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Although they may seem a trivial form of entertainment, tickle scenes in films have an intriguing history and are rooted in our innate understanding of humour and human connection. Tickling embodies an erotic component that has often been exploited in films to explore the relational dynamics of characters.

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In this article, we will explore some of the most titillating tickle scenes in films by analysing their erotic component

Get ready to laugh, and to see many characters laugh!

Last update: 01/28/2024

Tampopo (1985)

A film with several correlations on the relationship between love and food. 

To me, the tickle sequences with small animals are particularly disgusting, but Fukumi Kuroda wriggling naked and laughing at the tickling caused by a shrimp being waved on her belly is a sight I appreciate.


Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched (2000)

I don’t know why, but I have always found this tickle scene one of the most exciting around.

Sarah (Amber Newman) is an apprentice witch who indulges in carnal pleasures (as is easy to expect from a film with this title).

While one night she is giving vent to her cravings with her lover, her teacher decides to play a little trick on her.

Having prepared the right spell and a voodoo biscuit (have dolls gone out of fashion?), the woman begins to gently feather the treat.

Tickle Sexually Bewitched 2

And what’s the problem? Well, the fact that Sarah feels everything being practiced on the biscuit.

In the midst of coitus, she starts giggling, asking her man to stop tickling her.

Tickle Sexually Bewitched 3

The bashful lover, his pride already wounded, must also endure the sight of his woman who starts laughing like a madwoman, convulsing, as if she is trying to make fun of him. Disheartened, he leaves, interrupting the pleasant evening.

The witch meanwhile goes on undeterred, sadistically tickling the poor biscuit. Sarah realizes who is responsible but, before she can react, a sea of tickling hits her, making her laugh and shake like a desperate woman.

Tickle Sexually Bewitched 4

Blood (2004)

Chris Terry, a bisexual recovering drug addict and alcoholic, visits his prostitute sister Noelle (Emily Hampshire) for the first time in five years, only to be asked to have a threesome with Noelle and her client.

In one scene, Noelle is tied to the bed in the course of a BDSM practice. Evidently, she doesn’t know about what is in store for her.

Tickle Emily Hampshire - Blood

Chris starts tickling her hips and the woman starts laughing in desperation. The man gives her a few moments of relief and she threatens him with death and revenge. Threats that give way to a flood of laughter when he starts tickling her again.

Unfortunately, the scene is very confusing, with the shots overlapping and the colouring altered, but it represents an enjoyable BDSM tickle torture situation!

C’è un fantasma nel mio letto (1981)

An Italian comedy film from the 1980s, of the kind that was very successful at the time.

Seeing your woman laughing while you do your best instead to give her pleasure is not a very stimulating scene. But it is for tickle lovers!

Adelaide (Lilli Carati) is in bed with her husband intent on exchanging marital pleasures.

The noble ghost who haunts the castle where they live has decided that the woman must be his and does not like competition.

So he materialises a feather in his hands and, having grasped the woman’s little feet protruding from the bed, begins to tickle them.

Adelaide begins to convulse and laugh loudly. Her husband asks her what is wrong with her and she replies that he is tickling her. On hearing these words the poor man’s pride is hurt, but the tickling continues and the woman continues to laugh unrestrainedly.

Robocop 2 (1990)

Alex Murphy, at the sight of his wife Nancy (Angie Boiling), is prey to some memories of his former human life. Scenes from pleasant family life come back to him.

In one of these, his wife asks him to paint her toenails. The husband, cunningly, takes the opportunity to tickle her under the sole of her foot.

Tickle Robocop 2 1

The woman, laughing, immediately snaps out of it and asks him to stop, claiming loudly that she is ticklish. An adorable genuine reaction!

Tickle Robocop 2 2

S*P*Y*S (1974)

A virtually unknown film but one that contains a fantastic tickle scene.

A man comes home to find his girlfriend asleep in bed. To wake her up, he slips his hand under the covers and starts tickling her feet.

Tickle SPYS 3

She starts to fidget and vainly asks him to stop. Sadistically, the man increases the pace of the tickling.

Tickle SPYS 2

The girl’s laughter gradually becomes louder, accompanied by desperate convulsions.

