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La Belle (2000) is a Korean romantic drama film that follows the story of a reclusive writer and a captivating model who become entangled in a passionate yet tragic relationship.
The writer, played by Oh Ji-ho, is an introspective and melancholic individual who becomes obsessed with the model, known as “la belle”, played by Lee Ji-hyun. Despite la belle’s abusive relationship with another man, the writer tries desperately to win her love and affection, even going so far as to kill her abusive boyfriend.

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On a gloomy rainy night, the writer is visited by a woman seeking solace from her ex-lover. The two then begin a passionate and intimate relationship, cherishing every moment together.
However, la belle remains devoted to her tyrannical boyfriend, constantly returning to him despite the writer’s efforts to provide her a safe haven. The writer is left in a state of unrequited love, waiting endlessly for la belle to choose him over her abusive partner.
The film explores themes of love, passion, and the complexities of the human experience through the lens of the writer’s surrealistic journey.
Overall, “La Belle” is described as an “extraordinary slice of metaphysical erotica” that delves into the depths of human connection and the power of the body to remember love.

The film presents a bleak and melancholic exploration of the contradictory logic inherent in the search for love.
The title “La Belle” in the 2000 film refers to the female protagonist, who is described as a “beautiful one” (feminine form in French). The significance of the title lies in the way it highlights the central role of this mysterious and beautiful woman in the writer’s surrealistic journey of love and passion. She is the “belle” or “beautiful one” at the heart of the film’s exploration of themes like human connection, the power of the body, and the complexities of the human experience.

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Tickle scene in La Belle

While the girl is eating, the writer grabs her bare foot and begins to graze it with his fingers. The girl, feeling challenged, approaches and urges him to continue.
As soon as the man starts tickling her with his fingers, the woman spasms and tries to keep her cool. After a few seconds, the writer takes a small leaf in his hand and begins to run it over the sole of her foot.

La Belle tickling 2

The girl begins to gasp as she tries to remain calm and impassive, but she is visibly more agitated. As he continues to brush the sole of her foot, the girl continues to smile as she pretends not to feel anything.

La Belle tickling 3

As he continues, the girl can no longer pretend and bursts out laughing, quickly removing her foot so that she is no longer ticklish.

La Belle tickling 5

This is one of my favorite tickle scenes since it encapsulates all the elements of the tickle challenge.
The girl has to feign indifference while clearly being tickled. The torturer continues to tickle her as she feels the tickling sensation and tries desperately not to laugh.

La Belle tickling 4

Eventually, she must give in to her weakness and burst out laughing.
Very nice reaction!

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