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The movie “Tampopo” (1985) is a Japanese comedy film directed by Juzo Itami. The plot revolves around a pair of truck drivers, Gorō and Gun, who stop at a struggling ramen noodle shop owned by Tampopo. Gorō decides to help Tampopo improve her ramen-making skills, turning her shop into a successful establishment. Along the way, they encounter various characters and challenges, including a wealthy elderly man who lends his chauffeur’s expertise in noodle-making. 

Through various comedic and heartwarming interactions, Tampopo learns the art of making perfect ramen, overcoming challenges and embracing the joy of culinary experiences.

Throughout the narrative, themes of dedication to food, societal commentary, and the joy of culinary experiences are interwoven, creating a heartwarming and comedic exploration of Japanese society through the lens of food.

Fukumi Kuroda in Tampopo

Fukumi Kuroda tickled in “Tampopo”

Fukumi Kuroda is a Japanese actress born on July 21, 1956, in Tokyo. She is known for her roles in various films and television series, including notable appearances in movies like “Tampopo” (1985), “Sweet Home” (1989), and TV series such as “Dengeki Sentai Changeman” (1985-1986) where she portrayed Queen Ahames.

Throughout her career, Fukumi Kuroda has showcased her talent in acting across different genres, contributing to the Japanese entertainment industry with her performances.

In the movie “Tampopo” (1985), Fukumi Kuroda portrays the character of Gangster’s Mistress. She portrays this character in the film, adding depth to the storyline with her performance as part of the colorful cast of characters in this culinary-focused comedy.

As Kuroda’s character lies naked in bed, her man takes a container inside which a shrimp is enclosed and places it on her belly.

The animal begins to move causing the girl to be incredibly tickled.

Kuroda twitches and laughs loudly, presenting a very convincing tickling reaction.

Watch the full scene here

Fukumi Kuroda tickled

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  1. Ciao bello grazie per il tuo contributo e i tuoi contenuti.
    Volevo chiederti se conosci una scena di un film di interrogatorio.
    Dove ci sono un uomo e una donna che torturano un uomo per farsi dare informazioni.
    L uomo dice lo faremo cantare come un canarino e la donna gli fa il solletico con una piuma.
    Sai di che film si tratta?
    Conosci altre scene di interrogatorio f/m o f/f?
    Ciao e grazie ancora

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