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A massage gun is supposed to bring you relaxation and release of tension, but also quite a tickle, as these two girls discover!


the massage gun tickles when its on your hamstring okay LOL im obSESSED w these videos i hope yall like them too😭😭 #fyp #micdup #gymtok

♬ original sound – Adriana Rivera

Nere had the weirdest tickle! As the massage gun moved down her back muscles, she didn’t feel a tickle, but when it moved up in the same muscle, she couldn’t stop giggling. 😂 #stretchtherapy #themiamistretchtherapist #thestretchtherapist #stretchcommunity #painrelieftips #muscleimbalance #stretchlife #StretchMaster #stretchtickle

♬ All Around the World(La La La) – R3hab / A Touch of Class

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