Tickle SPYS 1

But in the end the last laugh belongs to the girl (in every sense). When he lifts the blanket, he discovers that there is another man sleeping with her….

Welcome Home (2018)

Cassie (Emily Ratajkowski) has decided to indulge in a BDSM session with her husband, and awaits him blindfolded in bed. What could go wrong?

For instance, a stranger could break into the house and take her husband’s place in the erotic game, unbeknownst to his wife.

While Cassie is blindfolded and helpless, the man starts kissing her on her belly, causing her to laugh and twitch in order to defend herself.

Tickle Emily Ratajkowski 1

I have no proof of this, but I suspect that the scene was improvised and that Emily Ratajkowski’s reaction is entirely genuine, and that the director chose to include it.

TIckle Welcome Home 2

The laughter just seems to come out against the woman’s will, the moans are adorable, either way it’s a great BDSM tickle scene!

Prison Girls (1972)

A prison psychiatrist prepares six female inmates for parole by granting them a weekend furlough, during which each of them has a sexual encounter.

In the scene in question, a painter is painting flowers on the belly of Candy Samples’ character, who is obviously naked, when she starts giggling at being tickled.

As a tickling scene it’s nothing special but, hey, it’s paired with Candy Samples’ monumental boobs, what’s not to love?

Semen: una historia de amor (2005)

Ariadna, or Penélope (they are twins, I didn’t understand which is which) intends to have sex with her man, who has concepts of foreplay that leave the girl puzzled.

After a long kissing of feet he goes ‘over stimulating her’, which is not what you think.

Tickle Semen 1

He starts to run his fingers over her body causing a series of giggles and tickling convulsions.

Tickle Semen 2
Tickle Semen 3

Flesh Gordon (1974)

No, no mistake in the title. Flesh Gordon is a comic-erotic film parodying the famous science fiction comic strip.

Tickling Flesh Gordon

A naked girl (Nancy Martin / Nancy Ayres) is tortured by a tickling machine that makes her giggle in a very sensual way. Unfortunately, the scene is short-lived and soon fades into the background.

Tickle Flesh Gordon 2

But her squealing laughter mixed with torment makes this tickling scene a classic.

Evil Bong: High 5 (2016)

Skin Diamond and Adriana Sephora grotesquely torture two women, but soon the situation is reversed, and they end up as the victims.

Skin Diamond, in particular, is alternately beaten with paddles and tickled with a feather. The torture seems effective as she continues to laugh against her will.

Worth Winning (1989)

Madeleine Stowe lying topless on her stomach by a fire as a guy tickles her and teases her while they laugh together. What a lovely laugh!

Madeleine Stowe - Worth Winning_3
Madeleine Stowe - Worth Winning

50 Shades of Black (2016)

A film with two undeniable merits: making fun of ’50 Shades of Black’ and featuring a tickle scene!

Christian Black introduces his lover Hannah Steale (Kali Hawk) to a world of refined perversions, including a real tickle bondage session.

Tickle 50 shades of black
An example of tickle ritual for personal pleasure in “50 shades of black”

Personally, I find the scene a little over-emphasised in the tickle reaction, however I really appreciate the desperate laughter and the feeling of BDSM torment.

The Last Road (1997)

The character of Petra Verkaik is in a romantic embrace in bed with her lover.

The man starts maneuvering a toy car between her voluptuous breasts, moving it up to her neck, making her giggle. The two begin to exchange kisses and roll around on the bed.

Petra Verkaik - Speedway 1

The man lays her on her back and starts kissing her on the belly, making her burst into laughter and playfully wriggling (yes, it means titty shaking!).

Closer (2004)

I think Natalie Portman is an actress of enormous talent as well as delicate beauty, so to see her engaged in ticklish scenes is a real treat!

Natalie Portman tickled in Closer

While in bed with her lover, Alice (Natalie Portman) refuses to reveal to him the destination of the trip she has planned. The man, while they are entwined in bed, starts touching her armpits causing her nervous reactions.

