Lupin III tickle scenes
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Lupin III is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Japanese manga and anime series called “Lupin III” created by Monkey Punch. He is a master thief and a gentleman thief who travels the world in search of valuable treasures and riches to steal.

Lupin is a man constantly seeking adventure and challenges to test his talents. He is very proud to be descended from Arsène Lupin, a well-known XX century thief.

Tickling Lupin

He is often accompanied by his partners in crime, including Daisuke Jigen, a skilled marksman and Lupin’s closest ally, Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a samurai and expert swordsman, and Fujiko Mine, a femme fatale who often double-crosses Lupin III.

The Lupin III series has been popular in Japan and internationally since its debut in the 1960s, and it has been adapted into numerous manga, anime, and live-action films and TV series. Lupin III remains one of the most iconic and beloved characters in Japanese pop culture.

Lupin III is a very likeable gentleman thief always struggling with difficult thefts to pull off. His adventures are usually fun and exciting, and our hero devises funny but very clever plans to steal his targets.

Despite being a criminal, many times Lupin and his friends fight thieves more wicked than themselves and organizations that threaten humanity, either to seize their treasures or to save innocents.

Lupin III’s adventures are very surreal, and the gentleman thief often makes use of funny and nonviolent ploys to achieve his ends. 

Lupin has a childlike nature and many times, to get rid of pursuers or knock out enemies, he uses tickling so as to get rid of them without hurting them.

Lupin’s tickle scenes

Season 2, ep.110

A villain subjects Lupin and his allies to tests to find out what their weaknesses are-Jigen, for example, turns out to be afraid of beautiful women.

In Lupin’s case, however, his greatest weakness is tickling. Indeed, we see that he is tickled by robotic hands without a chance to escape.

Tickling Lupin
Tickling Lupin

OVA: Rupan Sansei – Rupan ansatsu shirei

Lupin, while being chased by enemy agents inside a jungle, jumps from a tree on top of one of the pursuers on a motorcycle. The agent is not in time to notice that the thief begins tickling him under the armpits, causing him to laugh and lose his balance. In this way he gets hold of his motorcycle.

Tickling Lupin
Tickling Lupin
Tickling Lupin

Ep. ?

Zenigata, in the act of frisking Lupin shirtless, tickles him along his body, making him laugh.


Lupin stands in front of a window listening to the plans of his targets. A strong guard discovers him and grabs him, holding him in midair. Lupin then begins tickling him under the armpits. The man, taken aback, contracts his arms and drops him.

Goemon is on board a boat. Lupine drags him under the water and starts tickling him with a toe under his bare foot. Goemon, horrified by the scene, immediately resurfaces.

Zeniga’s tickle scenes

Tickling Zenigata

Inspector Zenigata is a police detective who is dedicated to capturing the master thief Lupin III, who he considers his arch-nemesis.

Inspector Zenigata is a skilled detective and a master of police tactics, but he is always outsmarted by Lupin III, who manages to evade capture with his cunning and agility. Despite the fact that Lupin III is a wanted criminal, Zenigata has a sense of respect for him and often admires his intelligence and resourcefulness.

He is often portrayed as a comical character in the series, with his exaggerated facial expressions and comedic outbursts, which add to the humor of the show.

Ep S1X17

Lupin plans to steal a large shipment of gold using a machine shaped like a volleyball. It expands by releasing mechanical arms that place all the gold bars inside.

Zenigata follows the machine out of the vault with the gold inside, and takes flight. The inspector with a leap manages to cling to it, thus planning to reach his opponent.

Tickling Zenigata

But Lupin has the solution. He pulls one arm out of the car and it begins to tickle him lightly under the armpits.

Tickling Zenigata

As soon as the inspector starts laughing Lupie understands that he can take advantage of it.

Tickling Zenigata

Type the instructions into the computer that skyrockets the pace of the arms. The inspector is forced by the terrible tickle to laugh and finally loses his grip, falling on the roof of a building.

Tickling Zenigata

Ep. ?

Zenigata, in order not to spring a trap inside a elevator, is forced to cling to a large balloon that he has inflated with his own breath.

Sadistically, Lupin begins tickling his armpits. The poor inspector finds himself forced to laugh and thus loses his grip on his support.

EP. ?

Zenigata chases Lupin over the train tracks. As one’s own track recedes, Zenigata clings with his arms to the edge of the other to keep from falling off.

Lupin then tickles him under his armpits, briefly making him fall.

Fujiko Mine’s tickle scenes


TIckle scene - Fujiko anime

Fujiko Mine  is a femme fatale and a professional thief, who often works with the master thief Lupin III, but is also known to double-cross him for her own benefit.

Fujiko is a beautiful and seductive woman, who uses her charm and wit to manipulate men and get what she wants. She is a skilled thief and a master of disguise, able to change her appearance and identity at will.


The Scorpions crime syndacate plans to win a series of rigged car races, in one of which Lupin also participates. His accomplice Fujiko is in the hands of the leader of the villains, the sadistic Mr. X.

After having her tied to a table and showing off her beautiful body, the man activates a series of mechanical hands that mercilessly begin tickling her neck, under her armpits, and under her feet. The woman laughs and becomes agitated and demands that the torture stop. Luckily for her, Lupin intervenes and foils the villains’ plan.

At the end of the episode, Lupin tickles her with a stick in her ear.

OVA Is Lupin Still Burning?

The story is an homage to the classic episode of the first series.

Once again Fujiko, dressed in black leather, is tied to the table because of Mister X, this time Kyosuke’s ally. She claims that he has no information to give her, but he states that he only intends to punish her.

He then activates the little robotic hands that ruthlessly begin tickling her entire body. Fujiko is induced into fits of nonstop laughter and wriggling like an obsessive. As she tries to keep a straight face between laughs, she claims that she is sure Lupin will survive his traps, which indeed he does.

Fujiko tickle


Lupin set up a big heist at a jewelry store. For a change, Fujiko betrays her partners and runs away with the truck full of jewelry.

Lupin tracks the woman down and damages her air vehicle, forcing her to parachute out. Fujiko thus ends up stranded on a branch, with her suitcases still in her hand.

Because she refuses to let them fall, Lupin intervenes with a kind of mechanical telescopic arm.

Turning a crank, the arm moves a clamp on its end. The girl, frightened, begins to fidget but can do nothing. Gripping the device, he reaches into her armpits and moving around gives her a terrible tickle.

Fujiko is forced to laugh and struggle and ends up dropping first one case and then the other.

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