Margot Rossini
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Hi Margot, thank you for this interview. For those who don’t know you, can you tell us something about yourself?

Good morning everyone, thank you for giving me this opportunity. My name is Margot Rossini and I am a hard model and actress.

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How did your modeling and adult film career begin?

I started this job because I like both showing myself but also acting. Although I started at a late age I have never been discouraged and I still continue with my work. I like to get involved in life and do the things I’m passionate about.

What are your professional goals that you are proud to have achieved?

Until now I’ve been lucky enough to meet serious people who didn’t waste my time and who allowed me to work according to my expectations. I had work experience abroad, I shot in Budapest and lately I had the pleasure of being able to work with Andy Casanova: I shot two films with him and it was an important experience for me

As a model and actress, what are the scenarios you like to create the most, the situations in which you love to show yourself?

I prefer making movies with a real plot, playing a character so I can express my passion for acting. I also like to do photo shoots.

Margot Rossini

Do you want to tell us some curious anecdotes about your career in adult entertainment?

A curious anecdote happened to me lately. I made an interview with tickling: for me it was a curious and new experience as well because I didn’t know that in the world of fetish there was also this as a fetish.

Are there any directors or models you are happy to have collaborated with?

I have worked with Andy Casanova, Omar Galanti, Leonardo Conti, and other people who have given me so much professionally, and with whom I still have a good relationship.

What is the perception that in your opinion the public has of those who work in adult entertainment? A taboo subject or now cleared through customs?

Working in the hardcore sector is not an easy choice. When I started, I knew what I was going to get into. Many people judge, but they don’t know what’s behind the making of a hard film. Luckily not everyone is like that. Personally, I have always tried to follow my dreams, regardless of the opinion of others. My career comes first, whoever accepts me doesn’t have to stay by my side. Unfortunately, the world of porn is still a taboo in some realities, everyone is free to think as he wants, the important thing is to have respect for other people.

Do you have any advice for models and actresses who want to enter the world of adult films?

What can I say? For those who want to start a career as an actress and model, the few things I feel like saying are these: you have to be convinced and want it a thousand per thousand, not to be influenced by anyone: determination is very important, you need to carefully evaluate who you work with not to waste time and be able to follow your dreams.

Margot Rossi

I know you recently shot a tickling video. In general, what do you think about tickling? Do you like this kind of fetish?

For me it was a very fun experience. I didn’t know that this kind of fetish existed and then I really like to laugh.

Do you have any professional goals that you intend to achieve in the near future?

Keep doing the things that interest me and make me happy.

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