Natalie Portman tickled in Closer

Since she refuses to speak, he begins to tickle her vigorously all over her body. The woman vainly tries to defend herself, laughing out loud and fidgeting. Eventually she gives in, and reveals that the destination is New York. 

Natalie Portman tickled in Closer
Natalie Portman tickled in Closer

Tickling always wins!

Natalie Portman tickled in Closer

Slices of Life (Tranches de vie) (1985)

A woman and her man indulge in entertainment under the sheets. While he strives to make her happy, at one point the lady starts screaming and fidgeting.

Tickling Tranches de Vie 1

The reason? Their little dog has chosen the least suitable moment to start licking the woman’s feet. With the man’s weight on her she cannot move and is forced to be tickled.

Tickling Tranches de Vie 1

We hear her screaming like an obsessive and between laughs urging the dog to leave her alone.

The Truth (La Veritè) (1960)

Dominique (Brigitte Bardot) is a young woman who knows how to entertain her friends. And her friends know how to make her laugh!

In one scene we see her under a sheet as a man repeatedly brushes her naked foot with his finger.

Tickling Brigitte Bardot

Her squeaky, harmonious laughter invades the screen as the guy continues to tickle her.

Tickle Brigitte Bardot 2

I don’t know if Brigitte Bardot is acting or if she is really ticklish, but her reaction is genuine and bewitching!

What the Swedish Butler Saw (1975)

One of the most insane tickle scenes I have ever seen.

In Victorian London, a young aristocrat, Jack Armstrong, is desperate to win the love of his beloved, the greedy Lady Alice Faversham (Sue Longhust). To this end, he sets up a love nest inside an asylum to win his beloved with refined erotic practices.

Tickle Sue Longhurst 2

At one point he brings out an absurd tickling torture machine, consisting of a robotic arm that spins feathers. The machine is brought close to Alice, naked and unable to move, and begins to spin the feathers on her chest, causing her to have an exaggerated tickling reaction. What should be torture turns out to have incredible aphrodisiac effects.

In an earlier scene, Alice also claims to be ticklish (but, indignantly, when her lover touches her below, she states that ‘she is not ticklish there!’).

North To Alaska (1960)

George (Stewart Granger) intends to make Sam (John Wayne) jealous in order to get him to declare his feelings for Michelle/Angelo (Capucine); so he pretends to flirt with the girl.

To get Sam’s attention, he asks Michelle to laugh. The girl tries to laugh, but the atmosphere is not right. The man mouths off to amuse her and then asks if she is ticklish.

Angelo, concerned, answers no, but Sam does not believe her.

Tickle North to Alaska 4

He makes her lie on the bed and removes one of her shoes, tickling her feet vigorously.

Tickling North To Alaska

The woman immediately starts laughing vigorously and wiggling, but the man holds her back and continues the tickling. His laughter is so loud that it reaches Sam, who storms out.

Tickling North to Alaska

I think this is one of the most compelling mainstream tickling scenes of all time.

Although it is not strictly erotic there is all the sexual tension between two men revolving around the same woman.

This scene it was not actually in the script of the movie; for some reason (he forgot his scripted lines, or something) Stewart Granger improvised his actions on the spot, and Capucine’s shrieking, laughing response to her foot being tickled was no act-it was completely genuine, and the director left the scene in the film as it was. She was obviously extremely ticklish on her lovely feet!

The laughing and wriggling is just that of a ticklish woman desperately trying to escape the torment as she laughs unrestrainedly. An epic scene!

Brothers Karamazov (1958)

I think this scene can be seen as an antecedent of modern BDSM scenarios. We have the lustful old man venting his instincts on a beautiful blonde woman who is tied up and forced to suffer the torment of tickling.

Gloria Pall tickling Brothers Karamazov 4
Gloria Pall tickling Brothers Karamazov 3

The old man Karamazov rubs the tip of a feather on the foot of a beautiful blonde woman who, due to the tickling, twitches wildly and laughs unrestrainedly. Unfortunately, the old man is interrupted and the torture ceases.

Gloria Pall tickling Brothers Karamazov 3

Fun fact: the actress, Gloria Pall, was chosen precisely because she was ticklish as hell!

Gloria Pall tickling Brothers Karamazov 2

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