Art by Pabu-Lad
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1) Do you want to tell us something about yourself and your art?

Hello, I’m Pabu also Known as Pabuluz. I am probably best known for drawing the Lewder side of fetish art and my Poster Girl Bex and other OCs such as Queen Riek and Tiff.

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2) What techniques do you use to draw? Do you have a favorite artist that inspires you?

I started as a traditional artist, but then like most moved to digital. I have a good set-up my main device is a Cintiq Pro 24 P and Software like Clip Studio Paint Pro and Photoshop. Over the last few years, I have started using 3D software like Maya and Zbrush which I will be making 3D art to go with my 2D art.

We have many strong artists in our community. But when I started an Artist called Ozzy with/ Yenny made me think I could draw fetish art. I’ve always tried to be my own artist and over the recent years my own “style” has started showing.

3) How much was the passion for drawing born in you? And the one for the tickle?

I have been told by my dad when I was old enough to hold a pen I would just scribble on some paper. My earliest memories of drawing were copying the Ninja Turtles and Disney characters on my VHS covers. I was pretty young still when I started thinking about tickling

Pabu Lad tickling
Art by Pabu-Lad

4) What are the tickling scenarios that you prefer to draw?

I draw a lot of Mummy-wrapped stuff and POV tickling. I love drawing Robotic/Machine Tickling as well.

5) What are the aspects of tickling that you intend to represent with your art? Example: the laughing, the wriggling, the relationship between tickler and ticklee?

I get told a lot by people that my expressions are the first thing people notice from my art one of my key things about tickling is a good laugh. So I like to try and get that expression just right. I also Put most of my tickler Personality into my drawing like getting inside the Lees’s head and playfully mocking them.

6) Online there are countless photos and videos of tickling sessions. In your opinion, what do illustrations offer more than images of real scenes?

Going from Experience. RL tickle Content is nice, but US artists offer fantasies that can’t be captured by real life. from seeing your Favorite Anime Character get foot tickled to set up scenarios that you will struggle to do in RL. Plus People have their favorite OCs like My Bex who they love seeing Getting Destroyed or Doing the Destroying.

7) In your opinion, what makes tickling so interesting for fans of this phenomenon?

That is a good question. I guess it’s hard-wired in US, I watched a TV show when I was younger and it had a segment on the Tickling Fetish and the people interviewed said we are born this way and it always stuck with me. But the answer could be different for each person you ask.

Tickling is one of the few things that you can’t control like another body function. That appeals to me a lot, watching someone lose their composure over tickling and going from serious to a hysterical mess is always nice to see =3

Art by Pabu-Lad

8) What are your works of which you are most proud?

This is a hard question for me as I don’t like most of my work and always feel I could do better but I’ll try and find some..

A recent piece I drew called goblin Giftwrapped as the ropework I drew was nice. Few Bex drawings the yoga poses and the new Twitter icon Image.

9) Do you have any particular artistic goals for the future?

Just to put out Art others enjoy and create some 3D Art of my Girls like Bex.

10) Do you think AIs will end up enriching or impoverishing the art of tickling representations?

This is the golden question lately. As an assistant tool, it can enrich and improve. But people using it to call themselves “artists” is in bad taste in my opinion. but it’s still early days A. I am being added to most 3D art programs so that will help an artist like me out a lot.

I think that’s it. Thanks for choosing me and all the best — Pabu

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