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1) Thank you for this interview, Gisy! Do you want to tell us something about yourself and your activities?

The story would be long. At the age of 19 in Modena I met Roberto Baldazzini and Franco Saudelli, two well-known fetish artists and illustrators, they immediately asked me to be their model: in 1999 I started taking pictures for the comics they made.

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Baldazzini was more tied to an imaginary, let’s say erotic than fetish, while Saudelli preferred scenarios related to bondage and feet.

This experience introduced me to a whole new world: there were times in which it was necessary to specifically seek information on these phenomena, and I could not even vaguely imagine that there were people who got excited by seeing images of feet etc…

However, I was curious to investigate further: they also published for Blue (Edizioni Coniglio), the only Italian erotic magazine that also talked about fetishes, as I gradually gained a certain idea of this world and this piqued my interest.

For years then I worked as a model in the fine arts academy and I dedicated myself to other editorial projects not related to fetish.

However, it must be said that only through the forums (at the time fetishforum, in 2008), did I truly understand the extent of what “fetish” meant. From that point I understood that the passion for the fetish could not be relegated only to a matter of feet, bondage, latex.

In 2010 I decided to start producing fetish videos and in 2013 I made it official: Gisy Production!

I owe a lot to both Baldazzini and Saudelli, but also to many other people if I managed to make this production and understand, be inside what I do.

2) In the field of fetish video production, what are the genres of videos that you perceive to be most appreciated and in demand?

In my opinion it also depends a lot on the producer, on what style he decides to give to his video production.

That is, depending on the kind of fetish video you make, you attract a certain type of audience, and you work accordingly.

I worked on the crime production for a long time, because the detective stories intrigued me, as well as the imagery of the criminal better with leather gloves and the fetish scenarios that concerned it.

To overcome the natural decrease in crime production over the years, I moved to other categories that still fascinated me, such as vampire videos, which in my opinion maintain a more cinematic background than others, which I really like.

However, I have to say that after 13 years of production, if you do a BDSM video genre well, that genre will have an excellent following. This depends on how well you understand and interpret the psychology of what you are dealing with.

Obviously there are fetishes that are much more widespread than others, but it is also true that as a result there is a lot of competition, especially in terms of bondage and even tickling, which are very strong and widespread fetishes, foot tickling perhaps even more so.

Other widespread but less talked about fetishes are marcophilia, a passion for giantesses, and all that involves physical confrontation, and the physical strength of girls such as lift and carry, confrontation, female fight, and other fetishes still of which he speaks very little and are not perceived as such, such as balloon fetish, sneezing, sprain (ankle sprain), neck fetish, but the list is really long.

Realization of tickle videos - Gisy Productions
Gisy Productions

3) What are the difficulties and possible advantages in making fetish videos in Italy?

In my opinion there are not many advantages here in Italy. Girls often have many limits, and often demand a lot of money, especially since everyone started being fetish girls.

But regardless of this I think that for the image it is right that the fee is quite high, but then the service you offer should also be up to par: either you are a professional or you are not, or you like what you do or before or then it shows and then the acting is worth it.

Paradoxically, true professionals, who instead have an idea of what work is, have less pretensions and are much more interesting on the scene. In addition, even more interesting may be those who are completely foreign to this world, and therefore (at least initially) live it in a playful way, and really enjoy themselves, and immerse themselves in the part.

Abroad, but here too it depends on the country, one has a more precise idea of what is asked and what is given. And it can also be seen from the fact that often, even in advanced age, the models have a particular aesthetic care that is rarely found in Italy.

The advantage, if we want to find one, is the language, so even Italian customers can enjoy their fetish in their mother language, and this is absolutely not a detail, if the girls can act and are obviously into the part.

4) What is your perception of the fetish current by the public? A phenomenon seen with suspicion or a series of passions now cleared through customs?

No, it’s not cleared at all, except maybe a little foot fetish, and who knows. Those who have been in the industry for a long time, myself included, experience it as a natural fact, but outside it is often still seen as a perversion even having mild fetishes, so perhaps everything is tolerated if you pass it as a roleplay , but it is by no means publicly accepted anyway.

This problem affects both sexes, because the man feels debased in his virility when he deviates from the idea of ​​classical sexuality, and the woman often reads it as too strange. Then it depends who you are, what culture you belong to, your personal experiences etc, of course. I’m obviously referring to an audience outside the fetish world.

