Angela Browne tickled in The Avengers
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In mainstream products in which violence is not to be shown, tickling is a means used by spies and secret agents to force opponents to confess information crucial to their mission.

These are generally procedures employed in entertainment products aimed at young audiences or humorous ones. Sometimes these are comic gimmicks (i.e., fearing the use of cruel methods when it is “only” tickling), other times it serves to show that the agents using them are not cruel enough to resort to violence.

Tickle scene in “Charlie’s Angels”

Charlie’s Angels is a beloved television series that originally aired from 1976 to 1981. The show follows the thrilling adventures of three talented female detectives who work for the Townsend Detective Agency, under the guidance of their unseen boss, Charlie Townsend. Each episode revolves around the Angels as they tackle dangerous cases, solve mysteries, and take down criminals, all while displaying their intelligence, bravery, and remarkable skills.

Throughout the series, the Angels take on a wide range of cases, often involving high-profile clients and dangerous criminals. Their assignments often require them to go undercover, infiltrate criminal organizations, and gather evidence to expose wrongdoings. The Angels use their feminine charm, intellect, and various disguises to deceive their adversaries and bring them to justice.

Tickle scene in “S.P.Y.S.” (1974)

After a mishap during an operation to assist a Russian athlete’s defection, resulting in the accidental deaths of two KGB agents, the CIA chief in Paris strikes a deal with his Russian counterpart. In order to prevent any potential retaliation, they agree to eliminate two American agents. The chosen targets are Bruland, a meticulous agent determined to climb the ranks, and Griff, a somewhat jaded and disillusioned courier. Upon discovering the conspiracy against them, Bruland and Griff reluctantly join forces to escape their impending fate. Along their journey, they become entangled with a French anarchist group and an independent French agent, further complicating their mission for survival.

A woman on bed is foot tickled by her boyfriend.

She starts to laugh and, when the man intensifies the tickle, she squirms and laughs very loudly. He finally realizes that she is tickling four feet, and he discovers that she is in bed with another man.

Tickle scenes in “The Avengers” (UK series)

The British TV series “The Avengers” features the protagonists grappling with challenges that they solve with their usual class and elegance. On several occasions they use tickling to make unwilling opponents more cooperative, without hurting them.

Episode 4X25: How to succeed… a murder (Angela Browne tickled)

When several top executives die, their secretaries take over their firms. Is it mere chance, or are women trying to take over the world? Steed employs a deadly secretary, and Emma finds sorority down at the gym.

Sara (Angela Browne) tries to defeat John Steed but he blocks her and starts to tickle her underarms.

Sara laughs loudly while Steed invites her to talk

Angela Browne was a friend of Patrick Macnee (Steed): Macnee really tickled her and that’s why her laughter came out so natural.

“And now, young lady, you’re going to talk!”

Tickling The Avengers

Episode: 6X9: Legacy of Death (Linda Thorson tickler)

Tara King (Linda Thorson) tickles a barefooted man with a brush to obtain some information. The victim is ticklish and starts to talk.

Tickling The Avengers

Episode 5X2: The Fear Merchants (Diana Rigg tickled)

Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) is briefly tickled by Steed with a feather. She seems ticklish and instantly retracts her foot.

Tickling The Avengers
Tickling The Avengers

Episode 5X3: Escape in Time (Diana Rigg not tickled)

Not a tickle scene. Emma goes back in time and is in a dungeon-like place where the villain locks her barefooted in wooden stocks. Sadly, instead of tickling her feet, he threatens to burn her soles with red hot coals.

Tickling The Avengers
Tickling The Avengers
Tickling The Avengers

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