BAC Laughing Pines rev.
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Hi! Would you like to tell us a little about yourself and your activities?

So, I’m Cynthia, 46 yo, from France. I’ve got several “kinks” since many years ago, but since about 20 years or so, I use to group them with the label “LFTB” (Lesbian Lusts / Female Foot Fetish / Tickling Tease & Torture / BDSM & Bondage ; or all together : Lesbian Feet Tickling Bondage).

Leggi tutto: Tribute to BAC’s artwork: Interview with MistressCynthia2004

I’ve got many activities about those “kinks” : I collect a lot of medias about those kinks (mostly about feet tickling & lesbian foot fetish) like videos, comics, artworks, photos, and more… I have also started to imaginate some fictional characters since 2000 for a “fictional fetish universe” initially called “Chess vs Cards” before becoming “Fantazia” since 2007, once I have also imagined the fictional city with the same name ; since 2014, I have imagined a fictional concept that I have called “cytherean” which became part of the central plot of the associated scenario. I also use to make various fetish artworks, mostly based on photomontage, since about 2006, and more recently, since 2021, created my own private label “Cytherean Comics” dedicated to the edition of many fetish albums, portfolios or comics, some personal projects or some tributes to other artists, like BAC. I have also created in 2021 another label called “FETISHEƎT” dedicated to some home made “fetish fanzines”, some of them in collaboration with fetish friends. And also a lot of little ponctual projects around them…

What’s your opinion about tickling and why a lot of people find it so attractive?

Since I’m very young, I feel tickling both “torturous” & “arousing” at the same time, which makes it close to BDSM, in a certain way, but appearing more candid and more associated to childhood play in mainstream culture. So I love about tickling that the range can going from “pleasure” (soft sensual caresses) to “torture” (sadomasochism). I also feel tickling like a way to extend erotic pleasure to more body parts than genital spots only, and every tickling fan has favorite “ticklish spots” such like feet, armpits, ribs, tummy… As an erotic activity, it can be practiced with any genres and is often more “spicy” associated with bondage. The tickling climax can also be compared to orgasm climax, when the ticklee reach her limits.

What are your main passions related to tickling?

It joins my “activities” detailed in the first question, but I like in general collecting tickling medias (videos, comics & artworks, photos, “mainstream documents” associated to tickling…), producing my own medias (mostly artworks) & home made albums/portfolios, imagining a whole fictional universe based on all my tickling (and other kinks) fantasies, mix of realistic & fantasy, called “Fantazia”…

Art by BAC (colorized)
Art by BAC (colorized)

When did you discover BAC and what do you think about its art?

I’m always inspired by BAC’s incredible original work (and BAC’s fans tributes).

I discovered BAC’s artworks quickly after having an Internet connexion at home, in 1999,

while I was already into feet tickling fetish, through several covers of « Tales from the ASYLUM » issues from MTJ Publishing (most of them being part of BAC’s « Laughing Pines #1 » album, released shortly after).

I got immediately in love with BAC’s style (with also FTKL, ShanE, Mandell and Franco Saudelli).

At this time, there were many vintage (from the ‘80’s) BAC’s artworks around the web, even some colored by several BAC fans (like Mkeemer, Craigs or SOLES4T).

The quality was not often good (low resolution or Xerox scan copies from paper edition albums).

« Laughing Pines #1 » & « Dr. Soles’s Illustrated History of TICKLING » were the two first BAC albums I discovered, with also some artworks that were released in the BAC’s portfolio « The Master Piece Series ».

In 2006, I discovered « Wok Don’t Run » and the « Tales of Tickle Torture » serie from the first official BAC studio at with the first remastered editions of BAC’s albums.

I’ll have to wait 2009 for discovering the two last issues of « Laughing Pines » from the new official BAC studio at , with also « Ready or Not COLLECTION ».

I feel BAC art very unique, even if there are other artists from his era who are equally talented, like Franco Saudelli, Mandell, ShanE or FTKL, and more from MTJ Publishing, or more recently, from DeviantArt or Patreon. Most of the scenes in BAC artworks are very realistic and feature a lot of fantasy themes associated to tickling such like tickle interrogated spies, experimental tickle treatments in asylum, medieval tickle torture, “evil monks” tickling rituals or sorority tickle hazing, chinese tickle torture, oriental harem tickling, bordelo kinky tickling, nazi tickling torture… probably all our collective kinky imaginary about tickling !

BAC artworks are also often very detailed about feet, facial expressions and bondage setups, with often reoccuring themes or elements like his characteristic “pot of tickling tools”. Some BAC scenes exist also in two (or more) variations, like the scene with the Inquisitor & Bruno the Torturer, or the scene with the cheetah licking a woman bound to a pilory, or also the scene with Simon De Montfort… I have started to collect BAC albums since they have been available on his “” store, but he ever made paper printed versions earlier, since the ‘80’s, that I discovered since 1999 from many low-quality Xerox copies around the web, and outside his portfolios “Dr. Soles’ Illustrated History of TICKLING” & “Ready or Not COLLECTION”, I long time wondered if there were more BAC albums, as I ever seen from time to time italian versions (probably from italian fetish magazines). Before I got a BAC album, I was already very impressed by the BAC artworks on some covers of “Tales from the ASYLUM” (I firstly thought that those issues were kind of BAC portfolios).

Since the years 2000 and still nowadays, BAC inspires (more or less) many other artists that make colorizations, tributes or remakes of some of his artworks.

