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E=M6 is a French popular science television program broadcast weekly on M6 since February 10, 1991. Around 2007/2008, the program broadcast an interesting in-depth study concerning tickling.

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The purpose of the experiment was to test the reaction of two volunteers-a man and a woman-to both tickling performed with a feather duster and tickling performed with fingers.

The experiment was observed by a scientist who explained to the viewer how tickling works and the reactions triggered by the human body.

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Tickle EMC=6

The participants Nicolas and Jeannette undergo a challenge involving tickling their feet to test their resilience. Initially, a small feather duster is used, and both manage to maintain a composed demeanor. 

However, the experimenter decides to switch to using her fingertips instead. During the timed trial, Nicolas succumbs first, enduring for only six seconds.

Tickle EMC=6

Jeannette holds out until the ten-second mark. The narrator specifies that Jeannette was able to resist the tickle longer than Nicholas because of her own psychological resilience.

The piece intriguingly suggested that feathers lacked the efficacy of fingers in “penetrating psychological defenses.

Tickle EMC=6

The narrator explained that the shared nerve endings responsible for sensing tickling also perceive pain.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Jeannette remarks that the repetitive motion of the experimenter’s fingers tracing her arches transformed the experience into torture. 

Tickle EMC=6

Notably, the show concluded by proposing that tickling could confer health benefits by triggering neurotransmitters that promote the production of natural pain relievers and substances that combat inflammation and anxiety. “Tickling induces laughter, which is beneficial for one’s health.”

Tickle EMC=6

The female voice-over concluded by stating, “Endorsed by medical professionals and cherished by both givers and receivers, tickling fosters a sense of friendship. Therefore, there’s no reason to withhold it.”

In a retaliatory move, both Nicolas and Jeannette reciprocate the tickling to the experimenter.

Tickle EMC=6

A lot of laugh for everyone!

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