Enloqueciendo de pies a cabeza
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1) Thank you for this interview! Would you like to tell us about yourself and your activities?

Thanks to you, I am Fer Moure, I live in Buenos Aires Argentina, among other professions and jobs that I have that generate income to be able to live, I have been a journalist for many years, I started at 16 in a radio station, then I studied journalism while I was studying. another university degree. For personal reasons I stopped being in the media for 15 years and this is the second part of my story as a journalist that was born “Enloqueciendo de pies a cabeza”.

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2) Can you tell us about how the “Enloqueciendo de pies a cabeza” project was born and its history to date?

Enloqueciendo de pies a cabeza was born at a complicated moment in my life where I looked in journalism (which is one of my passions) for a place to feel alive and enjoy life. Thus, in 2013 I started this project with a radio format, essentially with the objective of bringing joy to people and myself, not only with music, unusual information, some stand-up radio, but also doing interviews.

One day on Twitter a follower asked me for a photo with my bare feet so I asked my wife to take the photo. I publish the photo and she asks me again to show the soles of my feet, I take the photo again and publish it.

To my surprise I see that my photo published on Twitter attracts people so I thought I have something to do with this that increased my followers or views on my profile.

The interviews that I conducted on my program by telephone I began to do in person with the guest in the radio studio and take a photo of us with bare feet.

And from that moment on, the program’s followers on the networks increased significantly. It was there that I thought again what else I can do, not only producing my journalistic content, which is the axis of the program, but also incorporating what happens with my feet. Then incorporate the segment of the program called foot tickling trivia ping pong for entertainment and doing something different. I clarify that I am always looking to create content that differs from the common because routine bores me.

Since the program was radio, people only listened, not watched, so I filmed that part of the program and uploaded it to Facebook and YouTube.

Enloqueciendo de pies a cabeza

In 2016, an audiovisual content station called me interested in my program, so from there the program went from being a radio program to an audiovisual program transmitted by a web station.

Starting in November 2019, I left the station and began recording the program in different places until COVID arrived in 2020 and I had to do the interviews via Zoom, adapting the format to be able to do it virtually.

In 2021 I will record the program again in person in a theater due to the issue that even here in my country all the COVID care rules were followed, incorporating new things to what I had been doing.

In 2022 and 2023 I continued doing the program, incorporating more games into the classic barefoot interview and demonstrating skills or abilities with the feet, always maintaining the journalistic content in addition to this entertainment part.

3) How are the interview videos shot? What are the difficulties to face?

In the first years until 2016, the technical operator of the radio or someone he managed recorded the interview and then I edited it and uploaded it to Facebook/youtube

From 2016 to October 2019 the station recorded the interview, there was a general camera and another handheld camera that I operated.

Then I was the one who recorded the program, placed the camera somewhere, and also used the cell phone as a handheld camera for closer shots. Furthermore, in the last two years, in many recordings it was my wife who recorded them, which made my task easier.

From the moment I had to face the task of recording the program on my own, I felt the enormous effort I made in each recording to be able to ensure that the camera was well positioned, focused correctly, that the light was correct, Be attentive in case the camera battery runs out and have to use the other camera or cell phone to continue recording and also concentrate on the interview both on what the guest asked and answered, not forgetting to ask or do what I had thought, there were a lot of things in my head to pay attention to and they still are today.

4) What is the aspect of your videos that the public appreciates most?

In general, I think what draws attention is the format of the program, beyond the fact that I see the statistics of everything.

5) I noticed that most of the guests are men: is this a deliberate choice or are the girls intimidated by the idea of being tickled? XD

Well, this has several answers according to the purposes of the program that changed during these 11 years… I will detail it…

In the first years, people related to artistic activity were invited, in general actors, musicians… who performed in the area where the station was located.

Later, both the station and I were looking for guests and a journalist who later became friends collaborated with me, who also did press for artists. Here we invited all kinds of people regardless of their gender identity. However, the only ones who mostly agreed to come to the program respecting the format it had without conditions were men.

One day we were able to get some actresses to accept and we did the interview with these two women. At that moment I thought of creating two YouTube channels, one for male interviews and the other for female ones, since I realized that a large percentage of the public that watched the interviews preferred male guests. From there, I always had the idea of doing that but for a matter of time it is still pending since I am the person who does everything, I don’t have a team or collaborators or anyone to take care of anything. I produce, record, edit, publish, network, etc etc.

