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1) Hi! For those who don’t know you, can you tell us something about yourself?

Hi, I’m TicklishInTexas. For the last 15 years I have been diving deeper into the tickling community and with a bonus foot worship world! Love meeting new people and experiencing different skills and techniques! 

2) How did your career as a model start? And how did you come into contact with the world of tickling?

Being an only child I really didn’t get into tickling until college when I started dating guys and having tickle fights. I really was turned on!…I kept it in the back of my head as something that I wanted to experience on an ongoing basis. Once I got married, it took a while for me to realize that I wanted more from tickling…..in my 40s I saw a group tickle video on a woman and I knew I wanted to experience that ….I explained to my husband what I was looking for and he was very supportive of helping me try to find that….  He still is! At this time I have experienced several group tickling sessions as a lee and Ler! I love it!!Also became a foot model for Texas Foot Parties!

3) What are your professional goals that you are proud to have achieved?

I am proud to say that within the last 14 months I have gained a big following on Fetlife and “X”(Twitter). …Became a foot model. …Selling tickle videos on Clips4Sale and LoyalFans! And…continue to experience foot worship and full body tickle sessions with both men and women!

4) As a model, what are the scenarios you like to create the most, the situations in which you love to show yourself?

My favorite sessions are me being hogtied or spread eagle and tickled by several people!

5) Are there any companies and/or models in particular with whom you are happy to have worked?

I have worked with over 25 foot models who not only are sweet but also unique on their own! Just a couple to mention are … Tomiko and Greasy Rose!

TicklishInTexas and Tomiko

6) What is your relationship with tickling? Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about this phenomenon?

I am deep into the world of tickling …. I love every inch of the community out there! Nothing to dislike except when the tickling stops! 😭

7) Would you like to tell us a curious anecdote about your modeling business?

I am a model for Texas Foot Parties where several models (20-28) get together at a location where foot fetish guests can come and comfortably enjoy foot fetishes like foot worship, foot tickling, trampling, etc…. Super fun for all involved!

8)  What’s your favorite tickle scenario?

My favorite tickle scenario would be me tied up in a spread eagle position and having as many hands as possible tickling me everywhere!!! ❤️🫠

TicklishInTexas 1

9) What’s your opinion about the world of tickling videos online!

My opinion on tickle videos is that for the most part… I love them…huge turn on! But there are some that it is obvious that the women are faking their laughing! It cheapens the tickle community!

10) Do you have any special goals you want to achieve in the future?

For my future in the tickle community… I love the direction I am going…. To experience different skilled ticklers and massive group tickling! And selling tickle videos helps as I go along! 😘👍🪶. Stay happy and tickled my friends!! 💗🪶💗

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