Shae Marks in Baywatch
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Christy Shae Marks, born on June 1, 1972, is an American model and actress with ancestral roots in Cherokee, Irish, and French heritage. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she spent her early years. 

Throughout her high school years, she actively participated in soccer, tennis, swimming, and cheerleading. After completing her studies at McIntosh High School, she briefly pursued a journalism degree at the University of West Georgia. However, she later decided to discontinue her studies and returned to her hometown of New Orleans. Shae Marks’ path crossed with Playboy when she was 20 years old, during a visit to the World Gym in Houston, Texas.

Shae Marks nude posing 2

Merely a month after this encounter, in October 1993, she made her way to Los Angeles, California, and incidentally met her future husband during the flight. She underwent a trial photoshoot for a centerfold, which led to her becoming the Playmate of the Month for May 1994. 

Shae Marks – Playboy model and actress

During her association with Playboy, Marks represented the company through various travels, including destinations like Hong Kong and Denmark.

Subsequently, she ventured into the realm of acting, making guest appearances on popular television shows such as “Married… with Children,” “Renegade,” “Viper,” and “Baywatch.” Marks also graced advertisements for Molson Beer and lent her modeling skills to brands like Frederick’s of Hollywood and Venus Swimwear, along with other catalogs.

Shae Marks in Married... with children
Shae Marks in “Married… with children”

Definitely, Shae Marks has remained one of my favorite Playboy models along with Petra Verkaik, and one of my favorite buxom actresses symbol of the 90s. Gorgeous from head to toe, with killer curves and a nice air (I liked her as the ditzy Babette in “Black Scorpion”).
Her photo shoot with Carrie Westcott is an authentic dream.

Day of the warrior” and “Return to Savage Beach” have given us wonderful examples, perhaps not of cinematic art, but of its overflowing femininity.

Shae Marks – Tickle scenes

In her now defunct website, Shae admits her toes are the most ticklish part of her body.

Shae Marks tickling website

Black Scorpion (episode 9)

Shae Marks plays the big breasted secretary of the evil Mayor in the 2001 TV series “Black Scorpion”.  She appears in 13 of the 22 episodes.


In “Black Scorpion” ep. 9 “No sweat” Babette is tickled while being frisked by a cop.

Shae Marks tickling Black Scorpion ep.9

She starts smiling when a man starts to touch her hips, and she jumps as they feel her armpits. Then she laughs loudly. She even says “Ooooh, that tickles”.

Tickle Shae Marks episode 9

Black Scorpion (episode 12)

In “Black Scorpion” ep.12 “Roses are Red, You’re Dead” we see Babette sitting on the lap of Greenthumb as he tells her they can now have the Valentine’s celebration that they never had.

Tickle Shae Marks - Black Scorpion 12

The man (accidentally?) tickles her ribs, also is not very well shown. However we see that Babette begins to smile and squirm in an attempt to escape the grip.

Tickle Shae Marks - Black Scorpion 12

Personally it seems to me a very genuine reaction, perhaps not even foreseen in the script.

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