery (1990)

James Caan is tickled by Kathy Bates under his armpits to make hime grin and stop bite her hand.

TIckling Misery

Nocebo (2022)

Eva Green is tickled during a pseudo-mystical healing ritual.

Tickle Eva Green - Nocebo 1
Tickle Eva Green - Nocebo 2

North to Alaska (1960)

Capucine is tickled on her feet by Cray Grant to make her laugh.

Tickling North To Alaska
Tickling North to Alaska

Once upon a horse (1958)

A woman is foot licked by a dog, making her laugh loudly.

Tickle Once Upon an horse 1
Tickle Once Upon an horse 1

Operazione Vacanze (2012)

Tickle Operazione Vacanze

Passion of Love (1981)

Laura Antonelli tickles a man’s feet.

Tickle Laura Antonelli - Passion of Love

Password: Kill Agent Gordon (1966)

Rosalba Neri is foot tickled by a spy.

Tickling Password Kill Agent Gordon

Paulo Roberto Cotechiño Centravanti di Sfondamento (1983)

Alvaro Vitali is tickled by a spell performed on a vodoo dool.

Paulo Roberto Cotechiño Centravanti di Sfondamento 1983

Pretty Cool 2 (2007)

A big boobed women in topless, while having sun, is tickled by her phone in her swimsuit

Tickle Pretty Cool 2

Prison Girls (1972)

Candy Samples is painted with a brush on her belly and has a ticklish reactions, giggling.

Robocop 2 (1990)

In this film, Robocop (Alex Murphy) relives memories of his former life when he was married. Watching his wife from a distance, he remembers the sweet times they spent together.
On one occasion he had enjoyed tickling her feet in the course of a pedicure. The woman reported that she was ticklish and laughed.
This scene depicts a relaxed atmosphere of intimacy between the two of them, quite the opposite of his current frigid life in a metal shell.

Rub & Tug (2002)

Lindy Booth is briefly foot tickled.

Lindy Booth tickle

Sirens (1994)

Estrella tries to free herself, but Sheela asks, “Are you ticklish?” and tickles her belly. The woman snaps back ceasing resistance, and the others move away.

Tickling Sirens

Sliding Doors (1998)

Gwyneth Paltrow is briefly tickled under her armpits by his female friend while she’s painting.

Solaris (1972)

In “Solaris” (movie 1972) Kris is on the bed with the Hari replica; he tries to grab the gun placed next to her, and so he touches the sole of her foot. Hari squirms and with the gang kicks off the gun, claiming that he tickles her.

Laughter reaction to tickling communicates to the protagonist that the laughing girl is real, not a dream

Tickling Solaris
Tickling Solaris

Speedway (1997)

The character of Petra is in a romantic embrace in bed with her lover.

The man starts maneuvering a toy car between her voluptuous breasts, moving it up to her neck, making her giggle. The two begin to exchange kisses and roll around on the bed.

The man lays her on her back and starts kissing her on the belly, making her burst into laughter and playfully wriggling. She also says “No!” while she’s tickled.

S.P.Y.S. (1974)

A woman on bed is foot tickled by her boyfriend.

She starts to laugh and, when the man intensifies the tickle, she squirms and laughs very loudly. He finally realizes that she is tickling four feet, and he discovers that she is in bed with another man.

Summers Lovers (1982)

Daryl Hannah tickles a man.

Daryl Hannah tickling Summer Lovers
Daryl Hannah tickling Summer Lovers

Supreme Sanction (1990)

Kristy Swanson is briefly tickled under her armpits.

Tickle Kristy Swanson Supreme Sancrtion

Tampopo (1985)

Fukumi Kuroda is tickled on her stomach.


Tarzan (1932)

Maureen O’ Sullivan is foot tickled.

Tickling Tarzan

Tarzan, The Ape Man (1959)

Joanna Barnes is foot tickled.

Tickle Tarzan Joanna Barnes

Tarzan (1999)

Tickling Tarzan
Tickling Tarzan

Teresa La Ladra (1973)

Franco Diogene is tickled by Monica Vitti during a thief attempt.

The Cement Garden (2023)

Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg is tickled on her belly by Andrew Robertson, making her laughing a lot and squirming.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Robin Williams tickles a woman’s feet, while her head is helping Baron Munchausen and his friends.

Tickling Baron Munchausen

The In-Laws (2002)

The Jungle Book (1967)

Baloo tickles Louie’s armpits and chest too, he laughs like crazy and begins to lose balance.

Jungle Book tickling

The Purge (2013)

Lena Hadey is tickled on her hips by a female purger.

Tickling The Purge

The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

Lady Marian is tickle tortured above some spikes.

The Swap (2016)

Jack (in Ellie’s body) has to endure tickling this while getting her foot scrubbed with the pumice stone at the salon with her mother.

Peyton List - The Swap

The Whale (2022)

Todos por unos, golpes para todos (1973)

A man is tickle dunder his armpits to make him fall.

Tombville (2014)

Toward the beginning of the film the protagonist, David, finds himself at the mercy of a despicable individual. He wants to know his name and how he got there, but David has amnesia and cannot answer. The man then claims to know a woman who is very fond of tickling and the hysterical panic that comes with it. He pulls out a feather and begins to tickle his bare feet firmly locked in a vice. The poor boy, in terror, begins to plead for mercy but soon can only begin to giggle. Pleading alternates with giggling and attempts to maintain a demeanor. The young man cannot speak properly, being continually interrupted by prompts to laugh, while his expression of terror painted on his face gives way to a full smile that expresses just the opposite of his feelings.

Tickle torture scene Tombville

Tranches de vide (1985)

A woman is foot tickled by her dog while she’s making love. She squirms and laughs loudly.

Tickling Tranches de Vie 1

Una spada per Brando (1970)

Some monk perform goat tickle torture on a man to make him talk.

Tickle Goat Torture Una spada per Brando 2
Tickle Goat Torture Una spada per Brando 1

Variety Girl (1947)

A girl is tickled on her feet.

Tickling Variety Girl 1
Tickling Variety Girl 2

Welcome Home (2018)

Emily Ratajkowski is tickled on her stomach by a man.

Tickle Emily Ratajkowski 1

Witches Brew (1980)

Teri Garr is tickled on her belly, and tickles a man.

Tickle Teri Garr Witches Brew 1
Tickle Teri Garr Witches Brew 2

Wonder (2017)

A boy is tickled by his relatives.

Worth Winning (1989)

Madeline Stowe is tickled on her back.

Worth Winning
Worth Winning

Zenon the Zequel (2001)

Two girls are tickled by a force field.

Tickling Zenon the Zequel
Tickling Zenon the Zequel

00-2 Agenti Segretissimi (1964)

Some chinese gangsters perform the goat tickle torture on a man.

Tickle goat torture - 00-2 Agenti Segretissimi

57 (2015)

A man kisses, tickling, a woman’s foot.

Tickle 57 movie

2001 Maniacs: Scream of field (2010)

Alana Curry is tickled on her body with a feather.

400 Days (2015)

Caity Lotz is foot tickled by Brandon Routh.

Tickle 400 Days