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1) Hi! For those who don’t know you, can you tell us something about yourself?

What to say about me? I’m Alexis Graham. Well, I have lived in the south my whole life. I am a wife, mom, and teacher. I have been in education for ten years and really enjoy it! I am into fashion, music, and cocktails with friends!

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2) How did your career as a model start? And how did you come into contact with the world of tickling?

My partner introduced me to tickling as a fetish. He enjoys the D/s dynamic and tickling, for me, has always been a light form of BDSM. After exploring tickling privately for many years, we started sharing pictures and clips online. We received a lot of positive validation and a large amount of requests for more content which led us finally making an OnlyFans account! That then led to so many wonderful interactions that elevated our exposure to the community!

3) What are your professional goals that you are proud to have achieved?

My career is in education and I find a lot of fulfillment from that. Concerning content creation, my goals have always been to make things fun and enjoy the human connection of it all. I really enjoy engaging with fans and hearing about what my content offers them! I also have really enjoyed introducing many of my friends to the world of tickling! If you haven’t seen my OnlyFans content, it is worth mentioning that everyone I have filmed with is a friend that is not a model. They all found it interesting when I brought up what I do and they are ticklish and wanted to see what it is like!

4) As a model, what are the scenarios you like to create the most, the situations in which you love to show yourself?

I really love my butt and feet! They also happen to be my most ticklish spots. I enjoy being restrained in ways that leave those spots exposed. It is fun to be blindfolded and to have the anticipation build! It is not as popular in my experience, but I also love scenarios where I am instructed to stay still and not laugh!

Alexis Graham tickling

5) Are there any companies and/or models in particular with whom you are happy to have worked?

Due to my job and family, I really try hard to maintain anonymity. I have not worked with anyone that I do not already know! 

There are some models I follow on X that, in an ideal world, I would love to work with…Jenna (@SugarSoakertkl), Jezebel Lee (@xJezebelLee), and Claire Coda (@clairecoda) to name a few!

6) What is your relationship with tickling? Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about this phenomenon?

I think levels of ticklishness vary due to many circumstances like stress, comfort, ler/lee dynamics, etc. For me, it is a mood I need to be in. When I am in that mood, which is often, I absolutely love the submission of ticking…and I have really grown to LOVE being the ler to a ticklish lee!

7) Would you like to tell us a curious anecdote about your modeling business?

My partner has always been the ler in our relationship. Two years ago, I was able to restrain him and tickle him for the first time. It was a huge turn on! Now, I am still chasing that rush. Tickling a really ticklish and helpless lee is just so hot!

8)  What’s your favorite tickle scenario?

As a lee, I enjoy being restrained, spread eagle, face down, with a blindfold. I love when my butt and legs are exposed and my helpless ticklish feet are vulnerable!

As a ler, I enjoy having a female in stocks with her toes tied back and her arms restrained above her head. It is so hot to switch back and forth between the soles of her feet and her exposed armpits! I melt!

Alexis Graham tickling

9) What’s your opinion about the world of tickling videos online!

Personally, I am really impressed with the amateur content creators that are sincerely ticklish. Whenever money is to be made, you have people playing a part, which is understandable. But when I see a “girl next door” type filming her own content and can see her toes curl or hear that sincere laugh…I am just really impressed! The draw for me is the tickling, not the nudity or other factors.

10) Do you have any special goals you want to achieve in the future?

I would ideally like to make this my full time job. Due to my desire for anonymity and unwillingness to film nudity, I think I will have to stick with teaching for now! Haha! It would be fun to build a bigger following and expand my horizons. We’ll see what the future holds! For now, I am content getting tied up and tickle tortured for my fans when time permits!

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