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1) Thank you for this interview! Would you like to tell us about yourself and your activities?

About me, well…..hm. I’m FettishVids. I’m a child of the 80s and a pop culture nerd, I guess you’d say. While that isn’t unique these days, it was when I was growing up – just like kink! We all ‘knew’ about kink but not to the extent it’s out there now, I’m sure thanks to the Internet. I’ve always had these fetishes; in fact I think I can recall the first moment it ignited but far before puberty. So it wasn’t something I discovered, it’s always been with me. I could likely go on about the psychology of it regarding my own personality, but I’ll pause there so you don’t get a days long essay lol

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Otherwise I’ve always been the ‘weird kid’. I don’t care for trends, I’m unafraid to say I’m a Christian, and I’m also very libertarian in regards to how one chooses to live their own lives. Everyone has to decide that for themselves and I don’t see any room for intolerance – but I say that toward anyones views, not just the ones that become du jour.

I grew up hiding this like many of us did in Gen X, and it’s not a ‘fun’ feeling. So I empathize with anyone who feels ostracized for fear of criticism. It’s a constant tension and no one wants to live like that.

As for my activities, I like to draw though I rarely have time to, I game some, and I love to read although again – time really limits that these days!


2) In the context of producing tickling videos, what genres of videos do you perceive to be the most popular and requested?

For my own material, just about anything involving my table is the highest selling item, but the chair is right behind it. Category-wise, it’s probably the one I’ve been most villainized for: No Safeword, but then The Tickle Table, and Tickle Therapy right behind it.

I don’t get as many requests specifically anymore, as I’ve made it pretty open that I don’t take customs. That isn’t ENTIRELY true but if I’m going to take a custom order, it has to be something I can resell, and therefore has to involve heavy inescapable bondage, and most likely foot tickling. I’m not hard to talk with, so my ears are open but if I say no I don’t want anyone offended by that. The thing is, once you get established and your audience is accustomed to a certain look of a model, or a scene, you can’t stray far from that or you risk losing people.

I’m guessing when you say Genre-wise you mean including all producers and not just my own production. Honestly I don’t look at much, I don’t even view my own material once I edit and upload it. But it looks like cosplay seems popular when you look at some of the high selling studios. Feet are always the highest selling as far as bodypart goes. I’m assuming because it crosses over with another fetish, foot fetishism, which is THE most common fetish among guys, who are the largest consumer of said material.

3) What are the difficulties of making tickling videos?

That’s a great question! I really enjoy what I do but it’s far, far more in depth than I had anticipated. For me, I don’t like writing the descriptions, so I’ve had a couple of very talented people write them for me during the past few months. Tax time isn’t fun either.

Scouting for talent can be difficult but it’s gotten far easier with the growth of the studio. This is primarily a problem for newer studios, for good reason. You have to understand these girls don’t KNOW you, and they are walking into quite a situation right? To be bound by a stranger isn’t something to take lightly. So until you compile references to show others you’re scouting that yes, you are safe to work with, and cover what needs to be covered financially, its a tough start.

Most from what I understand hate to edit but I actually have a lot of fun doing it. That’s probably my ‘artsy’ side kicking in.

Cleanup after a scene isn’t fun either lol – I have so much equipment that it looks like Godzilla stormed through when I’m done.

4) What is your impression of erotic tickling online? A small niche or a very large interest?

I think that all depends on the circles you associate in, and your own habits. It isn’t hard to find but at the same time it isn’t as prevalent as, say, xxx material. When you do go looking for ‘our thing’ though, it’s not hard at all and the interest does seem varied enough to fit any appetite, though I’d argue it wasn’t this way when it first. When I first found it online in the late 90s, it was a girl in a set of stocks, or a hogtie being tickled, repeated. But now you find a lot more in terms of art styles, storytelling, and video works. It’s grown a fair amount.

So the scenes I do require equipment which only fits a certain size, and on top of that my audience is geared toward ‘average’ or smaller sized girls. I only hire biological females, and I won’t have anyone fake anything. None of what I say is ‘against’ anyone who may not fall into these categories. It’s simply what the branding is. You can’t walk into a Nike outlet and demand they sell hamburgers, it just doesn’t make any sense. The only real different thing you’ll find in my store other than biological females being tickled is when I let them take their revenge on me. It was done as an experiment that I was very nervous about, for fear of turning a segment of customers away, but it cost me nothing, and only took 20 minutes the first time. So I didn’t have any investment to lose. It sold, and now its expected so I continue to do it although I HATE being tickled lol

FettishVids - Revenge 1

5) How do you choose your models? Are there any particular criteria to be respected?

I do have a preference to hire alt/goth models although I don’t have an issue hiring the more traditional ‘girl next door’ type, as they’ve sold well also.

I shoot more than just tickling content. If a girl turns out to not be ticklish, I simply shoot the damsel in distress type scenes. Obviously they have to be comfortable being bound and gagged.

6) What makes FettishVids different from other tickling video makers?

I only really started this because I didn’t honestly like much of what was out there. I don’t want to read it with any malice. Everyone has a right to shoot what they wish, hire who they wish, and try what they wish. It is their money, time, and effort, after all. I say that to say I didn’t like what was out there at all. The bondage producers did excellent ties but never tickled the girls and it drove me crazy! On the other hand, the tickling content wasn’t tight enough and the setups seemed to be repeated over and over. If a gag was ever used, it was a ball or something else you could hear them through, which didn’t hold a bunch of interest to me. I wanted tight, inescapable, and helpless scenes.