I did two or three interviews with female guests at that time, but then in my country feminist movements began to emerge in all areas, and that’s where someone (I don’t know if one or several people) who saw the program on YouTube interpreted that the program towards an inappropriate use of women by exhibiting her with her bare feet and tickling her as a result I received unpleasant emails or comments and Youtube rated that program as unfit and I had to remove it from my publications.

In that second stage, I tried to focus on interviews with men and if a woman came up, they would do it, but I didn’t want any kind of problems and even more so, it’s not the essence of the program to show feet sexually, but rather it’s entertainment and then each one interprets what that he wants, that this is the fun, letting the public create, imagine and give them freedom so that everyone can enjoy the program in their own way.

In all this stage, in any case, it was difficult to get women to agree to come to the interview, a lot of time was lost in contacting them, explaining to them answering their concerns, they went around a lot and in the end they said no.

And in this last stage, which is the last two or three years, due to the difficult economic situation that my country is going through, I have taken the profession of journalist as another job and not as a hobby since making the program generates costs, money. which is generated in principle from my other jobs, which when it becomes a job, another business, my program has to generate income to be able to move forward because I no longer use savings to be able to finance it but rather I use money that I use to live and support my family and everything I have.

So, every business is created to generate money, one works in exchange for financial compensation, so producing the program is an economic activity and the time I spend getting the guest, recording, renting the place to record, editing the program etc etc is work. And there, analyzing the income generated by my programs on YouTube, the programs in which women participate generate very little income in relation to those generated by the programs where the guests are men.

So as long as I need the money to continue with the program, I will continue doing it with guests who generate income, which are the men. This is the current reason why the guests are men.

6) How do you manage to find so many guests who are willing to suffer a prolonged tickle underfoot? For some it is torture!

First I look for profiles that develop some activity that I find interesting to show and develop content. Then I present the format of the program and if they have no problems we will arrange the interview, it is simple.

Enloqueciendo de pies a cabeza

7) Can you tell us some funny anecdote related to your videos?

Well, an anecdote that I don’t know if it was funny but it was uncomfortable when the program was broadcast live and the guest didn’t want to take off their shoes and socks for the part of the interview with bare feet. He finally manages to take off her shoes and at least one sock.

I take this opportunity to clarify that all the guests know what the format of the program is like and everything is discussed previously, no one comes to the program without knowing what the interview is like or the barefoot games.

8) What do you think about online tickling fetish and tickling in general?

First I would like to clarify that I do not agree with the use of the word fetish, for me people have tastes or passions for something in general in life. I think the use of that word implies stigmatizing people about their tastes and putting them in a strange or different place from the rest.

Regarding tickling, I think that the person who likes it and is passionate about it has all the freedom to do it as long as they do it respecting the other, without causing harm and with consent. And actually that’s how it is in all areas of life.

9) When making your videos, do you take into account special requests from the public?

I always read all the suggestions, comments and messages from the public, I respond to everything and take into account what they ask for, and I do the things that I can do, because there are requests that cannot be made within the framework of what my program is because it is a program entertainment with journalistic content above all things.

Sometimes, honestly, when I’m doing the program I forget because, as I mentioned before, I’m aware of everything while I’m recording the program and maybe I forget several things to do or say or ask, but I always try to do everything the best I can.

10) What are the professional goals you are proud to have achieved? Do you have any particular plans for the future?

First of all, I am very grateful to all the followers, to all the public who follow me, who watch my program and who have accompanied me during these 11 years that I have been doing the program.

I feel proud of my program, which is my creation, of having overcome difficulties to carry it out without having a team in which each one does their homework, and having all the responsibilities of producing it, conducting it, financing it, promoting it, recording it, edit it, publish it, etc etc.

It gives me satisfaction to make a good product that is different and that surely would be much better than it is if I had a team to help me do it.

There are always plans for the future, without plans or projects or dreams it is impossible to live from my point of view, you always have to improve and do… For now, resume the recordings of the program, which in the last two years due to circumstances for The ones that my country is going through have complicated everything for a simple independent journalist who makes a lot of effort and sacrifice to make each program, and also the lack of commitment from people is a fact that after COVID has intensified even more.

On the other hand, I have written several projects to carry out but I have not yet found the necessary equipment to be able to put them into practice and I cannot say anything more about what they are about until I start them up.

I leave you my networks where you can follow me and learn about the program and everything I do.

Instagram/twt  @enloquecete




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