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1)Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and your hobbies?

Hi, I’m Quillsman. I’ve been lurking around the tickling community for some time now, reading stories and looking at the art of the talented people within it. It’s been great to see so many show what they can do and do it really well. I enjoy reading myself, with plenty of books for history and fantasy lining my shelves. I also enjoy video games of various kinds, although Street Fighter occupies a major part of my attention at this moment.

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2)When was the passion for storytelling born in you? What about the one for tickling?

It’s always been there, in truth. I’ve loved reading ever since I can remember and I devoured books as a child, with that passion still lingering within me. Tickling came much later when I stumbled over various websites for the first time and realized that something I had an interest in was a fetish.

3)Do you draw inspiration for your tickle stories from any particular author or source?

My stories are typically commissions, so the inspiration comes from the commissioners themselves. Aside from that, I have my video game write ups which take inspiration from games I’ve enjoyed in some fashion over the years. Other than that, I tend to go for what I enjoy about fantasies for the times when I do write for myself.

4)What tickle scenarios do you love to describe?

Always up for an interrogation. One of my favorite tickle set ups and can be so much fun. Punishment turning into reluctant enjoyment is another one I particularly enjoy as you can have the character change and submit to it all. Some verbal back and forth is also enjoyable as it lets me flesh things more as well.

With that, Marilyn began to scratch even harder, her fingers brushing up against Ai’s foot and even moving against the arch, causing Ai to gasp and her giggles to turn into laughter as her toes splayed from the shock of intense ticklish sensations.
“Noohoho!! Nohohhoohoottt thehehereeee!!”

The Get Together (F/F), (FFF/F)

5) Why do you think tickle stories are so popular?

They allow people’s imagination to go wild and explore fantasies in depth. Writing allows someone to get into a character’s mind and have fun with their reactions and what they would do. Exploring settings, characters and so on with writing is always interesting, especially so when you throw an interest like tickling into the mix.

She tried fighting back though. Jester kicked and rocked back and forth, but got nowhere. In fact, it felt like she was only encouraging the vines as their efforts increased with every move she made. The constant barrage of ticklish pokes and prods soon had her giggling uncontrollably and she felt helpless.
“Nohohooo!! Nohohoo ttheheekleesss!!” Jester giggled, trying to swat the vines away, but getting nowhere.

Captive Of The Mansion (*/F), (Mult F/F), (F/F)

6) Do your readers ask or appreciate tickle scenes in particular?

Foot tickling is always popular. A powerful and strong warrior meeting a ticklish time tends to go down well too. I’ve found that it can be unexpected things that prove popular as well and people just click with something that they might not have considered before.

7) Can you give some suggestions on how to write an exciting tickling story?

Reflect on the characters and how they react to their situation. Do they love being tickled? Do they hate it? Why’re they being subjected to it? Description of the action is all fine, but it’s the characters who really help show the impact and make it all the more enjoyable.

8) Can you turn your passion for tickle storytelling into a profitable business?

You can certainly make it a good side line, once you build up a following. People have ideas they’d love to see explored and they can be a lot of fun to do so. Nothing that could be made into a full job, but for a side gig, it does nicely.

9) What are some goals in this field that you are proud to have achieved?

Honestly, just getting a following like I have has been quite humbling. Seeing that people enjoy my output means a lot and I hope they continue to enjoy my stories.

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