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Some time ago we did an interview with Petra, a nice and sensual girl who specialises in creating fetish content about submission, domination and, of course, tickling.
She told us she’s very ticklish; her weak points are her stomach and hips, but her armpits and feet are also ticklish! In short, tickling is a real torture for her!
Therefore, we were very happy to learn that she recently opened a store dedicated to her eye-catching fetish content, including tickle-themed ones made with other equally cute girls.

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Petra tickled

FootFetish Clips – Review

The video production of this neoborn store is good. There is tickling content of various kinds made with very pretty women, of traditional but seductive structure: free tickling, pillory torture, sadistic titillation, etc. The fact that several models are present offers some variety in the reactions, ranging from restrained to hysterical. Dialogues are in Italian, which can be indifferent as well as limiting depending on the viewer’s taste: we suggest adding English subtitles for international audiences.

If you love the tickle pillory scenario, I recommend the video featuring Chiara whose elegant little feet are subjected to the torment of the quilt. I loved the dignified and composed reaction with which she tries to resist the tickle, while letting out a few giggles.

Chiara tickled in pillory

If you prefer the threesome scenario, you can enjoy Chiara and Petra‘s reaction when their little feet are ruthlessly manipulated by Elettra, who does not intend to let any ticklish reaction slip through her fingers.

sexy tickling Elettra

Ammalia is another model that Petra has told us a lot of good things about, and in fact we find some chemistry in their video in which the latter sadistically tickles her feet, forcing her to wiggle and asking her to stop.

Petra and Ammalia tickling

If, on the other hand, you are a fan of tickling with restrictions, you may enjoy the gorgeous DollyC whose little feet in nylons are mercilessly tickled without the poor gagged girl being able to call for help.

DollyC tickled feet

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