Art by ProRaindancer
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1) Do you want to tell us something about yourself and your art?

Hi, I’m ProRaindancer. Creating and sharing tickle fetish porn has been the most rewarding hobby of my young adult life. It’s an indulgence that you don’t get to share with all too many people because of how niche it is. What I want to tell people is that them being there to notice my content, and coming back every time I finish something new, is very special to me. Having an audience at all is the only reward I could really ask for from this hobby. Thanks, folks!

2) What techniques do you use to draw? Do you have a favorite artist that inspires you?

Ask an artist about their techniques and inspirations, and they can pretty much go on forever. I’ll give brief answers for both.

I’ve done both digital and traditional art, although my heart favors traditional art. I spend lots of time gathering references and scrutinizing the forms of each component in my picture. I keep coloring rather simple, but even then, when working with colored pencils, it takes a lot of slow, excruciating layering.

Inspiration comes from many different artists. All artists have strengths that can influence your own technique. In that sense, there’s a little something I have been able to take away from studying each of them. Caroo, TadashiBaka, bebob4999, Azamuku-chan, ArisuYoku, and RepulsionSwitch are just some of the individuals with content I have found to be reliable references over the years.

3) How much was the passion for drawing born in you? And the one for the tickle?

I’ve been a creative mind for the majority of my life. I wrote and illustrated a lot as a kid, and I’ve carried the spark into adulthood. Discovering my interest in tickling was what drove me to really start improving so that I could have the skillset to bring all of the ideas in my head to life. My fondness for tickling itself has grown as I’ve kept drawing.

4) What are the tickling scenarios that you prefer to draw?

I’m somewhat flexible with what kinds of scenarios I like to draw. I prefer setups where there are actual ticklers, instead of machines or vines, even if those ticklers just amount to drawings of hands tickling at the ticklee’s feet. I enjoy non-consensual tickling, but sometimes consensual scenarios are too adorable to resist.

5) What are the aspects of tickling that you intend to represent with your art? Example: the laughing, the wriggling, the relationship between tickler and ticklee?

Some overlap with question four here. I prefer the interaction of ticklee and tickler rather than lee and machine, or lee and nature. It’s more personal that way, and that can be in a cruel way, or a cute way. I prefer to emphasize the soles of characters’ feet being tickled. I find feet very attractive, but combining them with tickling is the truly magical part. Lastly, I enjoy showing the contact that tools/fingernails are actually making with the skin. Tickling is a touch-based fetish, and I like to make sure it’s visible that brushes and pokey points are really plowing into the skin to properly strike those sensitive spots.

Art by ProRaindancer

6) Online there are countless photos and videos of tickling sessions. In your opinion, what do illustrations offer more than images of real scenes?

Real scenes, naturally, do have their limitations. You never know if models are truly into it, or if all of them are even ticklish. There’s only so much that reality ever truly allows you to do. As simple of an answer it is, illustrations have next to no limits. Any character, of any shape, in any setting you could want can be thrown into whatever fate you envision for them.

7) In your opinion, what makes tickling so interesting for fans of this phenomenon?

Tickling involves exploration of the body, one participant overpowering the other, a degree of humiliation and a loss of control over one’s self, and other things that you can find a little bit of in other fetishes. An interest in tickling can coincide with an interest in a particular body part as well, most often feet. Tickling fetishizes the sensitivity of the feet, and other body parts for that matter, offering a unique interaction with them. If nothing else, the fetish in its most conventional form is rather harmless and doesn’t involve anything gross or off-putting.

8) What are your works of which you are most proud?

I always feel proud just finishing things. I’m proud that I was able to pull off a near-whole Inktober in 2020, even if it was all drawn pre-emptively in the late summer. It was still a rate of one picture finished in the span of two days each. I wish I could still output like that. Another one I’m rather proud of is “Utterly Shroomed,” my Kinoko Komori pic. All this time later, I’m dazzled by how the colored pencilwork came out on that one.

Art by ProRaindancer

9) Do you have any particular artistic goals for the future?

My goals have always simply been to get the next thing finished. I’d like to keep a semi-consistent output as my life gets busier each year. I would also like to make sure I’m constantly adapting to the ongoing eviction of fetish art from once-trustworthy platforms.

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