Tell us about your tribute project of BAC’s artwork

« BAC Co-MIX » project

I’ve seen the last BAC artwork in 2013, until his official studio later vanished from the web…

I made my two first remakes of BAC classic artworks in 2019 (called « BAC in Fantazia 1 & 2 »), by adding a background to artworks from « Dr. Soles Illustrated History of TICKLING ».

I tried to make some more in the same style in early 2021, but they weren’t good quality enough…

I’ll had to wait the summer 2021, while I was needing so bad new artworks from BAC,

that I got inspired to make my first « BAC variations » remakes, by mixing pairs of original BAC artworks (still from « Dr. Soles’ Illustrated History of TICKLING ») to build new custom ones !

Those one were very well done, and soon, I met a BAC’s fan and colorist (« Rubedo »)

who was impressed by my works and accepted to put them in color for an even better result !

We collaborate together to make some colorized BAC variations that will quickly be part

of our project « BAC Co-MIX » (BAC colorized & mixed artworks, inspired by « BAC COMIX »).

We then made a prototype portfolio called « Beyond BAC ».

Cytherean Comics

After this prototype, we made a serie of several portfolios for our own label « Cytherean Comics ».

Beside this project, Rubedo accepted to put also in color all original BAC comics & artworks

(and also all other B&W comics & artworks from other fetish artists during early 2022).

Cytherean Comics became our private label for our custom collection of colorized comics, custom comics, private portfolios and various personal projects.

While making order in my fetish comics & artworks collection in 2022, I took the occasion to complete my BAC’s collection (I was still missing some artworks).

I explored all the web for any BAC contents, from old vintage lost treasures to new BAC tributes, in order to make ultimate remastered versions of BAC comics and even many unreleasedcustom BAC artworks portfolios, BAC tributes collections and remakes!

« Laughing Pines : 25th Anniversary »

Laughing Pines 25

The largest unofficial BAC albums collection got released for Cytherean Comics label since 2022 !

In December 2022, I got inspired to do a remake of « Laughing Pines #1 » issue cover (inspired by Toermentor’s remake of « Cat’s lady » BAC’s classic page from this same album, and also by Bobes3654 from DeviantArt for his own project inspired by « Laughing Pines #1 »), which gave me the idea to build the remake of the whole legendary comic itself !

I started the first pages during December 2022 holidays and finished the album in late March 2023.

Tickle BAC Laughing Pines (revisited)

As the official BAC’s « Laughing Pines #1 » was originally released in 1999, I had in mind to start my « Laughing Pines : 25th Anniversary » project, including two sections :

« Laughing Pines » REMASTER (from original BAC contents)

« Laughing Pines #0 » : ORIGINS

Sketchbook & Storyboard featuring the origins of « Laughing Pines #1 »

« Laughing Pines » Tales from the ASYLUM

Extended Edition of « Laughing Pines #1 » from « Tales from the ASYLUM » archives

« Laughing Pines » : Dr. Soles’ Illustrated Inventory of TICKLING

Collection of tickling tools & elements from « Laughing Pines #1 » (future project)

« Laughing Pines » REMAKE (custom « tribute to BAC »)

« Laughing Pines » 25th Anniversary Remake

Complete remake of « Laughing Pines #1 » by photomontage

« Laughing Pines » 25th Anniversary Remake : Making of

Prototypes, work in progress demos, alternate versions and more from « Laughing Pines » Remake

« Laughing Pines » : The Final Chapter

Unreleased custom sequel to « Laughing Pines » Remake (inspired by various artists)

« Laughing Pines » : Dr. Soles’ Illustrated Documentary of TICKLING

Characters biographies, other artists credits and more unreleased bonus ! (incoming soon)

Upcoming projects…

I’m always inspired by BAC’s incredible original work (and BAC’s fans tributes),

so there will be more custom BAC tribute albums released soon or late by Cytherean Comics !

Some projects are already in progress.

RETURN TO Laughing Pines – Chapters III-VII

Return to Laughing Pines

Featuring haloking101, WooouTK, AI-guy, MercuryDruid & AI-feet from DeviantArt

« Best of 3D » Tribute to BAC

Featuring Toermentor & TICKLETOONS (and more…?) from Patreon

Dr. Soles’ Animated History of TICKLING

(An HTML version of « Dr. Soles’ Illustrated History of TICKLING » featuring interactive areas

on the tickled spots that trigger an animated ticklee’s face when the mouse move over)

« BAC COMIX » Encyclopedia

A detailed review of the integral BAC COMIX collection & tributes.

Since last summer, I made a complete catalog of all my “custom BAC albums”, including remastered albums, “vintage versions”, colorized artworks portfolios, alternate versions, BAC tributes by other artists, BAC remakes or alternate versions, “BAC Co-MIX” project, “Laughing Pines 25th Anniversary” project, “RETURN TO Laughing Pines” (various portfolios featuring “asylum tickling scenes” inspired by “Laughing Pines”) and even some “custom portfolios” for BAC fans who send me some BAC material (or BAC tributes).

Tales of Tickle Torture #0 ~ ORIGINS

(For more information, I can be contacted by mail : ).

#Tales of Tickle Torture #0 ~ ORIGINS

BAC’s Custom B&W Vintage Versions

BAC - Vintage Editions
Tickle BAC Dr Soles 1
Tickle BAC Dr Soles 2
Tickle BAC Dr Soles 3

Craigs’ colorized BAC Page – Tribute

BAC tickling page 10
BAC tickling page 11


Dr. Soles' Animated History of TICKLING

Dr. Soles' Animated History of TICKLING

Vlad Tebbish, the Romanian Count...

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