Annalisa Atomic Blonde feet
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Annalisa Atomic Blonde is a creator of adult content on Onlyfans also of a fetish nature.

Annalisa Atomic Blonde feet
Leggi tutto: Annalisa Atomic Blonde talks about tickling on “La Zanzara” broadcast

During the La Zanzara radio broadcast aired on 12/12/2022, host Giuseppe Cruciani interviewed her about her business and the talk also focused about tickling.

The discussion explains to viewers that there is an online demand for tickle content that is highly valued by a given audience. The economic sums that are mentioned leave the anchormen surprised.

  • Cruciani: “As for the other things you sell related to feet. You sell videos in which someone tickles your feet. Right?”
  • Annalisa Atomic Blonde: “Yes. 3- or 4-minute videos in which my husband tickles my feet.”
  • Cruciani: “How much does a video of your foot being tickled cost?”
  • Cruciani: “It depends. On the foreign market they offer me as much as $200 for 3 or 4 minutes. On the Italian market it’s $10 per minute. So it goes up to $40 for 4 minutes.
  • Cruciani (surprised): “Forty dollars for 4 minutes of tickling feet. I can’t do…”
  • Annalisa Atomic Blonde: “Yes. I laugh while they tickle my feet.”
  • Cruciani: “What is it called? The tick…
  • Annalisa Atomic Blonde: “The tickling.” (solletico=tickling)
  • Cruciani: “How to say? Ti…”
  • Annalisa Atomic Blonde: “Titillate.”
Annalisa Atomic Blonde La Zanzara 2

The assistant to the host jokes by making fun of the situation, and the people present play along. The assistant to the host jokes that he would not tell what he saw at home, as he fears the reaction.

  • Annalisa Atomic Blonde (joking): “Imagine if your wife said to you, ” You know, I’d like you to tickle me too!” It would be a shock!”

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