Pamela Anderson tickled Hugh Hefner
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Hugh Hefner’s 82nd birthday celebration on April 9, 2008, which took place in Las Vegas at a Palms supersuite named after the Playboy founder. The party was marked by a surprise appearance from Pamela Anderson, who walked in wearing high heels and nothing else, carrying a cake on a tray.

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Pamela Anderson celebrated Hugh Hefner’s birthday by delivering a cake to him in the nude, performing a lap dance for the Playboy mogul. The event took place at the Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, where Pamela, known for her appearances in Playboy, surprised Hefner with her bold gesture. The event obtained Hefner’s astonishment and the positive response from the audience. Despite being censored for television, Pamela’s performance was a memorable moment at the birthday celebration, showcasing her confidence and physique.

Pamela Anderson tickled by Hugh Hefner

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Pamela Anderson tickled by Hugh Hefner

The blonde bombshell made a grand entrance into a bustling room, carrying a lavish cake adorned with flickering candles.

Hugh Hefner’s gaze remained fixated on the Baywatch beauty as she confidently showcased her assets, choosing to forego undergarments for her surprise appearance.

With a playful chuckle, the American icon greeted Pamela with a kiss on the lips, accompanied by a witty remark: “Don’t burn yourself.”

As Anderson holds the cake and hugs Hefner, the Playboy patriarch gives her hips a quick tickle.
Pamela suddenly laughs and squirms, trying not to drop the cake she is holding. A very funny and sexy scene!

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