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1) Thanks for your availability! Do you want to tell us something about yourself and your activities?

Thank you for seeking me out for this interview! You can call me Solletico Tickling.

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Quite simply, ever since I was a boy I have enjoyed tickling women. In the course of my life, unfortunately, for various reasons and also a lot of shyness, I’ve never had many opportunities to do it. Recently (let’s say that the COVID period delayed my plans by a year or more), I started shooting videos in which I tickle the protagonist, videos that I then put on sale on video portals specialized in fetishism or tickling. Also, I opened two Youtube channels. 

On one of them I upload video trailers for sale. 

In another, however, I load the tickling interviews” that I usually do at the end of the shooting session with the protagonists of my videos. The idea of these latest videos is to highlight the more everyday and pleasant aspect of tickling, outside of its fetishistic aspect, and also to ask interesting questions to the protagonists of my videos, who, in turn, are people interesting. I’m still at the beginning, there are producers far more competent and established than me: let’s say that, at present, it’s a hobby for me.

Solletico Tickling video producer

2) What are the challenges and rewards of making tickling videos?

The difficulties are varied. One is to find women, outside the fetishist profession, who are willing to try the experience. Another difficulty is the expense to compensate the protagonists. Still another, for those who, like me, don’t live in a big city, is to find protagonists also in the professional field. In fact, almost all of them operate in big cities, and so I am, for now, forced to travel to be able to carry out these shots. This would be another extra expense, but currently I combine these trips with being a tourist visiting the cities where they are, so let’s say that for now that’s okay.

Finally, there are the technical difficulties. Often you don’t have studios to shoot and you make do with what you find: often the place is small and therefore there aren’t the right distances to position the camera well, or the light in the place is low and, being traveling, you cannot carry strong lights with you.

Then there is the problem of time, because I do not want to ask the protagonists for more time than necessary: as a result, I can find myself in a hurry to prepare tools and sets and maybe I have to simplify the scenes.

But now let’s move on to the satisfactions. Clearly, being able to tickle a woman for a long time, for me who has had this passion since I was a child, is the main satisfaction. Other than that, it’s nice to meet new people. Lastly, it’s nice to see when sales take place, both because it increases the probability of continuing to cultivate my hobby, and because it can mean that the product is liked.

3) What is your perception of the tickling phenomenon by the public? A phenomenon seen with suspicion or a series of passions now cleared through customs?

If we refer to the public of people who do not have such a fetish, the impression I have is that, quite simply, they do not know that such a fetish exists. This implies that it absolutely cannot be said whether, upon learning of the existence of this fetish, they would view it with suspicion or would see it as a passion like any other. On the other hand, when in doubt about other people’s reactions, I believe that many tickle fetishists are rather reserved about their passion, so they don’t talk about it with anyone outside the scope: in fact, I do too.

4) Can you tell us how making tickling videos works?

I try to contact some of the girls who present themselves on the fetish and model sites and ask if they would be available to shoot this type of video: I am always very detailed and precise in the description of the activity, because I don’t want any misunderstandings to ruin the shooting session or the relationship with the protagonist right at the moment of shooting. If the person responds positively, we interact to organize the meeting from a practical point of view (and, sometimes, it can take months to have the opportunity, given the distance that may exist between us). In the meantime, I think about which scenes I would like to shoot: for now, given the conditions in which I operate, I’m limiting myself to using very simple scenes and poses, what I would call the “classics” of tickling.

Once the video has been shot, it’s about editing the videos: in my cases, which are still very simple, I limit myself to cutting out erroneous or useless seconds, adding some title or comment text, preparing the trailers and extracting a few preview frames.

Also, I prepare the subtitles (in English and in Italian) for the videos for sale (not yet for the “tickling interviews”).

Finally, I write a few lines of description of the video which, together with the video, trailer and photos, is uploaded to the sales site.

The tickle interview is uploaded to Youtube without all this work (just a little description).

Solletico Tickling video producer

5) How to recognize a serious and reliable fetish video producer? What do models need to know before entering this world?

By frequenting the sales portals and examining the previews, a lot can already be understood: clearly, if a producer is established and has shot many videos with many different protagonists, clearly it is likely that he is also reliable. Also, usually many models know each other and you can find their contact on the net, where you can ask for references on a manufacturer they have worked with.

If I were a woman who has received this request, I would examine the previews of the videos of the producer who contacted me, then I would look for the contacts of some of the protagonists of these videos and ask them for information. Surely, I would ask for information (both from the manufacturer and from those who have already worked there) on the safety conditions of the job: how long will the tickling last? How are any ligatures? Can you bring an acquaintance as extra security? Personally, when I contact a possible protagonist, I immediately indicate the links where to find the previews (and, in the case of the tickle interview, it is the entire video), I indicate who I have already worked with as a reference, and I declare that the slurs that I use will always be able to be dissolved independently by the protagonist (I only use Velcro handcuffs, and I want to use them for a safety issue).

Finally, a model should consider whether she really feels like experiencing a prolonged tickle: if she knows that it really bothers her she should let it go. And he must also consider whether he wants such a video with her as the protagonist to spread in public.

Solletico Tickling video producer

6) What are the professional goals you are proud to have achieved in this area, and any goals you have for the future?

Oh, I’m just starting out, for now I’m already happy to sell some videos, to make myself known to the public and models. I’m already happy if every now and then I get some compliments on the forums or on Youtube or Twitter. I simply hope to get back more and more of the expenses.

7) What are the tickling scenarios that you prefer to make or that you are asked for in your videos?

As I said, for purely practical reasons, for now I’m using some of the classic tickling placements. I have also done something scripted, like the “tickle posing” where tickling is a training to hold the pose for a bodybuilder.

For now I haven’t had any real requests for scenarios.

8) To make tickling video sessions, do you work with models who are ticklish or not? What are the pros and cons of each choice?

I aim to work only with ticklish models, because I want authenticity of the reactions, also for my taste as a fetishist. As far as I know, others also work with acted tickling, but I don’t think there are many who do it (if anything, the model forces the reactions a little, but she suffers at least a little anyway). The end user either wants the reaction to be authentic or to look so authentic that it cannot be distinguished from the authentic on video. So I can’t tell you the pros and cons, because I’m only working on one side of the issue.

Solletico Tickling video producer

9) I noticed that several of your models are wrestlers or body builders. Is it a precise choice out of passion or a request from the public, or is it a coincidence?

As I said before they are simply the models I have worked with so far and who are easier to find as professionals for this area. Recently, in my last shooting session, I worked with a model and actress with a non-fitness physique: I will publish these videos shortly.

10) Are body parts relevant in this kind of video? Do you get different reactions from tickling on the hips, feet and armpits, or is it indifferent to the final result?

Each of the end users has their own preferences, so I usually try to vary things. In fact, there are sub-categories based on body points on sales sites. The reactions to tickling are totally individual, even as the point of the body varies, already with the few women I have worked with I have known big differences between one and the other. And anyway I like to do it everywhere, so I try to do it on video too ^_^

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