This was a gamble as I really wasn’t sure anyone would buy it based on it not being out there. Thankfully the gamble paid off and I ended up filling a niche in the genre.

7) What professional goals are you proud to have achieved in this area and do you have any goals for the future?

Among professional models I’ve gained and maintained a good relationship with. They know I’m safe, respectful, and profitable to work with. I keep things lighthearted and enjoy good conversation! What’s better than having fun and making a profit, after all? So I’m very proud of that. A glance at my model page will show multiple return visits, as I try to maintain a long term working relationship with anyone I come in contact with.

The future is growth growth growth! I opened an Etsy shop within the past year, selling the tickle tools (FettishTools) that I use in my clips and its done well, so it was another gamble that has worked and that feels really good. I just finished and added a tickling game that is also available at the store, which I had in mind for a very long time but just recently had the time to sit down, get it written out and bring it to reality.

The very next step though is an upgraded tickle table. I’m working with a very talented fellow who is making an incredible 200 pound all steel setup that will be even more restrictive, so that’s something I’m very much looking forward to! After that we’re going to start drawing up a scheme for a new chair. Lots of exciting things to come 🙂

Talent-wise i HAVE dabbled with the idea of hiring for a femboy series but I’m really unsure if that is a good idea. It’s floating around but I’ll leave it on the backburner until I have time to think more on it.

FettishVids - Zelda 2

8) What are your favorite tickling scenarios to do or get asked about in your videos?

I’m a sadist at heart, so the more restrictive the better. My No Escape series is probably my favorite, with the girl mummified and then placed in the bag, strapped shut, and then strapped to the table itself. Heavily gagged, blindfolded, earmuffs and toes bound. The heavier the better I say; constructing a tickle toy.

I don’t get asked about scenes as much as I do individual models. If I get asked about any series at all it would be No Safeword (or NSW for short), although the chair in Tickle Therapy gained a lot of interest with the addition of the machines for auto tickling (which actually started with Board Room Meeting).

9) Do you have a particular video that you are proud to have made?

Funny enough the clips I’m most proud of are the ones with storylines in the horror category. That sounds weird to say since they aren’t the most popular, but they are the ones on the more artistic side of things. My tickling content I keep real, a pretty girl held in place getting the daylights tickled out of her feet. But, the ones that are more on the bondage side of things are harder, since you have to make them more like movies. The Breaking Bri series along with Faetal Attraction were difficult, especially the BB ones. They’re also incredibly disturbing to me. Much like any other media you have to understand that this is just a fantasy, and should never be done without a fully aware and consenting partner/entertainer.

The one single video I’m really proud of that was far more fantasy related is the one with Michael Myers stalking, grabbing, and tying up Skullcandy Bri. The hair snatch in that looks insane and makes me cringe when I watch it even now!

I’d like to differentiate shoot vs session first. Sessions are far more personal and in the ‘play’ category. Some would argue they’re the same thing but I assure you they aren’t. I get asked once in a while how I don’t lay there aroused the entire time. The fact is I don’t because my mind is focused on sixteen other things as I’m working.

  • a) model safety
  • b) scene runtime
  • c) shoot runtime
  • d) my current camera angle
  • e) the tool I’m using and how long I’ve been using it
  • f) if I should talk more, talk less, get out of the frame more

The only thing that would trickle from shoot to session would be the safety and aftercare. Shoots require the safety of course, but aftercare is not remotely the same. I’ve had two girls who were utterly destroyed and needed to be held for a few minutes which is absolutely fine. But I’m not going to do anything sensual or otherwise inappropriate. My refrigerator and pantry are open to anyone at anytime to get what they need, and their own bathroom is also on hand.

My behind the scenes footage is available on fettishvids.com for members and you’ll see how the post scene usually wraps up, with us laughing and them normally asking for a drink of water. That’s 99% of them.

So no. Shoots are not sessions at all. Some don’t believe that but I would argue those are the sorts who need to stick to sessions if they cannot differ and treat the two separately.

10) To do video tickling sessions, do you work with ticklish models or not? What are the pros and cons of each choice?

Everyone I’ve hired is ticklish to one degree or another. I don’t want anyone faking things.

I’ve had a couple I was suspect of but I can’t prove it, but neither can anyone else. The fact is, people have different reactions and even with the same person it may be different depending on mood on any particular day. This is why standup comedians have a ‘warmup’ performer and usually drinks flowing. It gets people in the mood to laugh, and they’ll laugh more once they get going, laughter is infectious.

I know for myself now when I’m tickled, it usually depends on the day, some are far worse than others, and I can say it’s absolutely worse when it’s been a while for me. The second that first fingernail hits its doom lol

As for pros and cons, I remember many years ago on the TMF (Tickling Forum) there was a discussion where it was asked what was more important: an actual ticklish girl who wasn’t attractive, or a very attractive girl who was faking it. Much to my surprise, the results seemed to be equal. That blew me away. I really didn’t expect anyone would want anyone pretending, I know I certainly did not.

So the pros are: you get genuine reactions. The cons are: you get genuine reactions lol

Some have been conditioned to think that girls are screaming and kicking nonstop at a feather touching them and that simply isn’t true. Granted, there ARE some who are that sensitive but it’s certainly the exception but not the rule. That ends up being a con when you shoot reality because then some of the audience thinks they aren’t ticklish enough. The fact is everyone is different, and when seeking and filming reality you are going to see those differences among everyone.

I also never expected someone to experience orgasm through it and when that happened I was stunned.

Understand I personally don’t AIM for any particular reaction. I just need a reaction. Whatever it might be, is what I go with.

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