Flesh Gordon
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Flesh Gordon is a 1974 science fiction, erotic, and comedy film directed by Michael Benveniste and Howard Ziehm. The movie is an adult parody of the Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s and 1940s. The plot revolves around Emperor Wang the Perverted, leader of the planet Porno, who sends his mighty “Sex Ray” towards Earth, turning everyone into sex-mad fiends. The only one who can save the Earth is football player Flesh Gordon, played by Jason Williams.

Flesh Gordon Suzanne Fields

The film features a range of special effects, including stop-motion animation, reminiscent of the work of Ray Harryhausen. The skeleton soldiers in Flesh Gordon, for example, are a nod to the skeleton warriors in Jason and the Argonauts. The climax of the film features a stop-motion monster that parodies both Flash Gordon and King Kong.

Flesh Gordon tickle

Flesh Gordon was released in the United States in 1974 and has since gained a cult following. The film is notable for its campy humor and special effects.

Flesh Gordon was released in Italy under the title “Flesh Gordon – Andata e ritorno… dal pianeta Porno!” and has a runtime of 78 minutes with a 1.66:1 aspect ratio.

Tickle scene in Flesh Gordon

I remember this movie for other two reasons:

The presence of the titty wonderful Candy Samples, which we saw naked and tickled in “Prison Girls”.

Candy Samples in Flesh Gordon

Possibly, it was the first adult film with a big budget having a tickling scene in it.

In fact we have a brief tickle scene but with enjoyable few moments.

There’s a scene in it where we see a young woman (Nancy Martin (“sex slave in blue toga”)  strapped nude to a table and getting tickled by some feathers. Nancy Martin (or Nancy Ayers) is an actress, known for Flesh Gordon (1974) and The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971).


Tickling Flesh Gordon

The scene features a woman strapped to a table, with feathers teasing her body. It starts with her giggling lightly and lasts for about two minutes, with the woman writhing just a bit on the table as the scene proceeds around her. The potential for a longer and more intense tickling scene is present, but the scene does not go much further in that direction.

The tickle scene in Flesh Gordon is not explicitly erotic, but it does create a sense of vulnerability and playfulness that is often associated with sexual attraction. The scene is short-lived, but it has been noted as a memorable moment in the film, and it has been discussed and analyzed in various forums and articles.

The tickle scene in Flesh Gordon is one of the many examples of how tickling has been used in movies to create sexual tension and humor.

Sadly it is a very brief scene, but there’s a bit of giggling and wriggling!

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