5) Can you tell us how making custom fetish videos on demand works?

Ultimately, those who follow me and follow my site know that I work with a certain number of girls, and in general they know who they are (I have been collaborating with many models for a long time).

Normally every month I indicate a schedule of dates with the models. Each girl has different limits and availability, the customer who is perhaps interested in a custom sends me the idea and the script indicating the girls he would like to see in the video, what they have to do, etc.

If the screenplay is too simplified I ask to expand it, or on the contrary if it is too complex to simplify it, then if it seems to me congruent with the availability of the girls I wait for their approval and we set the date for the creation of the custom which will be paid with at least 48 hours in advance. At least for customers I don’t know.

Tickling videos - Gisy Productions
Gisy Productions

6) How to recognize a serious and reliable fetish video producer? What do models need to know before entering this world?

The girls in the environment usually talk to each other, if an alleged producer is not reliable you will know quickly. If a producer or someone who pretends to be such, pays little, it becomes known in the environment. In any case, checking the production online gives an idea of the seriousness of the person. In any case, it depends on each case.

7) What are the professional goals you are proud to have achieved in this area, and any goals you have for the future?

I am certainly very proud of my production and to think that after 13 years, despite the VAT number, I am still here, heartens me..

It goes on …. I have many people who follow the channels and the customers, now many of whom have been satisfied for a long time, are a great result for me; It reassures me knowing that they remain enthusiastic about the requested product, they pay to have something special that rarely happens in reality, and therefore I think we must try to make the most of this magic.

I always try to direct the girls who have less experience, but others who over time are really very good like Eleonore for example: it’s good that they put their effort into it and it’s nice to see their interpretation without too many suggestions.

However, I hope to be able to specialize both in tickling and in the vampire and fantasy genre and/or femdom fantasies, and of course also in part what concerns physical struggle, which is really highly appreciated.

However, it is a lot of work by the staff to make a well-made product, if I think about the difference between today and when I started…

8) I read that the goal of your company is to support the knowledge of the fetish culture in Italy. I understand this goal, as this site aims to make known the representations of tickling in modern culture and to introduce artists, models and producers, who work with it. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges and obstacles we have to overcome?

In my opinion, we should understand that certain declinations of sexuality are inherent in the human being, indeed in all likelihood each of us has preferences within ourselves, what would be important is not to talk about it as a morbid fact, but as a natural fact. Of course it also depends on how addicted you are to your fetish and what it contemplates.

I think tickling is a fun, sympathetic fetish, if we like, as often happens for many fetishes, it has to do with “loss of control”, as well as with sneezing, but also with memories and actions more often practiced and attributed to childhood such as spanking for example.

9) What tickling scenarios do you prefer to make or are asked of you in your videos?

You know, it depends a lot on the clients, for a long time I had a client who commissioned me some “sleepy tickling”, i.e. the tickling on the feet of sleeping women, specifically interested in seeing the movement of the feet in an “unconscious” state that they really like.

Gisy Production - Sleeping Tickle videos
Gisy Production - Sleeping Tickle videos 2

Then I also discovered tickling with raspberries also known as “raspberry tickling” which has given me a lot of satisfaction, and above all it is very funny.

But I think that the most appreciated of all refers to tickling with bondage, especially if the binding is in hogtied, after all this mixes two fundamental fetishes: one like bondage which I would say is the most appreciated in the world after feet, and tickling which I still place it in the top 10 if not 5 most popular scenarios.

10) To make tickling video sessions, do you work with models who are ticklish or not? What are the pros and cons of each choice?

It depends, those who are too ticklish have difficulty enduring the session. In one case, I had to untie a girl because she was having a panic attack. Other girls are very sensitive: after a few times of trying they prefer not to have it done.

The ideal for videos is to be ticklish, but not excessively, because girls are likely to suffer in an exaggerated way, those who are not ticklish at all.

In my opinion it can be seen if a girl is not ticklish because it is complicated to coordinate laughter with the reaction of the body, but even here, it depends on the model: there are those who still manage to play the part well.

For the success of the scene I would say that you need the right middle ground between being and not being ticklish, for the result to be optimal.

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