Princess Leya
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1) Hi! For those who don’t know you, can you tell us something about yourself?

Hello! I am known in the fetish world as the most ticklish model. I’m Leya or Princess Leya.

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2) How did your career as a model start? And how did you come into contact with the world of tickling?

My career began by accident: my friends started making fetish films and invited me to act with them. They didn’t expect that I was so afraid of tickling, and I didn’t know it myself.

3) What are your professional goals that you are proud to have achieved?

In fact, I do a lot: I work in the theater, act in films, work as a fashion model and do other interesting projects besides the fetish industry.

4) As a model, what are the scenarios you like to create the most, the situations in which you love to show yourself?

I like when I can not only suffer from tickling, but also play some role in front of the camera. Absolutely anyone, a victim or, on the contrary, an obstinate girl.

Tickle Princess Leya 2

5) Are there any companies and/or models in particular with whom you are happy to have worked?

I can’t answer, I haven’t studied this question.

6) What is your relationship with tickling? Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about this phenomenon?

This is definitely an interesting experience in all its manifestations. Be it smile therapy, or testing your edges.

7) Would you like to tell us a curious anecdote about your modeling business?

When I first came to the shoot, I walked in with the words: “Who is Mr. Tickler here?”

Tickle Princess Leya 1

8)  What’s your favorite tickle scenario?

Everything I post on my Patreon or Busty platforms!

9) What’s your opinion about the world of tickling videos online?

I think this is an interesting trend and even more so a practice. Which is becoming more and more viral.

10) Do you have any special goals you want to achieve in the future?

Yes, I would like to be on the cover of some cool magazine, as a woman of the year, and maybe the world 😀

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