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1) Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and your hobbies?

There is not too much to say about myself. I call myself ghkngyfhkkuuy and I write tickle stories. Sometimes I do mock interviews with characters, make tickle games, and I have even been dabbling into more conventional visual art recently. I have some hobbies outside of writing and you can sometimes pick up on them when reading certain stories.

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2) When was the passion for storytelling born in you? What about the one for tickling?

My passion for storytelling came early, but it took a fair bit longer for the writing to come. I remember coming up with all kinds of tales when I was younger. Most of them were myths since I found mythology (mostly Greek) really interesting at the time. Eventually, I started focusing my stories on a more tickling aspect and then slowly changing the characters to those with more finalized designs (I think Rosalina was my first imaginary ticklee). I don’t think I wrote an actual tickling story prior to this account, but I’m sure that I have some papers forgotten somewhere with made-up tickle stats that I would use when coming up with new tickle ideas.

3) Do you draw inspiration for your tickle stories from any particular author or source?

I don’t really draw my inspiration from any single source. I would say that about half of my stories come from the crazy ideas I get when I can’t fall asleep easily, while the other half comes from a random piece of artwork that happens to inspire me, not just tickling related. Being able to reference artwork is truly helpful since it means I don’t make any dumb anatomical errors, however being completely creative lets me do some awesome works like “A Tower of Ticklish Tresses”.

4) What tickle scenarios do you love to describe?

On this account, I tend to do f/f, but I do see merit in other types of tickling. Gang tickling can be fun since it creates such an overload in the ticklee from having to deal with 2, 3, 4 or more ticklers demolishing her! I’d like to write at least one f/ff story where a single tickler gets to tickle two ticklees, but haven’t been able to come up with great details for that yet. A consistent theme in my stories seems to be lesbianism/yuri. I like it because the romantic feelings lead to many interesting scenarios that I find enjoyable. It just adds a little extra spice to a story beyond the tickling and makes the dialogue more engaging. I also seem to do a lot of hair tickling which is criminally underrated.

Dawn laughed out, her ability to form even the vaguest resemblance of a word having been shattered within a minute of when the tickling had started. Interestingly, her struggles had only grown more vigorous and her laughing had only shot louder and louder until Dawn was nothing but a deafening roar squeaming around on her bed, hopelessly trying to deflect the unending tickles which snuck into each and every crevice of her body.

The Ticklish Partition of Cynthia

5) Why do you think tickle stories are so popular?

I would say that my stories are popular for two reasons. First, I use popular characters. Second, I seem to be good at balancing what readers want without going overboard. I mainly stick to popular characters because I really don’t like needing to go in depth to describe what they look like, but it also helps when you can insert a name into the title and let everybody know who’s going to be laughing.

6) Do your readers ask or appreciate tickle scenes in particular?

I had to review some of my comments on my stories for this question! I get a lot of requests for revenge tickles, which I think are justified. I don’t really notice all that many requests, but I tend to get notes from people wanting to see specific ships. A lot of people seem to comment and say that they liked how cute the story is, but I do get a few clarifying questions on what happened in my more abstract stories.

7) Can you give some suggestions on how to write an exciting tickling story?

For beginners, I would say that your first tickle story should probably including your ticklee all alone, preferably in a bland environment. Then, don’t stall when getting to the tickling. It’s typically easier to write a short story at first and focusing on one or two tickle spots with one or two tools. If your ticklee has a true tickler, then try to fill your story with dialogue. If it’s a tickling robot or some other inanimate tickler, then focus on how your ticklee feels as the probing and tickling becomes more efficient, focusing on both laughter, disposition, and sensitivity of the tickle spot. After that, it becomes largely up to interpretation and what your writer’s intuition says and how your plot seems to be going. Does she escape? Does she go crazy with laughter? Is she rescued?

“UAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!!” Howled May as an unending storm of hands weathered against her stomach. The Hoenn trainer’s arms and legs had been tucked behind her head and folded to her back, so that only her face and torso stuck out from this uncanny darkness. “NOHOHOOOHO!!! NOOHOHOO!!! NOOHOOOHOOO!!!!” she screamed as the tickling continued on relentlessly.
Dozens of fingers titillated May’s tummy and targeted her sides, ribs, navel, hips, and belly without any apparent remorse. The slender frame of the trainer as well as the copious amount of tickle tools assaulting the small area meant that not a fleck of skin was safe from the torture.

May Enveloped by the Darkness

8) Can you turn your passion for tickle storytelling into a profitable business?

Ha!!!! no.

9) What are some goals in this field that you are proud to have achieved?

500 Watchers is my personal favorite metric, but I also have well over 1000 “favorites” on DeviantArt across my 100+ publications. Most of my proudest moments come from readers commenting how much they love my stories!

10) Do you think AIs can harm or improve tickle stories?

That’s a tricky question. Personally, I think AI is a really great and fun tool. However, AI seems to have a stigma of lower quality or laziness attached to it which I don’t necessarily disagree with. A lot of AI tickling images still have a long way to go (if it even gets generated lol) since anatomy is creepy, expressions don’t seem natural, and you always need to check to see if the ticklee is actually getting tickled. Stories are better, but still not quite at the quality of humans, mainly in how most stories feel the same and in how the AI can’t seem to grasp the desperation in being tickled. AI is certainly useful and I have used it, but nothing from it is really anything I have put into my publications.

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