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Not long ago FettishVids was our guest and told us about his experience as a tickle video creator.

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We had a chance to try some of its content and today we can offer you a review of its tickle videos.

Compared to other producers, we have a certain variety of situations and models that does not go unnoticed.

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Some of the scenarios are also very elaborate, with shooting taking place in different locations, lending realism to the story. The set design of the domination scenarios is very well done, and one gets to appreciate the most satisfying situations for lovers of the genre.

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Tickling at the feet of the model who is completely immobilized, gagged or allowed to laugh, tickling on the inversion table are just some of the many situations available.

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I detect appreciable professionalism in the realization of the BDSM situations, the tickling equipment is varied and imaginative, and even the various locations suggest undoubted commitment to the making of the videos.

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If you are looking for professional tickle videos with pretty models, FettishVids is the choice for you. The tickle tortures are performed in ever-changing situations and a lot of equipment, definitely very elaborate, and denote a professionalism that is not easy to find even among professionals in the field.

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The models involved in the video are many and show a good response to tickling, providing the videos with the desperate, defenseless atmosphere that viewers expect.
A series of very good tickle products!

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